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GeneralInterestssss well I've got a few of these I'd like to think. I like all sorts of art, honestly, I draw, paint, sing, write, make dolls, etc. Yes, I make dolls, or, I used to, they were like voodoo dolls. Honestly, I should start doing that again. Could be fun. I like to draw a lot of weird ass cats and I create comic book characters for stories I'll never actually write I'll just come up with storylines. I paint sometimes, watercolor, but I'm honestly not that great at it. I do weird improvised music stuff where I just sing. I kinda play the ukulele, mostly improvised, never been taught. I also enjoy some elements of school, don't kill me, some of it's okay but only because I enjoy learning. I hate teachers, people, kids, and a lot of the work, but I like learning because it's fulfilling. I like spending all my time in my room, crying over band members, reading fanfiction (and also crying), not getting involved in drama, and not being in a relationship.
MusicEmo, emo, emo, and then like 15% a ton of weird sh*t that makes literally no sense. That can go anywhere from industrial metal to irish folk music to 80's pop to classical piano. But mostly emo music tbh.
MoviesTim Burton, Tim Burton, comedy, anything with Adam Driver, Tim Burton, Coraline, gay films, etc etc.
TelevisionCrime dramas and comedies (I can't stand the Office or stuff like that though honestly it makes me extremely anxious) i also like superhero shows but I'm not aure if I'm more of a DC or Marvel person I like them both for different reasons.
BooksHIS DARK MATERIALS IS COMING UP WITH A PREQUAL SERIES HOLY F * C K I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT HOLY S * I T sorry okay i'm a nerd i love HP, His Dark Materials, tons of YA fiction, poetry books, GRAPHIC NOVELS ARE MY SH*T OKAY, yeah
Heroes Band members band members and band members especially Ariel from Icon For Hire and Gerard Way.

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About me:

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Who I'd like to meet:
People with interesting senses of humor, music tastes, styles, and personalities. Honestly, it's hard to find even relatively interesting people in real life. The closest I can get to finding interesting people is at clubs which I don't go to because they're boring, anxiety-enducing, and make it seem like I'm actually interested in human beings when I'm not. So, I'll go hide in the comfort of the internet looking for connection rather than putting myself out there in real life so I live up to my emo standards. :)) Nice to meet you, I'm an extremely self aware cynical emo kid who likes to make fun of practically everything but also can be surprisingly serious. I've been called contradictory so many times I've learned to take it as a compliment. My name is Emil, I go by they/them or he/him pronouns, and I'm flamboyantly pansexual and grayromantic (I rarely feel romantic attraction). I identity as nonbinary. I enjoy long walks from my bed to the fridge, screaming along in my head to My Chemical Romance (because none of my neighbors think it's very fun to have to listen to me singing "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" at 3 in the morning), pacing around my room laughing maniacally to the point where my parents genuinely think I'm insane (which I probably am, let's be honest), and doing a sh*t ton amount of weird art. I have short redish hair (which I will be changing really soon), and brown eyes. I'm approximately 5'6" tall. I'm 14 years old (my birthday is December 26).

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Jan 2nd 2018 17:06

Only Fall Out Boy's first album was emo (pop), their music after that is pop punk and now they're pop.

I think New Years Day is rock/hard rock. I first thought Delain and Within Temptation were symphonic metal bands but I did some research and found that there is a symphonic subgenre of gothic metal and that some people do classify Within Temptation as symphonic gothic metal(I know, all these subgenres have long ass names)

Your friend is right too though, bands like The Cure, The Twilight Sad, Christian Death, Bauhaus, Joy Division are gothic rock.

If you want to find out what bands are really emo I'd recommend going to

Jan 2nd 2018 16:32

Around the year 2000 a new genre arose: emo pop, a combination of emo-core(the real genre of emo) and pop punk. Emo pop is still part of the emo genre(bands like: Jimmy Eat World, Funeral For A Friend and Fall Out Boy's first album)There is also a subgenre of emo called skramz/screamo, with - like the name implies - more screaming(bands like: Pg. 99, I Hate Myself, Saetia)

I feel like around that time people started mixing up emo-core and emo pop with genres close to emo like pop punk and post-hardcore. That way non emo bands were labeled as emo and people forget what emo really was. Metalcore and post-hardcore bands were labeled as screamo because of the screams in the music.
Because of the huge popularity of pop punk, post- hardcore and metalcore during the 2000s this 'new' definition of what's emo spread like fire, and this definition is the definition that most people still know to this day.

Also I wouldn't really consider New Years Day, Delain and Within Temptation goth. They're good bands but I feel like they're only goth as far as looks go but not if you look at the genre.

Also Delain and Within Temptation dutch bands, yay!
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