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07/18/2019 10:45 PM 

Politics And Corruption Deep State Agenda
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Extra!Extra! The Sunny Park Recall Petition Has Officially Been Approved! Buena Park Residents Look To Finally Drain The Swamp!

By: Constantine Adams

                It has finally begun! The residents of Buena Park are rising up, and are saying that enough is enough! The Sunny Park Recall Petition has officially been approved despite some run around, and the dragging of feet from bureaucrats, and legislatures, from within the broken system. Yes, there are actually people within The City Of Buena Park that are still trying to in fact shield Sunny Park, and her wrong doings; despite the ever mounting evidence that is being stacked against her. Not to also mention that she was caught red handed on camera, and the footage has made its way through several major mainstream liberal media outlets, and so-called “news,” aggregates. This is a rather hilarious, and shocking, turn of events; given the mainstream liberal media’s previous stance on doing whatever it takes to provide cover ups to defend democrat politicians. After all, communists love to stick together. And the legislatures, and lawmakers down at Buena Park City Hall are proving this by resorting to their typical number one go to liberal tactic…obstructing any process, or movement, that doesn’t suit their personal goals, thus putting their own needs ahead of the American Tax Payer.

                Proponents have already begun walking the blazing hot summer California streets to collect signatures, and are fired up in their quest to finally drain the swamp here in Orange County. These brave, and ever so valiant proponents are fighting for the American tax payer who wishes to see the corruption within their government brought to justice, and to have their Constitutional Rights upheld. They will further announce when, and where, they plan on visiting, and marching through local neighborhoods near you. So, if you wish to “stick it to the man,” fight back against a socialist local government, and wish to hold them accountable for their disgusting actions, and mafia-like tactics, then be on the lookout for the local Patriots, who are fighting on your behalf. It is time that the legislatures of not only Buena Park, or Orange County, but all of California, to remember whom it is that they in fact work for! We are a democracy based republic by the people, for the people! Sunny Park and other liberal legislatures need to serve the American public, and not themselves. The people have had it, and now they are uniting, and are taking a stand!

                As of July 11, 2019; The Buena Park City Clerk Adria M. Jimenez officially signed off, and recognized, Marvin Aceves’ petition paperwork. The following letter from Jimenez states, “This is to inform you that the corrected petition format submitted to recall Sunny Youngsun Park as Council Member District 1 of the City of Buena Park meets the requirements of the Election Code as to form and wording. Pursuant to Elections Code Section 11220, the petition shall be filed with the City Clerk’s Office not later than ninety (90) days from July 12, 2019. Therefore, the petition shall be field no later than the close of normal office hours on October 9, 2019. Pursuant to Elections Code Section 11221, the petition shall be signed by not less than 25% of the registered voters in district 1. Therefore, the number of signatures needed is 1,877.”

                Well, it appears as if the beacons of government ills, and wrong-doings, here in Buena Park are finally being torn down, and burned to the ground. Too bad The City of Buena Park no longer has the beloved “Movie Land Wax Museum,” because in true Hollywood, California form it would seem as if “Olympus Has Fallen,” and Operation “Valkyrie,” is in effect. The citizens of Buena Park are fighting to tear down a diseased system, and they refuse to be silenced!  

07/18/2019 10:36 PM 

Politics And Corruption Deep State Agenda
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Does The Sunny Park Fiasco Go Deeper Then Campaign Sign Stealing?

By: Constantine Adams

                The City Council Meetings that have taken place throughout the year have been very telling as they have revealed the underlining chaos that is brewing within The City Of Buena Park’s underbelly. Within ‘The Center Of The Southland,’ a tale of political corruption, malice, and enraged local residents throughout the region, pave way to a boiling point. One can suppose that they don’t call it ‘The Wild West,’ for nothing. Still, as the days, weeks, and months, press onward; it is beginning to appear that maybe there is a deeper type of mischief that is taking place, that goes way beyond just public embarrassments, and political campaign sign stealing. More, and more, Orange County citizens are stepping forth, and also some whistle blowers, to reveal what is really going on behind the scenes of legislation, and policy making.

