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01/22/2022 12:01 PM 

This or That Survey

This or That Survey, select one from each question you prefer.Early Bird or Night Owl? Night owlSummer or Winter?Winter, even tho I like Summer too but dont like the feel of constantly sweating & dealing with annoying insects thank god there gone during WinterHalloween or Christmas?ChristmasCats or Dogs?Cats even tho I dont like when they scratch ppl,get up on furniture & knock things down but at least there cleaner animals & easier to take care ofCoca Cola or Dr Pepper?Dr PepperCity or Country?City, because I like being close to everythingMcDonalds or Burger King?Burger KingKFC or Golden Chick?KFCPizza Hut or Dominoes?Pizza Hut.Subway or Quiznos?SubwayStar Wars or Star Trek?Star WarsDisney or Looney Tunes?Disney because I grew up watching Disney cartoons as a kid more than Looney TunesOld Cartoons or New Cartoons?Old Cartoons are better, cartoons has change and went downhill since after I graduated High School which was in 2004 after that point I stop watching cartoonsOld MTV or New MTV?Old, I miss the days when I was in High School which was from 2000-2004 back then TRL was the thing & shows like Teen Cribs, Parental Control, Room Raiders, & NEXT was on in afternoons after coming home from school. I miss when MTV was like that, but nowdays MTV is nothing but boring crap like Jersey Shore & Ridiculousness nonstop I stop watching MTV when those shows started to come on.Laptop or Desktop?Laptop, because you can carry it & use it wherever you want no matter if it's on my lap laying down in bed,on dining table & you can even take it with you at places like Starbucks, Parks, & just anywhere. You can't do that with desktopWindows or Mac?Windows, because it's what I've been using for years & used to it.Firefox or Google Chrome?Firefox on computer & Chrome for my TabletFacebook or Myspace?If this was 2006 I would say myspace, everybody was on it at that time hanging out & partying before Facebook open to public & tookover. Even tho myspace has completely changed since 2010 & thats when it started to suck & ran everybody off from there.Twitter or Instagram?Instagram, I barely use Twitter anymore it was so 2012iPhone or Android?AndroidAmazon or Ebay?Amazon, because whenevr I order something on there my item only takes 2-3 days to shipped at my front door. When Ebay depends on where the item is located that u bought it from could take almost a week to get here.Walmart or Target?TargetStarbucks or Dunkin Donuts?StarbucksHigh School or College?CollegeFall or Spring?FallSports or Movies?Sports I like watching them either on TV or in personMountains or Beach?both are beautiful, but for the safety concerns I would say the beach because you don't have to worry about scared of heights/ fallen to death. Only thing you have to worry about on the beach is if theres a Hurricane coming your way or when its raining


03/08/2021 10:05 PM 

lord forgive me

i want to eternally sleep in this thunderstorm the last thing i would feel is the raindrops on my leather skin i’d hear the cracks of thunder as i sink into the concrete like the sound of god laughing at me “oh sweet, sinful creature, you’re getting what you deserve”

poetry, poem


05/20/2021 09:59 PM 

talk to me.

Now tell me boy,  What harsh things have you seen  To make your eyes sit deep like that? You look at the world as though it's  Personally wronged you. As though it’s constantly reaching for  Your throat.  And you wont look at me.  Cmon boy, look at me.  I know how the wheels in your brain turn Boundless.  So why don’t you think to look at me?

poetry, poem


10/04/2021 09:58 PM 

i dont smoke

biting into my cheek so hard that i taste a tinge of copper in my mouth. dipping out into the cold night for a cigarette as the stale, frozen air pricks my nose. the wind blows my smoke into street, and under the yellowed light, it glows with such burning passion you’d think smoking wasn’t something to be ashamed of. gazing out onto the empty highway and imagining what it would feel like to be within someone else’s presence. being alone can get lonely sometimes. who needs the warmth of a lover when you have the warmth of a lighter, right?

poetry, poem


11/07/2021 09:54 PM 


staring into my own dead eyes fluorescent light flickering above my head the silence of sleep fills my ears i can hear my heart beat it’s too loud. i can not physically bring myself to look away to move i do not like the dark for i fear what may be lingering in it yet i reach for the light switch without a second thought, and as the void strangles me i feel a sense of belonging i am where i am supposed to be i am what lingers in the darkness

poetry, poem

𝕮𝖆𝖘𝖊𝖞 𝕴𝖗𝖊𝖓𝖊

01/21/2022 09:53 PM 

honestly life is weird and fckd up sometimes.

when i was 12 i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and i'm 27 now and just starting to get fckd up is that? going your whole life feeling like you dont belong because your different.and im only getting better now wtf. i'm not on meds anymore and im happy for once so good for me i guess.ive been through alot though.


