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06/23/2020 04:01 PM 

f***ing rotting


06/23/2020 04:01 PM 

ur mom
Current mood:  amused

this website do be really fun

Dani ΰΈβ‚βΈβΈŒΜ£Κ·Μ£Μ«βΈΜ£βΈŒβ‚ŽΰΈ„

06/23/2020 03:56 PM 

That's gay 😳

I should probably get back to work, but here's a lil animation :]

animation, art, cute

Nowhere Newsman

06/23/2020 03:58 PM 

Current mood:  cookywacky

If you stan 100 gecs you're a vi rgin sorry I don't make the rules

tisyn πŸ„βœ¨

06/23/2020 03:57 PM 

wtf 🀑
Current mood:  annoyed

my ex is upset w me and sneak dissing me on his socials bc he was horny and asked me to link n i said no πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ’€


06/23/2020 03:55 PM 

My First Post
Current mood:  calm

Hello, Im very new to everything. (a few answers to questions)-no I don't have an active tiktok-I am NOT an egirl-yes I like lilpeep -I actually used to have a myspace so this is cool :D


06/23/2020 03:58 PM 

jules cottagecore
Current mood:  fermented

im jules cottagecore


06/23/2020 03:58 PM 




06/23/2020 03:55 PM 


oh to run away into the woods with a lady by my side and build a cottage in the woods and own a cat...


06/23/2020 03:48 PM 

My gay ass is venting??
Current mood:  angsty

Literally all i want rn is a boyfriend i wanna be a gay philosopher in anchient greece omfgEven if i do get one i cant post about him on my public socials cuz they think im a lesbian :((Im a bi DUDE)Ugh my want for an anchient greece style bf clashes with my want for a scary f***ing 'straight' bf who calls me slursAnyways my fellow gay dudes, stream mr loverman by ricky montgomery ♥3 


06/23/2020 03:48 PM 

Need help with fundraising!
Current mood:  chill

I am trying to start a business but i only have half the money i need (i need 333 dollars). My store is gonna start off small, but then it'll expand to me hand sewing my own clothes, but if you wanna help share this or send money to my cashapp $hanyajiidraws . Thank you a lot for listening~. 


06/23/2020 03:46 PM 

Free friendship
Current mood:  curious

So like firstly how did yall get music on here because i do not know howww but i'd appreciate it very much if someone gave me tips.. And you know. Wouldn't mind making friends.. πŸ˜—


06/23/2020 03:54 PM 

the Manny will not be televised
Current mood:  busy


06/23/2020 03:53 PM 

ugh ugh ugh
Current mood:  annoyed

someone please just shut me up omg


06/23/2020 03:51 PM 

you're gorgeous
Current mood:  jealous

everyone on here is so pretty it's intimidating 

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