im nep!!!!!!
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September 2nd, 2019

Gender: Male
Status: In a relationship
Age: 14
Country: Canada

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September 01, 2019


09/02/2019 11:02 AM 

dni >:((((

dis my dni post so dont interact with me if:

-youre a MAP(basiclly pedo)
-youre gonna be mean
-youre white and say the n word (makes me uncomfy)
-youre transphobic
-youre homophobic
-youre toxic truscum/tucute(im more transmed but if u attack trans guys who are a bit feminine n say theyre not trans then get out >:00)
yea thats it for now 

09/01/2019 11:55 PM 

new school
Current mood:  energetic

so for grade 7 and 8 i went to a real sh*tty school called lha and i hated it a lot but i found a new school that 1. doesnt have a uniform so i can be as scene as i want :DDDD a lot closer to my house and 3. looksreally cool and might actually meet my needs!!! im super bad at math n stuff so maybe ill get a lot of extra help. the school is super  small and its an alternative school. im excited :DDDDD

09/01/2019 11:29 PM 

about me :p
Current mood:  happy

hai!!!!!!! im nep!! im from canada, montreal to be exact, i lov green day, mcr, fob, palaye royale, msi, melanie martinez and the beatlez im also just starting to listen to paramore and ghost town!!!!!! i luv playing the guitar and ukulele and i also play da drumz!!!! my parentz are in a band and my dream has always been to be in a band!!!! im hoping i might find sum peepz who r cool and who live near me so i can start a band!!!! i really lov worm on a string and i have 7 pet snailz and 2 catz !!!!! i luv making kandi braceletz an i alwayz wear a ton and people think im weird but datz ok :PPPP i also love invader zim and adventure time 

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