11/15/2021 09:51 PM 


guitar chords that smell like your skin strum in my earswhile i run for my life. beads of sweat and streams of tears roll down my cheeks it tastes like you, sweet and green Bittersweetly boyish. Strong arms embracing around my waist, no Hands in my hair, no- Hot breath on my neck NO and as my legs give out i collapse onto the damp blacktop under the streetlight in the alley that i convinced you to stay alive in. the gravel stirred up on the road digs into my kneecaps but that doesn’t matter you fill my senses you make me whole and no matter how fast i run from you it seems you always run faster

poetry, poem


01/21/2022 05:50 PM 

F is for family - Rant

Ok again, I know not really anyone reads this but if you are hi I love you, and thank you for reading this it really means a lot.I haven't written a rant in a bit so I'm gonna do one for one of my favorite shows: F is for FamilySummary - F is for family is a 70s show about an average dysfunctional middle-class family, their father Frank is a working dad who struggles with his emotions and is always angry, his dad f***ing sucked too, his wife Sue struggles with getting her husband to understand her, she wants to be a strong woman and she is, she loves her kids and wishes people didn't use her, her 1st son Kevin is an average pothead who doesn't know wrong and right, her 2nd son Bill struggles a lot of anxiety and people pick on him, his family doesn't really even know he exists, her other kid Maurene is a spoiled kid who Frank (dad) spoils, and their last kid Megan whos a newborn, not much to her.Anyways, it's a really good show, it's not like 'fake'. It's hilarious, and the characters in the show struggle with a lot of stuff and it makes it relatable, it has some offensive 'humor' but it just shows as the average 70s house. I think. I wasn't raised in the 70s but my dad said it was similar so I'll take his word. 


01/21/2022 01:55 PM 

tea f***s SOOOOOO hard u guys
Current mood:  evil

ive been drniking tea again because its cold as f*** but i dont really like coffee n lemme tell u........ this sh*t is soooooo good. i have a butterscotch caramel blend rn (10 OUT OF 10) and i also have a black tea w vanilla that i really like??/ pro tip if u want to sweeten ur tea a bit add sugar, cinnamon, milk, and a tiny bit of vanilla extract ♥ i have some other blends besides those 2 but they r all fruity. not a winter vibe. theres one other vanilla chai but i dont like chai :(


01/21/2022 12:51 PM 

: 3
Current mood:  sad

my dad hasn't responded too me in almost a week and i hope i didn't make him mad about anything :(

Atlas <3

01/21/2022 12:01 PM 

F*** School B)
Current mood:  relaxed

Yuhhhh 4th day of not going to schoollll- the people at my school prolly think i died or sum sh*t and they can keep thinking that- i HOPE they think im dead because then when i come back they gon leave me tf alone cuz they so used to me not being there. My friend gonna beat my ass when i get there on Monday tho lmao @rein


01/21/2022 11:55 PM 

Current mood:  annoyed

So FB restricted my account. I actually don't care if it's not for the pages that I need for marketing. It sometimes makes me miss the old days when there were not many SNOWFLAKES on internet.

just blog, emo, facebook, fb, goth


01/21/2022 10:53 PM 

Current mood:  annoyed

@ skool 😒

Gay, hot, sexy, amazing, faggot, retard, lgbt


01/21/2022 08:35 PM 

Feelin' that post-Moderna chill 🥶
Current mood:  tired

So yesterday after having taken my Moderna booster dose, I went home and felt okay for the rest of the day but figured I'd spend today at home in case of any side effects. And sure enough, I woke up with chills all over my body (never have my blanket in my bed ever felt so good to lie under!), felt a slight dizziness and a slight headache coming on too, as well as a sense of nausea (no throwing up so far thankfully!) and it's more or less stayed that way all morning/noon and into the afternoon but now I'm starting to feel better, felt good enough to go grocery shopping. And by tonight I hope to feel good enough to enjoy my weekly Friday night pizza by the TV and a pizza always makes me feel better anyway so I'm definitely looking forward to that! 🍕🤩 I only got a reduced dose of Moderna but it was still enough to make me feel tired, drained, naseous and feeling a chill all over today so I can definitely notice that it's doing its job! 💉😄


01/20/2022 06:11 PM 

scene queen art [wip!!]
Current mood:  artistic

art , friends , scene , fashion , emo , ye

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