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08/06/2020 04:46 PM 

a whole new world
Current mood:  content

needed some friends....come thru                                                                                                              this is cringy im sorry 


08/06/2020 12:55 PM 

my bad g

i went to a sleepover wit some girls who think i like them and by the next day (today) i just had enough and walked off home-


08/06/2020 12:53 PM 


my dm's r dryer than a teachers menopausal ovaries


08/06/2020 06:58 PM 

v cute;)
Current mood:  amorous

Myspace Glitters


08/06/2020 04:47 PM 

R A N T !!!
Current mood:  moody

there is a bloody war happening inside my pants, my stomach is cramping up but yk i gotta keep cool. besides the point I WANT BURGER KIIINGGGG!!!!!! their fries are preety good but i also want soda cause i dont get soda very often anymore :( 


08/06/2020 04:23 AM 

TW everything
Current mood:  crushed

I have nowhere where i can really post about this because i feel like a burden, but i want to share my feelings with strangers on the internet. What better place than a knock-off Myspace. In june, right before my birthday, i went through the hardest time of my life and its still following me. I got pregnant. which i thought was impossible, apparently not. I was excited, the happiest I've ever been, and scared that it was too good to be true. I told my family andx friends. i was picking out nursery decorations, everything i could imagine to prepare. on june 22nd, i went noticed i was bleeding and my heart immediately broke into a thousand pieces.No one tells you how angry a miscarriage will make you. I hated everyone, i hated God. Mostly i hated myself for getting my hopes up. i begged and pleaded to the universe to please let me keep this baby. All i got in return was to watch whatever was left float down the shower drain as ever dark intrusie thought went through my head. There is so much more to a miscarriage then people think. I was in so much physical pain, not even morphine helped. I bled for what felt like forever afterwards but i think it was only a month. When i came home from the hospital that night i cried while i cleaned the blood from my bathroom, threw away my sheets, and scrubbed my carpet. The only ads i saw were baby ads. Diapers, baby food, amazon suggestions. i couldnt even play video games without a miscarriage coming up. Al of my for you page on tiktok was new mothers. I had begged the universe to let me keep my child and i got a big f*** you instead. i dont know how to make this pain stop. i feel like all my friends have distanced themselves from the loneliest ive ever been

hurt, miscarriage, tw


08/06/2020 11:54 PM 

only fans boi b breakin my heart lol
Current mood:  bummed

So I had my ex connect me to this guy he had a threes*me with cause I thought he was really cute lol. We started talking on insta and then snapchatted for a while. We set up a time to meet at dutch but I guess we were both trying to play games cause i was waiting for him to confirm our date that day and he never did so I just didn't hit him up. He hit me up the next day and said he was sad that we didn't meet up but like b*tch u kind played yourself too. Then the next time we were supposed to meet he pulled out. We keep talking for a couple more weeks and finally last Friday we meet up at dutch and had a really good date. he was super chill, we have the same music taste and humor. He is one of the first guys that I have really vibed with in dead*ss like 2 years. I didn't want to do anything sexual cause i really liked him but I think he was kinda expecting it. Regardless he made me think that i may actually want a serious relationship and he was a really good kisser uwu. A couple days later we went to the drive in and I set up the back of the car really cute and bought us snacks and everything. I even bought him a new carmex cause he left his in my car the first date. I know its cheesy and Everything and we have only been on two dates but I havent felt these things for anyone in a long time. We cuddled and watched (some of) the movie lol. I thought it really well and im pretty sure we were giving each other the same energy. Anyway, we were supposed to hang out tonight and he left me on read for like 7 hours today and just hmu and said of sorry maybe tomorrow. I know that he doesn't really deserve the energy i am investing in him but its so hard to find love sometimes and I just really want this workout. p.s. he didnt take the chapstick that i bought him :( 


08/06/2020 01:01 PM 


+* !SleEp w ++** tHA LigHtz :( on so +* ThEy Cnt get me *++


08/05/2020 11:57 PM 

fun dayz
Current mood:  blissful

I amz havin fuun with this nu bloogany1 wan suggestiin on adventur, lt ma knowi have  gator in my canal, bck yerd


08/05/2020 11:56 PM 

Ryan Ross
Current mood:  tired


Ryan Ross,4 Panic! At The Disco, 2005, 2006


08/05/2020 11:48 PM 

hey guys !

whats up fellas i love netanyehau 


08/05/2020 11:31 PM 

a box of lipstick lies we hide behind the word bandmate
Current mood:  guilty

lipstick lovers and a bomb of lies we told our parents Best friends, lovers our happy ever after  Lust is for two girls who met in the rain at football game Our lust ended at the mall kiss in the bathroom stall Love started when I saw you through pom moms and axed up football player vieing for the American sweetheart dream with the cheer captain  All I want is lipstick love in the bathroom stalls of jerset malls were we have meni pedis with the American sweetheart girls  Im dream and seeping for the American dream in my own unconvental ways. Lipstick lovers and kissing in the rain with a girl who rejected the American dream for the relbeion of our life we told we were gonna live  Best firsends, American sweethearts as I see it  Running in the rain to a graveyard with some tea and ghost seeing an American sweetheart dream blow to flames with just a kiss 


07/31/2020 12:29 PM 

gifted kid burnout speak about being gay
Current mood:  exhausted

every thing is going good they all say but your all f*** up inside  everything that made you a box of wasted potential  how am i supposed to live when you were told you had it all  it was only one girl, it started out with my lustful glaces burning ash to ash, everything they told me about everything i would become  all because i exist in my sad life of eluding everything society has built upon since the beginning of time she wants clyde, they tell threw everything our childhood was built on  i wish i wasn't seen as anorsist for wanted clyde or bonnie  for everything these cave men say theres a list of 300 reason im an anorsist but my lovers isnt one   cave men burning us all and calling us by our hate just to come home to show  there kids it was all just for fun  F.U.N as in hating someone over something you hate because we all didn't fit the trade of societies cards  burning them for being somthing they can never can trade for so i guess im wasted potential bc i didnt do what everone thought


07/28/2020 01:06 AM 

lovers at daybreak, sinners at dawn
Current mood:  giddy

all the summer memories fall there me like silk through our intertwined hands smiles through our little hole in the wall was our sweet romance that never saw the daylight running away from rich paper, and even cheaper lives of nothing of dimond rings and lies hiding in better places on our bay were nothing exsits taking everthing back to taste of vanilla and broken beer bottles the night closing in ever minute under the stars, slipping away into happiness losing our concousing in slipping into a world were theres no one to hate us at all i wish i didnt have float away just to be myself   nothing sweeter than your mellow lips laced with the nights round of our escape 


07/23/2020 10:29 PM 

nothing in the end matters ever year is another year to my impending death and student debt so
Current mood:  confused

hi im turning 15 tmr (july 24, 2020 if anyone gives a f***) anyways im just f***ing over everything bc life is a sh*thole that wont end and my bday want end my impending doom of student debt and also the fact the im basically living a lie to make my parents confrable bc there confriblity > my mental health thank u for coming to my ted talk u idot 

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