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December 28th, 2019

Gender: Female
Status: Married
Age: 23
Country: United States

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August 30, 2019


09/08/2019 04:19 PM 

Holly Street
Current mood:  apathetic

Holly street wasn't nice to me

Holly street kept my heart on ice
for 9 years.
Gliding and glistening
frozen water
frozen ways. 

08/30/2019 01:20 PM 

Current mood:  amused

Beezin boozin beepin, boppin

the Beez are coming 
Their honey is rotten,
Buzzing beez in fallen trees 
Finding a home in chest and bone
Beez wont Ease 
My knees
you wheeze 
stinging my throat 
I cough and I choke
It's okay on a good day
but mad beez are bad beez
and they'll leave one day. 

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