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01/11/2022 12:38 PM 


I hate when others bring up my past cause I know I didsome dumb stuff and ofc I didn't now anything Yk I didn't have an adult to talk to so when other adults talk to me I get bad anxiety or I start to breakdown a lot of people ik irl they now I will start to breakdown cause I get so nervous so when others bring up my past I start to cry 


01/10/2022 07:47 PM 

How 2 add a custom online now icon 2 ur profile !

herez how u change the online now icon on ur profile ! just for reference, herez what the original online icon lookz like:and herez what my current icon lookz like: 1. make sure u have the icon u want 2 add. if u dont already have 1, u can look through or & find 1 u like. 2. copy & paste the following code into ur 'like to meet' section:<style>.msOnlineNow img {visibility: hidden;}.msOnlineNow {background-repeat: no-repeat;background-image: url(' PUT URL HERE ');background-repeat: no-repeat;z-index: 2;height:20px;display: inline-block;}</style> <br>3. right click on the icon u want 2 add, then click 'copy image adress'. paste it where the code above says 'put url here', save ur changez, then ur done !!!leave a comment or IM me if u need help / have any questionz ! :D

how to customize profile, online now, change online icon


01/10/2022 04:24 PM 

I don't know anymore
Current mood:  lonely

So my dad had forbidden me from using my chromebook for entertainment purposes. You know the same chromebook but I watch movies on so I can forget how crazy my life is. Now the the only time I can use my chrome freely is when I wake up really early in the mornings so I could use it for a couple hours before he wakes up or when he is not home. My mom clearly doesn't have a problem with it so I dont get why he does. On saturday, January 8, I was watching a tv show on my chrome and my dad asked me "what I was doing on my laptop." I told him the truth and he went ballistic (angry) on me. To the point he THREW what he was planning on eating to the wall next, I  also had some foods peices on my bad too but not alot. He mde me clean up his own mess, and He also threatned to slap me. Im so tired of this family I really am tired. I noticed around that they are planning to kick me out and give me a lot of money so I can survive on my own. So now I have to find creative ways to use this chrome. But I also feel this will be good for me because this summer I am not going to have any tachnology to use. I plan to be workin all summer long to save up money to buy my own phone and new school supplies I'll need during the school year. My parents wont care for me and dad even said it himself. "YOU THINK IM GOING TO CARE FOR YOU!" - said my father


01/10/2022 04:56 PM 

I love edgy anime art
Current mood:  happy

I always enjoy the style of 2000's anime art, the edgy/angsty kind of anime art, that also includes artists like Hetza Hellshock and such, I still want to kind of draw like Hetza, mainly for fun, and because I want my art to be more angsty and cute, but mostly angsty. It's been a long while since I watched anime, I might check out Black Lagoon. I could go on and on why old 2000's anime artsyles have struck a cord with me.

Anime, 2000's, artwork.


01/10/2022 04:03 AM 

oh no [tw]

i was right about each year getting worse for me. i can myself and my mental health getting worse, i am slowly rotting from the inside. i have not been myself much lately either, but i'm trying to cover that up. i'm saying that i'm fine and alright to everyone, but i am crying and screaming for help, i am suffering and i do not know how much longer i have left. my brain is eating away at me and soon there will be nothing left. i never even thought that id make it this far. sometimes i feel like i was never ment to have a future, i am destined to meet my end soon. i will be suprised if i make it to 18 or past that. i never planned to have a life or make one. but now i suprisingly can imagine a future for myself, i can imagine it because of my boyfriend and him being in said future with me. he's all that i have left. he's been holding me together through what ive been going through, id never ask for anyone else, even though i don't tell him much about my struggles. i just don't want to worry or upset him.i just wish the pain would stop. ive been having suicidal thoughts and thoughts of self harming just to escape, but i haven't acted upon them. i promised him i wouldn't, and i'm going to keep that promise forever. ill get out all my thoughts and feelings here instead. i need help but i feel like i am beyond repair. i know that there are people willing to help me, but am i willing to help myself ? i honestly wouldn't know, ive reached a place where im stuck in the middle between both life and death. although, sometimes i do feel like i am already dead. but death will never come for me because i promised. but sometimes i can feel death's stare, it watches and it waits til time is up, til i no longer can handle life no more. til i fall. the years, months and days counting down. the clock is ticking for me, but i never know when it will stop. i don't know wether to hope it keeps ticking or hope that it stops one day. sometimes i am in heaven, sometimes i am in hell.


01/08/2022 11:25 PM 

birthday next week!



