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littl3 wooloo

06/22/2020 03:23 PM 

I'm new :P
Current mood:  silly

Its very funny to me when i see all these alt girls, and then out of no where you see Brittany on here and her pfp is her on the beach looking like she came right out of straight tik tok


06/22/2020 03:27 PM 

hello ! welcome to my profile
Current mood:  awake

my name is kylie, im 17, from nevada and looking for some friends, and a profile to post on. anyone is free to message / add.

hello kitty, pink, profile, friends, 420


06/22/2020 05:26 AM 

no idea wtf i’m doing
Current mood:  aroused

ok can we talk about how aroused is a mood you can choose? uhm chile. anyways idk how tf this works. like where this post even goes. i feel like a clueless mum on instagram lawl. if anyone wants to talk about how ging from hunter x hunter is for sure packing hmu



06/22/2020 02:30 PM 

new profiles
Current mood:  amused

I always wanted a myspace page, so this site will do


06/22/2020 03:29 PM 

Update that no one asked for
Current mood:  eccentric

Update: I figured it out (:


06/22/2020 03:27 PM 

100 questions thingy
Current mood:  pretty

Decided to do this 100 questions thing I saw some other ppl do. Nothing better to do right?100 questions about yourself...Name?: CelestNicknames?: DollyAge?: 17Single/Taken?: Something like thatAre you happy with that?: Yes!!How many kids do you want to have?: 4+What would you name them?: Idk, I like old-fashioned names thoDo you have a best friend?: YeeeesssAre they a guy/chick?: ChickDo they like you more than a friend?: they're like, 3 times my age, so probably not? She is cute tho. Do you drink?: YesDo you like to party?: YESDo you smoke?: yesWhat do you smoke?: Cigs, sometimes weedHave you ever been in LOVE?: YesssDo you believe in love?: YessssHave you ever had your heart broken?: Kind of??Who was your last boyfriend/girlfriend?: I haven't dated that much. My last one was sophmore year.Are you happy that you are no longer together?: YesssDo you hate him/her for that?: Idk hate is a strong word. We've both moved on.What is your favortie band/singer?: Black MarbleWhat is your favorite song?: Take me out - Franz FerdinandWhat is your favorite movie?: Texas Chainsaw MassacreWhat is your favorite flavor of ice cream?: Rocky RoadWhat is your favorite color?: Orange or PinkHow many siblings do you have?: 2Are you happy with that?: yuppp What are you listening to right now?: I'm not a vampire - Falling in ReverseWhat was your last drink?: Diet Pepsi Who was your last kiss?: God i dont even rememberWho was your last hug from?: My grandma :)What is your favorite food?: CherriesDo you have more guy/girl friends?: GirlWould you date any of your friends?: Ehhh idk Is this survey getting on your nerves?: NoWhat was the last thing you watched on T.V?: Shark tankDo you know who E.T is?: YesDo you believe in aliens?: No stance on thatDo you believe that all cheaters will always be cheater?: NoDo you believe in dying becasue of lost love?: NoHave you ever had someone close to you die?: YesWhat was his/her name?: Not disclosing sorryHow did you know one another?: RelatedHave you ever "Jump shake your booty, Jump, Jump shake your booty"?: Are you OK?? lolWhat kind of cell phone do you have?: Samsung edge or smthnWho was your last txt from?: My grandma :)Your second?: My s/oYour fifth?: My s/oYour ninth?: My grandmaWhat did you last txt say?: "going to the store at 4 if u want to go"Your second?: "HOW IS IT ONLY NOON"Your fifth?: it was a meme Your ninth?: "whatcha doin"One or the other...not both...pepsi/coke?: PEPSI BABEYwhite/cream chocolate?: darklove/lost?: Lust?money/love?: Lovefriends/money?: Friendsfamily/friends?: Familypens/pencils?: PensHawthorne Heights/Atreyu?: Idk what that isLindsay Lohan/Hilary Duff?: Hillary DuffAll Time Low/AFI?: IDK!!computer/music?: Musiccamera/computer?: CameraRANDOM!!!last person you slept with?: A friendlast person you ate with?: My lil brolast person you hit?: I dont hit peoplelast person you cried over?: my momlast person you hugged?: My grandma :)last person you kissed?: I DONT REMEMBER JSLKDGJSlast person you said "I LOVE YOU" to?: my S/Odid you mean it?: absolutelyprobably not right?: i did mean it :clast relationship lasted?: this one has lasted about 2 1/2 years.last hookup lasted?: a night -_--last party was where?: My house lolONE describe...last party was:: WILDband:: Great, amazingneedles:: Fun spaghetti:: Grossflyleaf:: fly on a leafsenses fail:: damn ll cool j:: IDK WHO THAT IS rap:: coolrock:: coolmetal:: coollove:: Sweetrelationships:: Complicatedschool:: Hardwork:: Funcell phones:: Ehhhboyfriend/girlfriend/alone:: Yesthis survey:: coolfriends:: coolTake this survey -> 

Questions, ask meme, survery


06/22/2020 03:23 PM 


ok so using the FAQ of friend project is ok, but some stuff isnt super clear!this is the code that I adapted to fit better on my page, bc its normally really big-<object width="435" height="216" type="text/html" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" data="[INSERT EMBED LINK HERE]?&autoplay=1"> </object>to get the embed link, go to youtube, then hit share on the video, then embed, and copy just the https link. ill provide a ss to show u what i mean! just copy whats inside the "" between = and frameboarder


06/22/2020 03:27 PM 

first post
Current mood:  cheerful

this is my first post i guess!

