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June 26, 2019


08/11/2019 11:25 PM 

I Did The 100 Layers Challenge!

Hey-!! Check out my crazy new video out on YouTube!

This is the result of when I'm bored.

08/11/2019 09:32 PM 

Judgemental a**holes
Current mood:  annoyed

Lol I get called a "dumbass" for liking Nikki Minaj and her music, it really shows how irrational some human beings are.

Liking someone who does music you like = dumbass, apparently.

Why can't people actually accept other people for their tastes in music and stop attacking others for liking certain people or celebrities. They wouldn't like it if I insulted them over liking certain celebrities.

If you do what that person does, you're an a**hole. Leave people to like whatever celebrity or music they want.

08/09/2019 04:38 PM 

Josh's Garlic Challenge!

Hey all! Make sure to check out my garlic challenge here! It was a bit messy and my eyebrows where terrible but it's funny!!! love you all!!

08/08/2019 08:19 PM 

Bleaching my hair again!!!!!
Current mood:  ecstatic

Oh my goshshhhh i had SOOO much fun doing this, though I was dissapointed by my eyebrows (since they bleached a bit too much more than my hair bleached but it's practice, next time I'll use a bit less time!!) But it was fun and you can see the result in my latest youtube video down below!!!!

07/27/2019 06:24 PM 

Current mood:  angry

I've done nothing since my social anxiety keeps killing me inside... I wish I never have social anxiety but that's me. I get awkward everywhere recently and just want to be on my own...

Saying that, I am being stalked by someone who likes me so maybe this is a good thing that I get anxious and weary of these things. Oh and I keep telling him I don't like him, he just wont stop stalking me-- it got to the point where I had to delete my alternate YouTube channel and I had to disable comments on my YouTube channel and block the guy on several social medias (thankfully he doesn't have a friendproject account or know what mySpace is!!).

... why I do I meet people like this, oh wait-- I met the guy on Minecraft. That was a bad idea to actually tell him my channel name.

Oh here's a chatlog (he found my vlog channel-- how unfortunate):: 

02:06:06 <HTRN>                   i hope he sees this
02:06:12 <HTRN>                   probably no
02:06:28 <HTRN>                   i wish i could be with him irl
02:06:34 <HTRN>                   but its imposbile
02:06:41 <HTRN>                   and if i want
02:06:52 <HTRN>                   i must flirt with him
02:07:09 <HTRN>                   and hope i gain his heart
02:07:41 <HTRN>                   this little chat with myself
02:07:47 <HTRN>                   made me feel a little better
02:07:59 <HTRN>                   i never felt something like this before
02:08:14 <HTRN>                   its the first time i feel love
02:09:35 <HTRN>                   i seriously love him
02:09:46 <HTRN>                   but i dont know what to say to him
02:09:54 <HTRN>                   i may tell him later
02:10:03 <HTRN>                   but im scared
02:10:08 <HTRN>                   he can say anything
02:10:26 <HTRN>                   he doesnt want a "trought internet" relationship
02:11:36 <HTRN>                   im annoying
02:11:43 <HTRN>                   and weird
02:11:51 <HTRN>                   but i try to not be annoyinh
02:12:00 <HTRN>                   but i accept im weird
02:12:09 <HTRN>                   what i could tell him
02:12:17 <HTRN>                   tell him when hes in the server
02:12:28 <HTRN>                   that im in love with him
02:15:12 <HTRN>                   im scared
02:15:15 <HTRN>                   im afraid
02:15:24 <HTRN>                   but im strong enought
02:15:29 <HTRN>                   if i can tell him
02:15:35 <HTRN>                   im gay
02:15:42 <HTRN>                   i can tell him this
02:16:25 <HTRN>                   joshua
02:16:30 <HTRN>                   if you see this
02:16:41 <HTRN>                   i want you to know i love you
02:17:11 <HTRN>                   i want to be in a relationship with you
02:17:35 <HTRN>                   i want to talk with you
02:17:54 <HTRN>                   also some * things that im not going to say
02:18:08 <HTRN>                   unless hes okay with it
02:19:10 <HTRN>                   im going to say them
02:19:15 <HTRN>                   im alone
02:19:23 <HTRN>                   he wont know
02:19:28 <HTRN>                   probably
02:20:21 <HTRN>                   i made some * art
02:20:33 <HTRN>                   with me and him in it
02:21:29 <HTRN>                   this is getting weird
02:21:37 <HTRN>                   but we all have this * side
02:21:44 <HTRN>                   exept asexual people
02:22:01 <HTRN>                   i think im gonna stop talking
02:22:09 <HTRN>                   and leave my confession
02:22:11 <HTRN>                   in a chest
02:22:30 <HTRN>                   this made me feel more confident and better
02:22:36 <HTRN>                   and a little bit more weird
02:22:51 <HTRN>                   he wont never join now
02:22:54 <HTRN>                   this server
02:22:59 <HTRN>                   if he joins
02:23:06 <HTRN>                   and checks
02:23:12 <HTRN>                   and sees the book
02:23:23 <HTRN>                   that means he cares
02:23:30 <HTRN>                   he knows i play here
02:23:41 <HTRN>                   i love you
02:23:50 <HTRN>                   im going to stop talking
02:33:11 <HTRN>                   0w0 give me ur big *
02:33:21 <HTRN>                   *
02:33:31 <HTRN>                   daddy 
02:40:59 <HTRN>                   im having a lot of * thought
02:41:00 <HTRN>                   s
02:41:21 <HTRN>                   i really want a relationship with him

(i asterisked out all the possibly suggestive words out).

I'm really sorry for swearing but... what the f***. I closed my private server a day after that happened. I felt really disgusted when I read them-- since he told me directly (on my old channel) that he found my vlog channel and that already creeped me out. Oh the guy asked me to have the server as a cracked server, I reluctantly decided to make it offline. Big mistake. People should buy stuff not pirate it. 

07/15/2019 03:29 PM 

i bleached my hair unevenly ;( (and other stuff)
Current mood:  accomplished

I don't like the look LOL. My face doesn't look good with the failed hair bleach (which i'm planning to "re-bleach" in around 2 weeks to get a more whitish-blonde effect (or just white hair, then dye it another colour-- possibly purple, pink or neon light-blue). It dried out my hair a lot and it feels horrible at the moment...

... with these factors, it has drained my confidence-- sadly. Hopefully I can just continue trying new things until they look good on me. I also want to ask for some video ideas since I have no motivation right now or any ideas and I still wish to continue YouTube.

Thanks for reading this! Have a great day!

06/26/2019 01:57 PM 

~-: Oil Cleansing & Others .... Acne Update 1:-~
Current mood:  calm

Trying oil cleansing and sugar skin scrubs (i don't suggest using vit E oil though). Vit E causes irritation for me, the sugar scrub did make my skin feel a lot better (what I didn't add in the video is that I will do it once a week).

The oil cleansing oils I used where castor oil and jojoba oil-- it made my skin feel smooth. I may do a skincare routine video for SUMMER 2019. I believe oil cleansing clears acne scars -- but I am unsure.

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