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01/18/2022 04:41 PM 

Current mood:  chill

so my camera doesn't have any more batteries left cuz i used all of them and my dad wont buy me anymore 


01/18/2022 08:50 PM 

hello swag nation
Current mood:  rockin

Hiiiii :D i made an account on here like agez ago but then lost it. but i'm back. Honestly probz just gonna post about emo band sh*t that would be considered cringe on any other platform. I doubt any1 will see any of this so no 1 can judge me.  But if any1 does judge me then  that is not punk rock of u. Anywayyyy this is just a test post. I will follow up with some actual fun posts later. Just wanted to say HI!. I will post mainly abt music, specifically My Chemical Romance, the used, Fall Out Boy, panic! at the disco (basically anything related to fueled by ramen or decaydance). Expect lots of cringe storys from my early emo years and also just opinions on music in general.Oki bye 

hi, hello, music, get to know me, first post


01/18/2022 10:01 PM 

rex powers


01/18/2022 08:24 PM 

daniel's monthly

    it's been more than a month, so this isn't really "daniel's monthly" but yeah, i'll try to be more consistent. got depressed and s*cidal in december, couldn't do much. im getting better ( slightly ) but i want to talk about how it's been going for me.i've watched so many movies, i can't even list them all. i remember watching blindspotting (2018) starring rafael casal and daveed diggs back in 2020 and it was so good omo    and i failed to mention daveed diggs' music. hes apart of this experimental rap group called clipping and it's like.. far out there. niche if you will. i feel pretentious just talking about it lol, but yeah go give them a listen. start with "blood of the fang" if you like bass. anyways that's it for my blurbs. i know nobody's reading this other than me in maybe a couple months, but im glad i stuck around. it's not like life is getting any easier, im just looking towards the future. and by the future i mean maybe like when the snow melts and spring comes. i can't wait for this covid bullsh*t to get over with. okay. now im actuallydone. - daniel ♥


01/18/2022 06:39 AM 

Current mood:  weird

I has weird dream about my old crush I used to obsess about, Jacob Shackelford. In this dream we were in english class. (Mrs. Quirk was my teacher) Mrs. Quirk randomly assigned partners to work on a assignment and I got partnered up with Jacob. I stalled a little bit before I could go to his seat and tell him I was his partner. Even in my dreams he still makes me nervous... I even went to this bathroom that was very similar to me and came out about to walk up to him and start working with him. Then my mom woke me up. I remember thinking to myself something weird about that dream . I thought "you might as well make a move on him now, because this will be the last time you see him." ? I was weirdly right , I should've. And now I am never going to see him again


01/18/2022 12:01 PM 

Current mood:  sleepy

new to this but uhhhh hi! not exactly sure how i'll active i'll be on this but, i'm sure it'll b fun nonetheless hehe. i have school in a few hours not exicted to go sufferrrrrbai bai-bateman♡

Andrew garfield, american psycho, swag, tired, new, yolo


01/17/2022 11:16 PM 

First post
Current mood:  blah

Dunno what to write, but hello everyone! Figured I'd make this account because I needed a rad ass platform to post stuff, and meet other people who grew up with the scene style. I'll be sure to make better blogs than this in the future, but just wanted to chk how this would look on my profile lol.


01/17/2022 08:40 PM 





01/21/2022 01:59 PM 

the original name i had for this blog post was too long by a couple letters Dx by fall out boy
Current mood:  tired