01/08/2022 04:21 PM 

My dad :/
Current mood:  aggravated

Growing up without a dad was hard asf, I been with my dad since I was born but when I turn 8 we moved away from my dad cause he has some serious anger issues he would come drunk. I only spoken with him twice each year he lied to me a lot. Then he tells me I been so bad or rebellious like he isn't the one to speak cause he wasn't there for me my whole teenage years so yea I hate him so much im glad my mom is there for me since im turning 18this year 


01/08/2022 12:52 PM 

season 13 episode 228
Current mood:  awake

first blog, i honestly dont know what tf to write but its wtv. Me and my bf have been dating for a little more then a month now and im truly greatful for him. i honestly hope we last forever but im quite sure that isnt gonna happen. young love hurts and never last, he isnt my first love but hes the love that make the ithers irrelavent. we talk things out and spend as much time as we can w eachother. i dont think well last forever but i hope we do. i do think we will last a very very very long and wonderful time together. 


01/07/2022 04:47 PM 

March 2022 Rock the Nation Song 2004 to be relased

That wasn't I was made for loving you KISSband groupthe astrazenca one have you had any side effects or is it the masking wearing, or stress or both maybe its not the vaccines i looked up 4 of the vaccines nothing bad in them.March 2022 Rock the Nation Song 2004 to be relasedmy dad says that there something that will make the blood flow through the body from heart a heart from the heart??? and also i think there may be brain surgery to form capillaries if the brain isnt making new veins. I authorisized possible future surgery.  F KISS they want fans to hate them Pre Orders from KISS should be outlawed cause they don;'t send the people's orders. 


01/07/2022 04:46 PM 

My Friend asked about saftey of vaccines maybe it's his health before the vaccine

the astrazenca one have you had any side effects or is it the masking wearing, or stress or both maybe its not the vaccines i looked up 4 of the vaccines nothing bad in dad says that there something that will make the blood flow through the body from heart a heart from the heart??? and also i think there may be brain surgery to form capillaries if the brain isnt making new veins. I authorisized possible future surgery.

Vamp Tramp

01/07/2022 02:50 PM 

Day Forty Seven
Current mood:  bouncy

WE KISSED!! AHASHAHHHAHAHAHAAAAA WE KISSED. It was cool I guess. Anyways I've been considering oversharing on this space lately but IDK because I'm not much of a oversharer in general. I dunno though. Maybe I'll allow myself oversharingn as a treat if I start to reliably post here LOL. PS I think maybe I look nice today. I dunno I haven't rly thought about myself lately. I guess it's time for a self check-in. Very important. So sorry for the short post today but I do have plans actually since it's Friday. TTYL


01/07/2022 05:50 PM 

Current mood:  nostalgic

sometimes i remember the past and i realize why nostalgia makes me feel like throwing up >w<

just things


01/07/2022 10:01 AM 

Roleplaying Sample

(Just a sample of my roleplaying style. I can usually go much more in depth, with replies, depending on my partner. But I will at least always write a couple paragraphs in response.)The distressed woman stands at the edge of her garden; thumb between lips as she lightly chews on her nail in a self soothing attempt. The dark blue eye bags underneath her ruby hues, which would indicate her lack of proper sleep in quite some time, only made more prominent by her otherwise pale skin. Her long, wavy locks of pink hair somewhat messy, as if she had just hopped out of her bed to walk the grounds. They rolled over her shoulders and down to the center of her back. Yet, despite all this, she still appeared as properly kept and beautiful as ever; almost as if the royal blood in her veins kept her appearances in their own right, even without proper makeup and a good hair brushing.The feline princess of this very kingdom, surrounded by this lush, beautiful garden she now stood in.The very kingdom now in danger, and now pushing her to this distressed state.The breeze in the crisp, cool morning, would pick up; causing her rococo victorian dress to shift slightly in the frills. It was a of peach color, with white frills and golden detail; little pink roses decorating up the front seem of the dress. A silver collar decorated her throat, though it's reason for being there unknown to most others that laid their eyes upon it. It seemed far different from the usual jewelry the royals wore. But most did not bother to ask, and simply assumed it was a new fashion statement. The wealthy often had strange ways of portraying their wealth, and overwhelming amounts of money, after all. With a long sigh, Princess Daisy adjusts the silver, ruby gem encrusted tiara along her head; soft feline ears drooping in a depressed state. Her eyes lower to the ground, as she finally takes her thumb from her lips and places her hand back at her side. Her peach heels press into the garden grass; leaving an indent, as her brows furrow, and lips droop in a deep frown. "This can't really be all that I can do..." Daisy would mutter under her breath, her tone a frustrated grumble.

Rp, Roleplay, Sample


01/06/2022 09:24 PM 

it's been a while

wow it has been quite a while since I've been on here. so many things have changed in the last 2 years. i applied to a cosmetology school here in montana and i'm waiting to hear back. lets hope i get in!


01/06/2022 03:45 PM 

idk <3
Current mood:  virginal

kinda in the mood to be a whore rn idk 

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