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paula (─‿‿─)♡

08/13/2020 03:47 PM 


how the f i use this HAHHAHA 


shaneya <3

08/13/2020 03:16 PM 

banana fish u suck
Current mood:  sad

uh so i finished banana fish last night and they werent lyin  that is sad. 

anime,banana fish,sad


08/13/2020 02:34 PM 

Current mood:  blah

empty empty empTY


08/13/2020 02:27 PM 


Do you know how I know Coronavirus didn't come from God ?Because of the way my Savior died.. God in his love for Adam breathed LIFE into the very 1st person on earth Adam . The creativity of God , this disease attacks the lungs and takes your breath away , the same breath God breathed into Adam..Satan wants to BE GOD , but he wants everything opposite of God because of his FURY , so he wants to take away the 1 thing God gave us , our breath.. Crucifixion makes your lungs collapse...the wheezing we are hearing in Coronavirus patients is the same wheezing we are hearing when Jesus died on the cross , Crucifixion takes your breath away slowly as your lungs constrict Jesus is NOT UNAWARE of the pain the world is feeling from a virus that takes the breath away from your loved ones as He felt this same pain , so during this Easter week , their is a HOPE, humble yourself at the foot of the cross because right now we have NOTHING else to cling too but HOPE , we must return to the CROSS in the middle of a pandemic. As Jesus was on the cross the earth went dark just as it seems our earth is dark too right now in the middle of this uncertain time. On the cross , He didn't just die for your sins, but your sickness too , the sickness of this world..The whole world is shut down , please if you haven't given God a chance yet, do it now , Remember Jesus understands we just need to ask him to heal us , restore us , and then just that fast our new vision is in front of us and NEW BREATH is in our lungs, the breath only God can give to heal this land and heal the sickness .....A new life , or life as usual .....a new breath or corrupted lungs .....the safety of the cross and assured life after death or life as usual that does nothing and helps no one as we have seen during this pandemic....please to continue to be blessed 💖



08/13/2020 07:43 PM 

Current mood:  angry


08/13/2020 07:41 PM 

Current mood:  angry

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08/13/2020 06:53 PM 

Current mood:  giddy

eeeEeeeek MY SHOES CAME >___< theyre really really cute and they fit so nicely :D:D:D 


08/13/2020 05:23 PM 

bitching and moaning
Current mood:  crappy

it really sucks when you dont have a supportive family,, i wanna start hormone treatment so bad but my parents wont let me. i try and understand how they feel but i cant, they know how depressed i am about myself but dont seem to care :( on a brighter note i finally got my stig lol 

trans, trans issues,

Princess Tianna

08/13/2020 04:10 PM 

Current mood:  evil

BRO. Is it just me or does anyone else listen to the same f***ing songs over and over on repeat??? I WANT MORE BANGERS. FKN PERIOD. Please comment some good alt artist that I can listen too. Sometimes I think of just making my own music so I'll always will have something new to listen too,and I bless other peoples ears with my amazing musical ideas and talent. I can get f***ing rich off just putting words together and throwing a beat and melody on it. BRO f*** it. I just convinced myself to make music.... If I'm inactive it's because I'm making a f***ing banger bitch!! FINNA BE THE NEXT TRAP BUNNY BUBBLES, BITCH!

#alt #altmusic #femalemusicartist #musicartist


08/13/2020 03:57 PM 

Current mood:  warm

yo what the f*** is up yallso i really like women!!boobs are so softwomen are so amazing and smart and beautifultheyre angelsanyways heres the song of the day:scroll of sorrow by machine girl!spotifyyoutube pls listen to it thanks ily 

shaneya <3

08/13/2020 02:38 PM 

banana fish
Current mood:  worried

well anyways, i am now at the end of episode 22 of banana fish and lemme tell you, i exited out of the tab so quick once i saw waht was about to happen. I am not ready to cry over this 

anime,banana fish


08/13/2020 02:03 PM 


ough its 12:03? a,m in the mornging as i type this (time subject to change as thisgoes on) but yknow i wanna get my feelings ou thtere.... i listened to almost? all of blackpinks discography today (i dont think the playlist i listened to was updated it had up to kill thies love) n i have Opinions. im tired as sh*t by the way.SO i dont know all the voices very well bc like i said i just listened to a bunch of blackpink today this didnt include jennies solo so i dont 100% know her voice... but i know rose (accent over the e PRETNED MY KEYBOARD HAS THAT FUNCTION) and lisas vocals. i like lisas voice a lot!!!!! she goes hard as hell. i think all of their vocals sound nice but i just really like lisas the most. i like some of their songs but...... A lot of them sound the same!!! not really in the this is the same sound 3 times way this isnt a marc bolan all alone/universe/ im a fool for you girl moment. theyre FORMULAIC. youve got like the same structure for the Big songs. the ones with music videos, the ones promoted the most. their producer looked at boombayah n said "ok yeah lets do that like 6 more times" like ACTUALLY 6 more times. you listen to stay n its like "HOLY SH*T its not formualic." its really distinct. and the harmonica... chefs kis. i love harmoncia. thats partly why i love the murlocs n bob dylan.but yeah i think these girls r really talented they have good voices but!!! if they dont change their song structure they will not succed :( i want them to do well idol world is very hard and cruel and i think they have a good road ahead of them. blackpink pls be in my area (denver) sometime i wouldny mind seeing a concert!!!!(idk if im gonna rewrite this wile im awake more probalbyl but it depends on the mood......)

long, music, imt tied goodnite


08/13/2020 01:08 PM 

Pointless Rant 4 the Web
Current mood:  depressed

Had a blissful conversation with my father in the car regarding my dead best friend and my disappointing life choices. I'd make a poem out of the experience but there are really no words for how sh*t everything is. x


RayRay Riot

08/12/2020 11:48 PM 

Some stuff about my day
Current mood:  sleepy

Today was so fun omg, I drove around town with my sister and my bf and we all hung out together! We got to go to this pet store and it was so cute, the store owner's cat was out walking around so we got to pet him. I think he really liked us lol :PI also found out when I'll be getting my hair cut!! I'm so so exited!!!


08/12/2020 11:36 PM 


I want a girlfriend 🥰...... or boyfriend I guess

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