.mainbox { background-position: center top; border-color: #FC38B3; color: #fff; font-family: "courier New", Courier, monospace; font-size: 16px; background-image: url(''); background-repeat: repeat-y; } .updatebox { border-style: dotted; border-color: #FFFFFF; border-radius: 4px; } .topscallop { background-image: url(''); background-repeat: repeat-x; background-position: 50% bottom; } .bottomscallop { background-image: url(''); background-repeat: repeat-x; background-position: 50% top; } .auto-style6 { background-image: url(''); background-repeat: repeat-x; background-position: 50% bottom; text-align: center; } .textpink { color: #FC38B3; font-weight: bold; background-image: url('gingham.gif'); font-family: "Courier New", Courier, monospace; border: medium dashed #FFFFFF; } .updateblog { border-style: dotted; border-color: #FFFFFF; border-radius: 4px; background-color: #FF99BB; color: #FFFFFF; } .auto-style7 { text-align: center; } .tabletest { background-color: #DFBBFA; border: 1px solid #DFBBFA; font-family: "courier New", Courier, monospace; color: #FFFFFF; } .imgborder { background-image: url(''); background-repeat: repeat; border: 5px dashed #FFFFFF; padding: 10px; } .outerberry { background-image: url(''); border: 4px dashed #FFFFFF; padding: 20px; } ey hey~! First post of the year xP The original title I had was If its not too late to make a new years post on the 2nd its def not too late to post one on the 21st. I'm doing a bit better than the last time I posted, which is nice. Stuff's finally leveling out I think, so here's hoping it stays that way. I couldn't post/be on fp a whole lot for a while bc I was at my friend-who-likes-mh's house for like, ever xD (I should really give him a name lol) I was only supposed to be over there for the weekend but I ended up staying for like, 4 weeks...? ^-^; he was happy to have me ofc but like... omg lmao solid plan o! Gift exchange was rly cool! :D My recipient-person appreciated my gift wrapping skills™ and rly liked what I got him ^^ and I got a cool Sakura Miku figure :D It's my first anime figure somehow lol. She might be a bootleg but hey lmao she's pink thats enough for me xD And yes, I finally got to wear that Powder Rose coord I've been working towards since... forever!  I'm so glad I got to wear that jacket, I can finally stop being so annoying about it XD I think it's too cold for me to wear any coords for a long time oof but hey :P  or actual xmas, my friendo got me the Halo Infinite campaign! And this great Master Chief helmet mug, I drank so much hot chocolate out of it omg xD (I didnt know he was gonna get me anything, so now I gotta scheme super hard to get him something cool >o<) Despite me being super excited to play it tho I havent yet D: procrastinating (executive dysfunction?) is real but when I do I'll be sure to make a post abt it :P also can I just say, I rly cant believe I had a major misconception abt the entire story for so long and no one corrected me? xD i mean maybe no one plays halo out here but omg lmao  peaking of executive dysfunction, I think that's gonna be my reasonable resolution for this year? I said I wouldn't make any pandemic resolutions bc who knows whats gonna happen but maintaining and actually partaking in my interests has been especially hard the past two years and thats something I gotta change. Even simple things like reading a book seem like a task™ to approach and that rly sucks. if anyone else has felt like that i'd love to know bc i'm not really sure where it comes from, unless it's just pandemic stress. :/ It also doesn't help that stuff like wearing coords/going to the library/skating I can't do rn bc winter is disastrous Dx here's hoping it wont take five months this year lol ood to see I can write shorter posts sometimes xP im def trying to work on not being so long winded bc like... being succinct is good sometimes lmao even on here xD and lmk what ur resolutions are if u have any. As always thx for reading~! ^^  


01/17/2022 06:55 PM 

Funny fun fact about me what a loser i am for not posting about anything besides myself loooool

Fun Faaaaaactooooo!!!~~~I don't really like Kokichi that much, i'm just too lazy to make another Layout for Nagito or a colorful funny and cringe one of Sun from FNAF >w<



01/17/2022 06:48 PM 

Just me being a loser again

The day my sister leaves my life will be my happiest day. I'm f***ing tired of being nice and tame with everyone in this house and everyone treating me like sh*t as response. F***ing pigs.I'm such a loser lol.



