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Hello, everyone!

25 years old
I'll keep that to myself. ;), Oklahoma
United States

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March 04 2016

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GeneralLatch hook rugs, singing, dancing, going places, talking on the phone, reading, writing, watching TV, getting on the Internet, drawing, hanging with friends, doing web shows, cooking, baking and so much more. :)
MusicI like to listen to anything. :)
MoviesI love movies. Armageddon, Titanic, The Vow, The Notebook, Paranormal Activity 1 & 2, Shrek, Rugrats, anything. :)
TelevisionI love to watch TV. Anything that catches my interest is fine. Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant, Survivor, American Idol, Supernatural.. Just to name a few. :)
BooksHoles, Heaven, In the Chatroom with God, Stargirl, Smitten. I love to read. :)
Heroes My boyfriend. My parents. All my friends. God. :)

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JayJay: Dear Heaven , you are beautiful and amazing everything about you is just so freaking perfect i love you so much we don't really talk much but i deff think that should change i know i can always count on you for anything i know that you will always be there for me just as i will be here for you, your a sweetheart and just an amazing person anyone would be lucky to have you in their life I LOVE YOU ♥
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Here for:Networking, Friends,
Connect with Artists, Discover New Music, Rate Music,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown:I'll keep that to myself. ;)
Body type:Slim / Slender
Religion:Christian - other
Education:High school
Status:In a relationship
Member Since:May 25, 2011

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About me:
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Hi, I'm Heaven. Or Heavenly, or Huggable, or whatever you want to call me. I used to be Heavenly Hottness, but some of my past accounts were messed with by someone, so I'm starting all over. Now I'm Heavenly Huggable. You can still call me Hottness if you want. :)I'm a partial owner of Friend Project; I was actually given the owner's personal account (this) as a gift. If you need any help with something message/comment me or email support@friendproject.net I'm too nice, too forgiving, too sensitive, and too generous. Yet, I love being that way. At least I have a good heart. I also don't judge people. We all make mistakes. I also have really high self-esteem, so if you feel like insulting me, I promise it won't work. Haha. If you do decide to be rude to me, I'll kill you with kindness then blast list you until you apologize, and trust me, being on my blast list isn't any fun because people do tend to view the profiles, block and harass you, so please be nice and I'll return the respect. I love meeting new people. I want to meet you too. Let's be friends. A ton of people know me from the Internet. A few of my friends jokingly call me the 'Goddess/Queen of the Internet.' They're silly and the nick-name has kinda stuck for a few years, haha. I'm 20 years old. I know I look much younger, but I really am 20. I was born in 1992. I enjoy my cake on July 17th. ;) I should be in my upcoming 3rd year of college, but I haven't started college yet. I still live with my family, and me and my boyfriend are working on saving up money for living arrangements, then I'm starting college. I have no idea yet what I want to pursue; I'm still thinking about it. I have many passions & interests, and I seem to never get bored. I'm straight, but that doesn't mean I don't want to be your friend if you're not. I have a boyfriend of almost 3 years. Our anniversary is in June. I've been apart of the Internet since I was 14, and I've had many old profiles. I've had this one starting this June of 2012, and I don't plan on starting over anymore. My name was Heavenly Hottness from a screen name I chose when I was 14, and it didn't really mean anything.. I just liked how it sounded. I've had many ways it's been spelled/many renditions of it, but I finally chose the same amount of letters in each 'name'. Now I'm Huggable because I actually am quite huggable, haha. Some people tend to fake me from time to time. This is the real me though. I'm really intelligent. I love to learn new things. I do web shows, and I have every URL of every site. Ask me for them if they're not already posted below. My number's below as well. I return everything, and I absolutely love picture comments, especially long ones. If I don't message you back immediately, don't fret. I'm just probably backed up. I get tons of stuff a day, plus I have other social networking sites and my real social life is pretty busy too. Anything else you want to know, just read the other tabs of my profile or ask. :)

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If you're going to use my pictures, please just let me know. Anyone can use. :)

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Anyone! I love to meet new people, so get to know me! :)

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Dec 24th 2015 16:03

 photo 87_zps6bfzrpgg.jpg
Linsabella Ariella

Dec 17th 2014 03:53

Hey there's another new song with music written by Brian Donofrio and he mixed it and used my voice in it! Will you PLEASE check it out and tell us what you think! It's called Watching You! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgrNkBNQhwo&feature=youtu.be https://soundcloud.com/linsabellaariellahttps://soundcloud.com/brian-donofrio
Linsabella Ariella

Dec 12th 2014 00:01

Hey will you please go check out my new song! Brian Donofrio wrote the music,edited& used my voice in it :) https://soundcloud.com/brian-donofrio/now-you-wish-you-could-but-im you can also check it out on my soundcloud! https://soundcloud.com/linsabellaariella 
Linsabella Ariella

Nov 25th 2014 12:33

Hey will you please go check out my songs and tell me what you think! :)) www.youtube.com/user/Lindsey27j
Space Chick (Scifi Fan Page)

Jun 6th 2014 08:35

 photo 6171181084_b62cd021bb_z_zpsabb184b9.jpg"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." ~ Jimi Hendrix
Sweet Paws

May 13th 2014 08:47

 photo best-of-financial-advice-dog-funny-photos-meme1_jpg_pagespeed_ce_gI4jbKcaxI_zps40868902.jpg
Sweet Paws

May 11th 2014 08:55

 photo 52b6cd91-2237-48c1-b130-4f08611fa3a5_zpsde8f6c46.jpg
Space Chick (Scifi Fan Page)

May 11th 2014 08:14

cute animal photo: cute animal we.jpgHave a happy day!
Sweet Paws

May 9th 2014 08:30

 photo d7ba6e6b38cce7c2f7ab6e01e249af8a_zpsc79f32c6.jpg
Space Chick (Scifi Fan Page)

May 9th 2014 07:39

 photo 2ceb7ad9-7353-4a10-8f9a-672e52f0bf03_zps49df14c1.jpgHave a great weekend my friend!
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