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Just remember I'm not a monster you make me out to be. Judge me last. Because you can't judge someone when you've not talked to them for a length of time.

30 years old
Dreaming in Fenrir’s fur :), Texas
United States

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GeneralI would love to play with people on Fall Guys. I normally play in the evenings though. However if you're not okay that I grief and troll on there then we probably wouldn't be best playing and I also will mess around with you though because that crap is hilarious. I also have Splatoon 2, Mk8 AND Luigi 3 to play. Also deep conversations and long thoughtful conversations are my jam and make me wispy :) Due to a stalker situation I had to delete all my contacts and make new social media platforms and I lost all my contacts because I had to leave immediately on this one social media platform. So I lost all my contacts. But other than that. I'm seeking friendship for now. As my relationship status is otherworldly and MANY of men wouldn't accept or understand. I tried to open up once to a guy about this and that didn't go well....
MusicYou need common sense if you don't know what the term VOID and Abyssal means. You're basically clueless at that point and I just can't converse with someone that doesn't even know what that means because I talk about that a lot LOL. Also people don't need to post their YT socials on here. Also for YT. Letting the people know on here that. The feature of messaging someone in private message on YT has been gone since 2019 LOL. Which fucking sucks and like I stated I don't do social media anymore but I stay on obscure places to message. Anyways I normally don't inbox first. So just inbox me whenever you want.
BooksBut for now I will just go on the likes because I've to many dislikes. I'm from the U.S. but my location is random due to the fact people like stalking me and making several accounts to harass me for no reason. Basically people do this for entertainment purposes and someone has told me this before when playing undercover to see what was really going on. Here are some of the personality traits I like when talking to someone. Understand that I'm. I ask for acceptance. Not to transfer you into this belief. I don't want to deal with someone being nasty to me then try to apologize afterwards. I know emotion gets the better of us at times and we say things we don't mean to say but I really am the type of creature that just doesn't accept apologies. Just the thing is. When you go over the extreme line and I start thinking in the wolf skull. Of no I can't accept this and I will move on with my life. I just don't accept apologize if the degree is severe and I would rather us part ways. No need for conflict. Even though I love chaos. Speaking of conflict don't get all angry at me because I ask if we can talk outside of here when we first chat. If this is a problem for you then just let me know. Just let me know by saying you need a few days to exchange Discord if you've. If you don't have the other socials I listed then all I've is an Email address. I don't do social media anymore like I said. So you might think why do you've no intent or any intent? Well that's like me asking how do you know if someone is a friend or foe or not within one day? That makes no sense to me at all. Like how would I be able to gather all the information in one day to know what we've together? I'm sorry but things don't work out that way for me. What I would like to happen is if within a few weeks you can let me know if you see me as a friend, a best friend, enemy and maybe a boyfriend but let me explain something. I'm married in the other realm. If you would like to know what that means please ask in a private inbox or when we exchange social media contact. Speaking of social media contact please be in contact with me everyday. What is the point of adding someone if you plan to message them every few days? I really can't respond to hi, how are you every single day. Please be creative with your messages. If we chat outside of this website, I just wanted to remind you of a few things. I normally don't say hi, how are you every single day. You can either pick up the conversation where we left off or find another topic to present to me. I'm also a rare type that memes aren't really funny and it's a rarity if I laugh at one. Just as rare when I take selfies. I really don't care and I don't think about them. So with that said as a wrap. Just be creative with me just all I ask and respect that I'm not a meme and selfie hoarder. Know me first. Have a conversation with me for a few weeks and then judge me. Sorry but judging someone on day 1. Makes little to no sense at all. Speaking of common sense. People don't know what I mean by furs. Comon now. Ever heard of Fenrir's cozy furs? His cozy fur blanket? No? K thought so. I do have a 12 year old son that will be that age later on this year. Do I message first? Rarely. That's why I sent a friend request as a starter of uncertainty if you want to message or not. High interest to expect your art work if you do any kind of artwork or make some kind of craft. Which I should also state that my only source of income right now is SSI and Food Stamps. This might be an issue for some people. I'm also waiting for my housing number to hit zero so I can live on my own. My mom when she was alive put me on this program since I was 21. I was number 10 then and was 30. I'm 6,190 now. SSI does let you work for 25 hours with your SSI check. But I need a lot of accommodations so finding a job will be uncertain at this time. I can't afford a low income apartment even with SSI and Food Stamps, that's why I need housing. But that's common sense anyone would know you need housing because SSI doesn't give you enough for rent. At least where I live they only give you $914 a month and a typical low income apartment for one bedroom and one bath is $700 and something. I assume SSI gives you this low amount of money because they expect you to live with a roommate or one of your family members for the rest of your life. Does SSI not understand that not everyone has friends and that they don't want to live with an annoying family member for their whole life? Probably not. According to an online friend of mine she says most SSI checks go up every year and I hope so. Because she lives in another state and she gets $1,200 in something a month which is bull shite. I Co-Op on Nintendo. Nicknames. Wolf. Rabbit. Also looking for weird makers. Bone