01/17/2022 02:21 PM 

Blog background music
Current mood:  evil

hai do u all liek mai blog music lmaoooo

stank you smelly much


01/17/2022 09:22 AM 

All My Thoughts Turn Back 2U
Current mood:  accomplished

Henlo guys ! I am very exicted to announce i've released my first song. I've been wanting to do this for a while and I am elated it actually happened All My Thoughts Turn Back 2U 


01/17/2022 09:15 PM 

i am RYOTA

I love the internet so much i decided to permanatly attach myself to it with this blog/website!! ♡♡♡

tumblr, internet, pop, autistic vaporwave, Hyperpop, chiptune, city pop, seapunk, punk

Angii <3

01/17/2022 08:06 PM 

El efecto Dalas Review ataca de nuevo

El efecto Dalas Review vuelve a atacar¿Pq las reglas sólo aplican conmigo? Estoy, miren, harta, cansada, emputada, agotada de que las reglas nomás me apliquen a mí, o que las cosas sólo estén mal cuando yo las hago, miren,  mis huevos imaginarios, están HASTA LA MADRE de ver cómo todos o mucha gente hace exactamente lo mismo que yo, pero nomás está mal cuando YO lo hago.Iba a entrar a clase, pero me exigen ALGO BLANCO, ojo, a mi mamá cuando me inscribieron en esta escuela, le dijeron que aunque vayamos en línea, debo usar algo BLANCO, quédense con ésto, entonces, en vista de esto, me pongo un chalequito blanco dado que es lo ÚNICO blanco que tenía en el momento, voy chill a mi claase, pasan unas horas, y en una clase, creo que Mate, el profe me regaña "Recuerdin que aunqui istimos in casita, dibimos di trair el uniformi, Angi" osea, HUUUUUH? la clase anterior fue Danza, y pude ver cómo estaban vestidos mis compañeros, Erika, sudadera gris, Sara: chaqueta café mostaza Ariadna: Nose, pero llevaba algo negro, OSEA, YO NO ERA LA ÚNICA SIN UNIFORME, Y DE TOOODOS, DE TODOS, SOY LA ÚNICA A LA QUE REGAÑAN, y no es la primera vez, la otra bvez Erika iba con sudadera y no le dijeron nada, y yo no recuerdo que llevaba, pero la de Química m dijo que debía usar uniforme like ???????Loo misssmo con el peinado señores, nadie trae diadema, es más, en prescenciales las de segundo iban hasta con colas que les dejaban mucho cabello sueelto, y nada, y yo tengo unos pelitos safados y ya hasta me querían llevar a un lugar a peinarme, en sus sueños pinche director, en sus sueños me va a peinar usted y me va a poner gel, me toca un pelo y le rompo un fierro en la cara.Le recomiendo "Another Life" , una banda, o cualquier cosa a May, y le vale madre, no le gusta o me dice "ñii, tú y tus gustos piteros" o algo así, pero se lo recomienda Zavala y "waaau, qué buenos gustos tiene Zavala, puede valer madre, pero tiene buenos gustos" BITCH, LITERAL SON CASI LOS MISMOS QUE LOS MÍOS- si te tomaras el tiempo y moleestia de conocerme mejor, o tener tantito interés en mí, verías que conozco series como The vampire Diares, Gilmore Girls, Teen Wolf, y otras que ella también ve, pero sólo te gustan porque es ella, y si yo las viera, te importan un bledo.La verdad, hace días estaba pero si EMPUTADÍÍÍSIMA señores, ENOJADA, así machín, pero, ya me calmé, así que chiste.Es algo que no entiendo bien, por qué nunca soy suficiente, no soy suficientemente buena alumna como para que me dejen hacer lo que quiera sólo pq voy bien en calificaciones, pq no soy suficientemente bonita para merecer ser escuchada, o simplemente, no entiendo pq las cosas están mal cuando yo las hago, no entiendo qué tienen las personas contra mí, o porqué me pasa esto, en serio no le veo mucho sentido al por qué si hago algo mal, soy la única señalada en un lugar lleno de gente que hizo lo mismo :(Olvidé mencionar, que a mis compañeros NI SIQUIERA seles ve que están haciendo, o su ropa, osea, NO SE NOTA SI TRAEN EL UNIFORME, ´como pueden regañarme por no traer uniforme si a los otros NI SIQUIEEERA se les ve más allá de la frente, literalmente son cabezas flotantes, no se les ve la ropa, shut the f*** up.

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