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January 23rd, 2020

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November 30, 2019


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01/18/2020 08:43 PM 

Sharing is caring


01/18/2020 08:37 PM 

Song of mine


I put a lot of me in this song; written literally from the heart.

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01/02/2020 03:22 PM 

New group...

For those needing help with this site, join my group and I will try and assist, also join if you think you will be able to offer some help to the newcomers to the site.


All are welcome.

12/02/2019 08:54 PM 

Star Wars?
Current mood:  chill

Join my group: http://www.friendproject.net/view_group.php?group_id=1443

12/01/2019 06:41 PM 

Le funny
Current mood:  amused

Seriously, this guy needs a nurse and some meds


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