jewelry, abstract art, humane bird feathers and offering jars. If you plan on selling on Etsy I love to buy if the prices are in my price range. The most I can afford for a custom made item is like $20-30 a month. Cause I pay my dad rent and I got two phone bills to pay + whatever else I need in a whole month. I'm a. Student of Lord Hades. Working the ranks of being a successor of his. Child of Disaster according to Beelzebub. Business partner of the Painter of the Abyss. Loki and Fenrir I will not disclose about them in this chat unless I TRUST YOU. My magic style is Chaos Magi. Hook of Saturn. Idealism of Saturn. I buy a lot of deity items on Etsy. Must be open to having conversations about Occultism, Mythologies, Spiritualism and if you're the type of person that goes I don't know what you're talking about the Void or the Abyssal. Then please do me a favor and don't message me because you can't be that dumb. I also don't do Skype or phone calls. I've a big sensory issue with listening to people's voices over the phone for a long period of time. Which causes discomfort on these wolf ears of mine. I've an 11 year old young prince. Due to the people and their crazy nature of obsession of liking to harass me and use me as an entertainment purpose for their crusades of attacks I don't post pictures anywhere of him on the internet or his name. People shouldn't be freaking a family box size of Fruit Loops or Coco for Coco Puffs for that matter. T.V. You can see me do one of the following everyday. Nintendo Switch, PS4, Co-Op gaming on the Switch Lite, I don't have any Co-Op games for the PS4 so don't ask. If I'm not doing that I'm on YT or seeing if Stardom has anything new. You can find Stardom for free if you know where to look on the internet and my favorite groups are Queen's Quest and God's Eye. For Queen's Quest I love this group but Miyu Amasaki omg is she okay? She looks so terrified coming out to perform, she looks like she doesn't want to be there and also her ring moves are extremely bad. I've seen her mess up in the ring because she didn't know what to do for a submission or she panicked, like one match she had she was panicking and messed up the submission then shortly lost the match afterwards haha. Queen's Quest normally loses when she comes out as well haha, what I mean is when a Queen's Quest member goes and tags her to get inside the ring, whelp there goes their chances of winning going downhill haha. Waka if she wants to stop losing over and over she needs more grit, which I see she's doing more in the ring as of late. I love how some Stardom members are scared of Syuri haha. Also no I think Tam and Natspoi from Cosmic Angels are stupid. This fairy cosmic group is just, no thank you. You can keep your cosmic fairy fantasy away from me haha. Anyways enough chit chat about that. You can ask what I think of other Stardom members or groups. I also don't care about WWE as of right now by the way, the story lines are so bad, I keep checking every single week if the story lines will get better but no. NXT is doing a better job at that than WWE haha. Which is really sad don't you think? I think so haha. My destinations: Black Swamps, The Abyssal Realm. Movies. Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness. Music. Video Game music has moved to Pandora, somewhat still listening to the video radio stations on YT 24/7 and the reason why I moved is I'm getting tired of the soundtracks playing tons of Persona soundtracks and tons of Fire emblem tracks which I'm not a fan of. I'm sorry but Persona and Fire Emblem are my least two favorite composers. Also I know the composer for FF 13 is different. Anyways on Pandora my shuffle station artists are. Yoko Shimomura, Yasunori Mitsuda, Koji Kondo but wait! There is more! Like to meet: If you've seen the Viking show Netflix please don't message me, because I'm sure you watched the show, then rolled out of bed and were like yep! I'm magically a Viking believer now! I'm gonna go cosplay! Keep your disrespect away from me, No Tyr worshipers on my account either. You can't say Loki is evil either, do you need a dictionary of what misunderstood is? Because most certainly misunderstood and evil are two different words and you simply need a dictionary. You're not a witch, by owning crystals and rocks. That doesn't make you a witch, please for the life of me and my spirits and do this one simple request for me and the MANY. Stop telling people that you're a witch because you bought some crystals and rocks from Etsy, when people do that, he or she changes her account automatically to a witch, when their profile wasn't even like that in the first place, LMAO. That's like people after seeing Viking on Netflix, they roll out of bed and automatically list their profile as Viking, then start cosplaying LMAO. Also, I've seen some people call themselves fairy witches because of a person buying fairy statues online. Like no, just because you saw something on T.V. or you bought something on Etsy doesn't mean you automatically change your profile into something. Do you know how insulting you sound? Anyways, my profile has more and more hobbies and stuff for you to read so enjoy Also I'm always up till 3-4:30 a.m. so, having international friends seems best. My future life. I will leave that up to the deities and the ''MANY'' for that answer. My fate will heavily be decided by them.

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I'm back for more more try on this website. However since I last was here last year some things have changed and even more so recently things have changed. I wanted to state that I don't associate myself with the Lokean Community and Norse Pagan. Because you guys are some fucking fruit cakes. For the Norse Pagan department everyone is pro Thor and Tyr. But fuck Loki and fuck Loki's children to. The Norse Pagan people treat me like I'm one of Loki's children, himself a monster. The Lokean Community got some insane chicks on there and some severe jealousy issues. I'm taking this Loki path with a small circle of friends I trust. No longer will I be associated with the Norse Pagan community or the Lokean Community. Other thing is I will not deal with toxic behavior either. There is no need to rip apart someone's belief or how he or she does deity work. Another thing as well as if you simply see me as a monster like Loki's children please do me a favor and don't add me. My profile is inspired by Jörmungandr and his sanctuary he provides for me with mental clarity.

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