πŸ’ πŸŽ€ 𝒢𝓁𝒢𝓃𝓃𝒢 πŸŽ€ πŸ’

06/22/2020 12:26 PM 

Current mood:  bored

i've been stuck at the dmv for like 2 hours omfggggg


06/22/2020 12:25 PM 

my music
Current mood:  chill

hi!! first blog post but if ur here might as well check out my music ^-^ on pretty much any streaming platform ♥ 

music, indie, artist


06/22/2020 03:25 PM 

trigger warning: mentions ed & abuse
Current mood:  drained

I know none of my friends are on here because they don't know about it, don't trust it or are too lazy to make a profile and customize it for their aesthetic. so i have decided this is now my "diary"??? nah more like journal or something. imma over share. lemme talk about the fact that i've been having eating problems?? it started when i was in 7th grade. it never fully went away. i lost 20 lbs in 2018 and i've lost 10 more recently. and i was able to maintain during the two years. i know i'm not doing it healthily. im undereating. i get dizzy walking across the room. sometimes when i stand up i have to lower myself to the ground because i "black" out. i can't see anything and i forget i exist for a second then i come back. but im still not skinny. i'm average. and i dont know what my obsession is with wanting to be skinny but i think i just want to take up less space. my ex bf was abusive and i remember him saying that girls that are too skinny repulse him. i know theres a low chance of me seeing him again but if i do i WANT him to be repulsed. i want him to be so disgusted that he doesn't put a hand on me. i want to be skinny enough for him to never even want to touch me again. it doesn't make sense. i have a therapist and psychologist and i tell them everything and they help but. i havent told them about this. im not sure i want to. its not that i don't care. i just don't want them to try to stop me. i don't want help for it. i know i should get some. but it feels so nice losing weight. it feels nice to have people compliment you and call you pretty or fit without you having to ask them if you are. my friends mom even told me about how she always thought my sister was going to be the prettier, thinner and taller sibling but that i am instead. and she kept telling me how pretty i am now that i've lost weight. my mom got aggravated probably because she knows i don't eat enough but i just dont want to anymore. it felt so good to be told im prettier than my sister. because i feel like im worthless. and that i'll never be good enough. or that if i was compared with people i would always be the "meh shes okay ig" one. the one used as a joke in f*** marry kill so they laugh about how ugly i am then say kill. being called pretty made me feel like five pounds were off my shoulders. i felt so happy. and wanted. she said things like "who knew you were beautiful under all that weight" and i was wearing lose/bagging clothing too. i don't know. don't use this as thinspo or think its pro ana. its not. eating disorders suck and can damage your body for the rest of your life. if you survive the disorder that is. im not here to romanticize this. i shouldn't have to be told i'm skinny to feel pretty and wanted. but i grew up in a private school filled with naturally slim and athletic kids. i was the outcast because of my weight. i was the "chubby one". it made me feel bad. like something was wrong with me. but theres nothing wrong with being chubby or even fat. i see other people who are chubby or fat and they look beautiful. i genuinely find them pretty and i dont use the words chubby and fat as an insult but as a description. just like how people use the words skinny and slim. its only an insult if you make it an insult. the only person i  "fatshame" is myself. it makes me feel guilty cause theres nothing wrong with being fat. and mentally i know that. but emotionally i still use the word as an insult to myself. it makes me feel like i'm a bad person for subconsiously associating fat with bad but it's only when its towards myself. i don't know if that makes it much better. if you're reading this and you're worried, ilm okay. dont stress. act like the rant was a joke or smth. fOr LeGaL rEaSoNs ThE rAnT wAs A jOkE 



06/22/2020 01:25 PM 

noooo idea what to dooooo
Current mood:  bored

this site is cool n stuff but its sooo hard to navigate  lowkey gives me a headache lol but its fun so idc :) might just play some ffxiv now 


06/22/2020 03:22 PM 

Current mood:  weird

hiii lets b friends pls ♥3 i'm hella bored lmaoo and have literally nothing to do

friends , happiness, bored


06/22/2020 03:23 PM 

Current mood:  blah

woke up feeling like my throat is closing so that's fun😚


06/22/2020 03:21 PM 

✧ο½₯゚: *✧ο½₯゚:*(*❦ω❦)*:ο½₯゚✧*:ο½₯゚✧
Current mood:  adored

all of u are so pretty wtf 

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