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08/05/2020 08:29 PM 

im vibin
Current mood:  rockin

ive been taking art classes over the summer and i feel like ive improved 



08/05/2020 06:45 PM 

Current mood:  amused

F*** You- Silent Child

Fuck you, Silent Child, Music


08/05/2020 07:25 PM 

how does this work

i wanted to see how fun this website is, but i dont know how to code. that it takes some of the fun out of this. well hopefully i'll make music that ppl like.

new, new comer, dummie, stupid, yeah


08/05/2020 03:21 PM 

me complaining
Current mood:  annoyed

PLEASE i strongly hate tony lopez omg


jj the sequel

08/05/2020 01:57 PM 




08/05/2020 01:43 PM 

chile anyways
Current mood:  impatient

i'm so confused i'm tyring to make my blog and profile look better but it's not working it's so ugly

#confused #hello kitty #help


08/05/2020 01:42 PM 

beautiful art..

Miggy Jai

08/05/2020 12:12 PM 


Click for support 4 support?if you can't copy the one   <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=";></a> <audio autoplay loop><source src="">


08/05/2020 11:20 PM 

Back and forth
Current mood:  indifferent

HiThings are alright as of now. I'm laying back in my room right now with River, my bearded dragon, who's running around the floor as my favourite MCR cd blasts the house down. Any minute now I'm gonna hear an "Ebony!! Turn that down this instant!!" lmao. Although most of the time she is chill with me having it loud. I'm gonna need it at this volume little brother's playing in the living room and god, he never shuts up. Don't get me wrong - he's adorable: we were playing paw patrol and tag earlier. But sometimes he is, like most younger siblings, indeed annoying.Not a lot has been going on, as per friends are always busy and Mum's been trying to get me outta my room more. She mentioned taking me out more once Monty's side has healed, as we used to spend a lot of time out and about together during the summer/easter/winter holidays.Oh yeah, I'm not sure if I've already mentioned this, but Monty (my second dog) was attacked over the field and had to have stitches on his right side, bless him. We have to be in all the time to watch that he doesn't pull them out because Mum's too soft to put a cone on his head while we're away. The owner's of the attacking dog are being right pains in the ass and refusing to do their part in paying for the vet bill. Monty is insured, but their's isn' the folks are having a bit of drama over that at the minute.I'm starting to try and think about being more productive lately. I know it sounds dumb, but even small things like working on decorating my notebook or progressing my band walls further - just anything to break the routine and cycle of wake up - stare at my phone - listen to music - go to bed. So far things are going okay with that, I went on a sh*tty little walk out earlier and, like I said before, I've been spending some time with my kid brother. I don't know how long this spout of motivation is gonna last, but I figured I'd make the most of it while I can.So anyways, I better go now, food's up and I'm f***ing famished.Signing off, E.E x


08/05/2020 11:45 PM 

Current mood:  tired

♥ใ€€โ™กใ€€♥ใ€€Have a Sad Cum BB by Death Gripsใ€€♥ใ€€โ™กใ€€♥summer is ending and i have to start applying to colleges and essentially figure out what the f*** i want to do with my life.what kind of backwards world do we live in that a sixteen year old has to make such monumental decisions that will define the rest of their humane existence ?? i hate it here. 


08/05/2020 07:55 PM 

What's your favorite song?
Current mood:  satisfied

Anyone have any favorite songs at the moment?The Strokes - Last Nite.Joy Again - Looking out for you.Tyler The Creator - NEW MAGIC WAND.Frank Ocean - Nights.Fall Out Boy - Saturday/This Ain't A Scene.Tyler The Creator - Tamale.Passion Pit - Sleepyhead.And like 234098234 more.


08/05/2020 02:27 AM 

Panic! At The Disco I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Current mood:  headphones body {background-image: url('');background-attachment: fixed;background-repeat: repeat;}

Panic! At The Disco, 2005, 2006


08/05/2020 01:55 PM 

Current mood:  anxious

i amz new an i don no how to change my font color onz my page thanz :3help reqired at 1523 Internetz road


08/05/2020 01:56 AM 

Cassette Tapes and Victorian Vinyl
Current mood:  enthralled

The record spins around and around, playing the tunes to keep the evening party going. Reaching for the glasses of wine and whiskey, and the glasses making a slight clink noise as the groups make well wishes to each other, and making small talk, while the moon starts to set in the glass windows. The women going into the bathroom to fix their makeup an one of the women, she looks in the mirror saying "I'm a diva" with tears down her face, because she's not wearing the newest fashions and with that she's earning the nickname "cheap", and how she has to live with the tragedy of never being one of the people among the party that the others converse with on a regular basis. The music comes to a stop and the man walks over to flip over the record as it plays a burlesque dance tune. The men and women of the groups pair up for the evening couple dance. She looks around to look for someone to dance with and goes for the man in the corner who seems to be by himself and they dance away to the tune, the couples dancing and singing along to the well known tune. She goes to leave following halfway in the dance and sits down to light the cigeratte that she grabbed from a box on the table, not knowing what happens next........., but you know how the story goes, because there's a good reason tables are numbered, you just haven't thought of it yet. The cassette tape plays, while I sit in the corner of the beach, the sand and water meeting at the shoreline and making the loud crashing noise with the waves rising and falling. The sun makes the sky hazy and the salt is in the air and it makes it feel like time has slowed down. The groups of people are together laughing and swimming, or on the beach talking about the plans for rest of the month, while I sing to the music, and write down my favorite lyrics in the notebook I brought. I think of how the weather never gave a damn about me, while it changes more often now. The cassette stops and I go to flip it over. The sun is starting to move again, and the air is turning cooler and I sing along to the music writing down more lyrics, hoping I'd come up with my own. The sky is now turning orange and the groups of people are getting smaller as they say their goodbyes for the day to go home. The sun starts to set as I watch it disappear behind the horizon and I see the moon rising. The moon is starting to rise higher and I stood up with my cassette tapes, following the last of the groups back to my own home. Hey moon, please forget to fall down, hey moon don't you go down. You are at the top of my lungs drawn to the ones who never yawn.

Panic! At The Disco, emo, 2006, 2007, 2008


08/05/2020 12:46 AM 

Current mood:  sleepy

hmmjust posting so this account won't get deleted. im...inactive arent i lmao

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