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08/04/2020 12:11 PM 

Current mood:  blah

can someone please recommend some good pop punk bands because almost all of the artists i've listened to for so long are very problematic and i need good music.🥺


08/04/2020 04:53 PM 

Current mood:  headphones

today,, was a good day! I got a cute notebook (sentimental circus), though I don't know what to write in it.. (collecting notebooks is my guilty pleasure haha :p) I've been drawing alot of characters for artfight! (@junio) It's alot of fun and everyone is so nice :)


08/04/2020 10:48 PM 

Turned In
Current mood:  relieved

istg I almost had a panic attack when I hit turn in and I thought it said turned in late but it actually just said turned in. Anyway assignment has been turned in not that anyone cares because no one is ever gonna read this

school, assignment, society and culture, anxiety


08/04/2020 08:44 PM 

I'm spicy
Current mood:  hot

Just sitting here thinking about how sexy I am



08/04/2020 10:09 PM 

Handing in my assignment
Current mood:  scared

As far as I'm aware I have finished my society and culture mini pip and it's due tomorrow before 9am so I'm gonna hand it in tonight because it's an online hand in but I am so scared because every time I finish an assignment or test that I thought was good and that I've gone well in I'll get it back and there'll be all these stupid errors that are easily avoidable but for some reason, I always make them and F*** i just I get scared and anxious about turning in assignments especially this one because we've had it for months.  

school, work, society, assignment, stressed, scared


08/04/2020 03:55 PM 

Okay so i just spent over £100 on LEGO 😭
Current mood:  adventurous

I'm not an impulsive person I swear... I am usually really frugal with money but I watched a few youtube videos and one thing led to another and... here we are 😬THE CRIB😎I've been having fun putting together the sets and making some MOCs but now i feel the need to expand my collection even more 😭Plz help I have a problem


08/04/2020 05:49 PM 

Current mood:  anxious

So i've got my society and culture mini pip (personal interest project, and its a mini one bc it's the yr 11 course and you do a longer one in yr 12 but im actually yr 10 and doing excellerated HSC) due tomorrow and ike i'm actually that scared because I feel like I havent done it right and i'm like almost 1000 words over the limit although my teacher said it doeasn't matter as long as you wern't rambling but I feel like I was rambling alot and i havent grammer checked it because I hate re reading my work so i'm getting my mum to do it but idk i just feel like i'm going to fail and i looked up examples of pips and examples of good paragraphs including so many course consepts and i didn't do that and i don't know where I can include course consepts and ahhhhhhhh anyway no ones gonna read this so :)))


08/04/2020 03:38 PM 

welocolem to my blog
Current mood:  anxious

welcome to my blog, iz made it just for u, updates every day, i will posts me new car maybeh >_>iz sleepy, bibi nnini ♥

*•.¸♡ 𝕷𝖊𝖝𝖆 ♡¸.•*

08/04/2020 01:58 PM 


goodnight ♥♥♥

nina <3

08/04/2020 12:26 PM 

My poetry
Current mood:  artistic

Hi bats! Here's a poem I wrote last week, just felt like sharing 0:"Alone in my mind" All the colourful teens have stomped out to play Blazing like matches atop of the graves It’s all fun but my mind’s in the attic I’m sad and I’m static F***ing festering fanatic And I dream when I’m awake  Because reality is a nauseating nightmare  I bubble with fear beneath my pretty face I’ve loved and I’ve lost Like a tragic filmstar  I’d like to leave  I’ve seen enough And I’m mixed up I chase her trust Mother listen  I’m scared Mother listen I’m not there Mother listen  I want them to stop And I never want to start Mother won’t you believe me?  

poetry, poem, poems, blog, goth, graveyard, friends, trust


08/03/2020 08:56 PM 

F*** my profile
Current mood:  angry

Well I just decided to make one of these cause I'm bored and so yeah I don't have a computer so I'm on my phone which isn't ideal but whatever so I go on my profile I'm trying to figure this out and I fill out my whole profile, write about myself, whatever I spent probably a good 20-30 minutes on it and when I press submit IT CRASHES im logged off and when I log back in I see that NOTHING SAVED AND I WASTED MY TIME F*** NO I AINT REWRITING ALL THAT  


08/03/2020 11:32 PM 

Current mood:  headphones

Bruh why tf is thank you for the venom so good??? Thank you mr chemical romances for this i am forever thankful 

#mychemicalromance #raytoro #mikeyway #frankiero #gerardway


08/03/2020 11:04 PM 

How to put music on your FP
Current mood:  accomplished

If you already have an mp3 then skip to step 3, if not start at step 1.Step #1:copy link of YouTube video with the song you wantStep #2:paste the link to this site > it (make sure it's mp3)Step #3:go to dropbox > dropbox.commake an account (if you don't already have one)Step #4:home > upload files > upload the mp3 file you downloadedthen click...share > create link > copy linkStep #5:Then go to this site and copy the code to use in your profile #6:make sure at the end of the dropbox link you change rel=0 to rel=1 (very important)If you have any issues please feel free to message me**** This is the code <audio controls autoplay><source src="Music URL HERE">

#Music #howto


08/03/2020 10:32 PM 

im so thirsty
Current mood:  thirsty

im so thirsty for water its not even funny. like i could die from dehydration rnEDIT: ok neverminddd my dad  just  bought me some water and now im not thirsty anymore thanks

thirsty, im so thirsty right now, eughh


08/03/2020 08:56 PM 

i feel like people hate me? idk lol
Current mood:  sad

i posted a selfie on instagram today for the first time in forever because well..i hate myself haha and get so anxious whenever i do and was so nervous but i did it anddd well 2 people unfollowed me and barely anybody liked lol kind of proving my insecurities right but my friends were super nice !! which all this doesn't seem like a big deal & stupid ikik but im j so self-conscious and yeah hah.. anyway if y'all wanna spare a like its kaitlynlennon_ lmao 

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