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01/12/2022 07:03 PM 

Skywalker Star Wars Series is Done time to go back to the EARLY SITHS AND FIRST JEDIS!

Skywalker Series is Done Zuckuss and 4Lom in Darth Nihilius Darth Naga sadow marr dar Revan dark malek Revan then he becomes Makelk Darth bane his female apprientance kills him why Tayra takes on Nihilius...later why....Darth Malgus Darth Plagius mllenia gravid guile jedis or siths??? The Skywalker Series is OVER TIME TO START WITH MORE STAR WARS PAST NON Animated.   Skywalker Series is Done Zuckuss and 4Lom in Darth Nihilius Darth Naga sadow marr dar Revan dark malek Revan then he becomes Makelk Darth bane his female apprientance kills him why Tayra takes on Nihilius...later why....Darth Malgus Darth Plagius mllenia gravid guile jedis or siths???


01/12/2022 03:40 PM 

Current mood:  hyper


01/12/2022 03:42 PM 


I've started taking Zoloft and I'm only talking a small amount. I can tell though that it's making my mental health way better and that I can live a whole lot happier. I know that if get counseling that it could improve even more. Also that I can have the life I dream of. 


01/12/2022 12:52 PM 

im cool as sh*t

that's all i gotta say, just a little self love 


01/12/2022 05:17 PM 

fp is cooler.
Current mood:  confused

im confsued as to why sites like twitter and instagram are more popular than friendproject. like theres so much you can customise on here that you cant do anywhere else. genuinely confuses me.



01/12/2022 12:52 PM 

A New Safe Space
Current mood:  tired

We'll see how long I'll last to keep a virtual journal on here. For now this entry will be a bit lazy as it is almost midnight... I should've been working on some art projects but decided to work on an online journal instead.I'll improve my blog and such overtime, again can't go all out on something I may not even use in the next month or two.I don't really expect myself to write everyday or too frequently, really it's like writing to a penpal or something. A penpal that never really writes back... not much of a good penpal in that case but works for me.So what's planned?Just my mindless ramblings. Again treating it like I'm writing to a penpal so I'll just complain about some stranger I came across at the mall, or some project I'm stressing about. Which reminds me... I should be working.What are you working on?A 3D project. Computer modeling. Like working with clay except you only see it on a 2D display. Honestly reading that sounds stupid, but I'll keep it. I've had this project on hold for about a week now simply because I'm lazy and I've been slacking. I mean, I didn't mean to not work or get distracted. Time just flew before I realized it... I have a hard time focusing but I can't tell if it's really because I struggle with it or I simply don't want to and am in denial of admitting it's all intentional.Whatever it is, I should really sneak some work in. Its already past midnight.I'll try to feel a little bit accomplished. Wish me luck!


01/12/2022 02:19 AM 



01/11/2022 09:55 PM 

Merry late Christmas and late Happy New Year

Damn I'm late sorry 😰


01/11/2022 08:26 PM 

Current mood:  bummed

I thought about how far I have come, and I do not remember who I used to be. I have a job that I love where I am the manager, I moved out of my parents house, and paid off my car. I never really thought I would even make it to be fifteen and here I am, it's crazy.Today I am super sad, I don't know what happened. It was a good day, and then it just hit me like a ton of bricks out of nowhere. I don't know what to do.I had a dream that I would regret my tattoo idea if I went along with it. I think my dream self was looking out for me, and while I will still get the tattoo, I won't get it as big as I originally wanted, nor will it be in the same spot. I still want the tattoo, but my body has space for cute and hopeful things, it does not all need to be scary.

tattoo, hopeful, blah,


01/11/2022 08:25 PM 

cute rebecca
Current mood:  happy

playing resident evil... rebecca is soooo cute >_< im playing as chris and i had to switch to her to get serum after being bitten by yawn and shes SOOOO CUTEEEE i couldnt stop taking screenshots!!!!


01/11/2022 03:14 PM 

Current mood:  annoyed

IDK how to work this and trying to make my profile pretty 


01/11/2022 11:45 AM 

Whole Foods Market
Current mood:  adventurous

Here I am at a Whole Foods Market bathroom because my dad wnted me to leave an hour early than I was supposed to. My plan was to wake up at 9am to watch tv on my laptop so I would'nt miss the time on my chrome later. Then I would get reay at 11:50 so I could go to the library on time. I could've stayed at home and gotten ready there but he woke up too early . After being here I feel like this bathroom might be the place I can fully get ready in the mornings, I hate not brushing my teeth because my dad took away my morning bathroom privilages . I hope to god I dont run into my dad while I head over to the library now.


01/11/2022 09:10 PM 

Current mood:  happy

Hiii!! Im new here on firendproject or technically im not XD my old account got deleted because i was inactive for too long lol lol. But now im back and really happy about it too!! :D  


01/10/2022 10:41 PM 

Current mood:  angry

this is so awesome [email protected]!!! 

sema <3

01/11/2022 12:52 PM 

a fem with short hair
Current mood:  curious

my whole life i have tried to detach my looks from my worth. being latina but not looking like the other latinas around me made me extremely insecure. i spent my whole life comparing myself, until last march i decided i was on a journey of breaking this unhealthy habit. my hair was what made me feel beautiful, i felt most beautiful when my long hair covered my face and flowed freely. so i chopped it off. suddenly all of these insecurities i faced before cutting my hair slapped me in the face. people in fact care about how you look, suddenly you become unapproachable. everything i feared would happen, everything i convicned myself was just some stupid irrational fear came true. though i cant say my relationship with the way i look has improved at all, i can confirm that people are superficial and have always been. i am currently growing my hair out because i guess deep down im a people pleaser.

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