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I Did My Makeup BEFORE I Shaved My Eyebrows Off! Here's How It Looks!  (1  photos)
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some samples for layouts im working on
Artwork - Joshua Norwood  (3  photos)
My artwork (posted on Deviantart as well) that I create, MOST of the work is under a CREATIVE COMMONS license to note. Make sure to check out my deviantart as well, though..
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Just deactivated a lot of my social media's since I need a break (obviously I deleted instagram though)-- I'll probably be back around just before christmas or before new years.

I want to spend the whole Christmas offline with my family :)
Dec 1st 2019 15:05
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I Did My Makeup BEFORE I Shaved My Eyebrows Off! Here's How It Looks!  (view more)

Why I Shave My Eyebrows  (view more)

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I do YouTube, be careful -- you might think I'm a crazy bitch but that's just because you don't understand me.

Fairest of them all? Hell no, I'm the baddest bitch of them all.

I'll make you question my every move, my every look, my every word-- I've recently entered this teen-scene hell and I'm going to leave victorious with my name plastered on your fucking wall and until you've melted into nothing. When you view this page, you question my motives-- but in reality all I need is the very thing that created this world. You're entering my world and it's about to fuck you up since I don't drop my level to appease anyone. I'm myself, I'm a bitch and I'll end up as one. I was born one and I'll end as one.

People say I look scary, excessive and other shit trying to make me under their bubble.

I expect people to do that because they try to defame me to make them above me when they know I'm higher than them. (side note; bullying is not okay-- you're above your bullies)

Everyday is a different face or perhaps a mask? - I'm not a person or perhaps I am but I'm not your average one since my emotions are locked up away and my feelings as well. Or perhaps, that's what you think.

In this depressing yet idealist world-- people want you to not look fucking ugly yet so get your eyeshadow, fake eyelashes, mascara, foundation out and put them in their fucking place, bitches.

I know when I remove my makeup-- I'm ugly but that means less people will notice me. I can do my everyday life away from trying to be pretty.

I change my face everyday-- it's just like recycling the past from my life and recreating once an ugly face to be reconstructed from scratch with fabulous eyeshadow. Perhaps my personality changes?

My wings are as sharp as a knife staring down at your soul.

Song of the Week!

I put my favorite songs of the week down here, which will auto-play if you have enabled it. (PENDING. TOO TIRED ATM WILL EDIT SOON!!)

If you want me to add your song here if you do music, please send your song to me in the comments. I will only add it if I like it-- don't get pissed if I say I don't like it even if my music I make is trashier-- I can't give a shit if you don't like my opinions, bitch.

Nicki Minaj's alter-ego "Roman" is awesome. Nuff said, I don't care what you think :P

Updates to page
List of Songs of the Weeks Week 1: Scissor - MILLIONAIRES
Week 2: Bitches - HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD

"Hollywood Undead - Bitches" sounds awesome and the beat is extremely rad and I have nothing bad to say about the song. If you're not a bitch like me, then get the fuck off my page and learn how to be a bitch like me.
Week 3: Jeffree Star - Ice Cream (Oscar Wylde Remix)

"Jeffree Star - Ice Cream (Oscar Wylde Remix)" is an awesome remix of Jeffree's rad song; Ice Cream. There's nothing bad to say about Jeffree's music since Jeffree Star will forever be the top Scene Queen that has ever walked on this planet.
Week 4: Brokencyde - Freaxx

I'm sorry you had to hear this one but it's such an old crunk song that deserves its place here. It does hurt my ears but it does have some "redeeming" qualities; it's experimental but it overdoes the experimentation

Week 5: Spin Me Right Round (2003) - Dead or Alive

Pete Burns is an icon that took androgyny to another level in the 80s just like Boy George did, but of course I prefer his 2000s music though there isn't much. Though he died only 3 years ago; he's still an inspiration to all-- his attitude and he never took shit from people and was always ready to say his opinions no matter what other people think. He was doing his own thing; something that many people don't do nowadays-- that's why everyone's so damn boring. RIP Pete Burns.

Week 6:
16th November 2019 I've changed a lot of the details in my Bio.
28th Oct 2019 Song of the Week Updated! (Song 3)
23rd Oct 2019 My new Halloween color scheme activated. Song of the Week Updated!
18th Oct 2019. Updating the look of the page, trying out some HTML5 features and beautifying the page. I will be removing a lot of what I put in so it may suddenly change then change back. I also am removing the HR HTML tag with an img src tag since the HR tag does not currently have as much customization ability as does the img src tag have.
The page is 25% done as to my liking. A lot will be changed over the year.

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Nov 28th 2019 10:54

You know you can respond to the bulletin instead of my profile, right?
(◕‿◕✿) alex

Nov 16th 2019 12:12

yes HELLO :)))))
(◕‿◕✿) alex

Nov 16th 2019 12:05

hello friend
Aiden Christopher Brendick

Oct 27th 2019 20:24

Are you a caffeine addict, as well?

Oct 14th 2019 13:17

th4NKZZ 4 th3 4DD!!!

Sep 21st 2019 16:20

i dig your attitude! thx for the add ^_^

Sep 20th 2019 15:00

Thanks for the add, Joshua!

Sep 16th 2019 17:46

Yeah still waiting patiently for at least a new single XD
Mika Iz Scene!!!

Sep 16th 2019 10:36

u messed up ur page and it keeps redirecting to trying to friend u idk what u did

Sep 15th 2019 17:43

Hey why are you not allowed me to text you
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