                The Buena Park News managed to track down the man that has sort of become the face of the citizen’s movement for action, and justice, against disgraced Buena Park City Councilwoman, Sunny Park; after he made a bold display of valiance at a past  Buena Park City Council Meeting. This man’s name is Marvin Aceves, who is the President of The School Oversight Committee, The President of The Crime Watch Website, and is also an avid political activist.

                “The Buena Park resident’s, and the California citizen’s, trust can only go so far!” Exclaims Aceves. “Councilwoman Sunny Park needs to humble herself before her constituents, and admit, and learn from her mistakes. She needs to understand that the public’s trust is something that people in her position have to earn. She doesn’t do her part to be honest with her fellow citizens. She only plays for one team, and one team only, and that team is herself!”

                Now many residents besides Aceves are in an uproar over the recent revelations of Sunny Park’s corruption, and the deeper the rabbit hole goes, the more of her misdeeds are being pulled out into the spotlight. It is a west coast aftershock that is looking to not only collapse the earth from under her, but her fellow democrat counterparts who are trying to aid her by shadowing her wrong doings. Now there is talk of them also being involved in a wide array of evils alongside Sunny Park. As embarrassing as it may be for The City Of Buena Park, when it comes to trying to find a prime example of a Deep State Agenda…look no further than the Town that prides itself by calling themselves, “The Center Of The Southland.”

                The local Buena Park populace is so disgusted, and fed up, with both Councilwoman Sunny Park, and her corrupted democrat cronies, that they have been releasing a video string of evidence over the internet in a Julian Assange WikiLeaks-esc mass data drop online for the public to view. And after viewing all of the actual footage, and legal documents provided, one must clearly have to admit that the material is quite damning! Needless to say that it reflects on Sunny Park, and the entire democrat party, in a horrendous manner. The precision of this data drop is enough to make both Edward Snowden, and Q-Anonymous proud. One thing is for sure, these shocking revelations are sure to hurt the democrat votership in the 2020 elections, and beyond. The outcome of future California elections will only scratch the service after the cancer that is Sunny Park takes hold.

                In one of the newest video drops titled “Video 9 The Questionable Expenses,” it is explained, and revealed, by the production’s narrator that Councilwoman Sunny Park has over $87,000 worth of rather bizarre, and unethical, so-called “campaign expenses.” The most shocking of this is that all of these expenses are purposely undocumented. The internet video walks through a plethora of documentation the exhibits weird behavior on Park’s part of her illegally utilizing campaign funds for trips with her husband to party in Las Vegas, Nevada. There is clear black, and white, legal documentation showcasing her trips there, and back, several times while charging the expense through the Lyft ride sharing (Taxi Service) application. Sunny Park even had a code name for these types of illegal, and shady endeavors. She listed, and called, them “TRS,” expenses.

                The narrator of the video also highlights, and explains a troublesome $81,462.11 monetary tally that was  reported to have been used by Sunny Park for her “office expenses.” The issue here is that the office space was never rented, or utilized! “ Sunny Park had an address listed on her official campaign website,” explains Aceves. “It clearly states that the Councilwoman had rented several suites in buildings off of Orangethorpe Avenue. Yet, after some investigating, some visits, and some interviews, it turns out that no one from those properties knows her! All along Sunny Park claimed that these were her suites, and that they were CPA taxed suites, yet nobody involved with renting her the properties saw her there! Sunny Park later reported that she supposedly spend $32,000 on one of these offices from July to September 22nd in 2018, this was all before the election was officially over. Still, there were no offices for her! Where did this money go?!”

Instead Sunny Park spent the money dining out at rather expensive, and upscale, restaurants; all the while many California residents are living paycheck to paycheck, are being taxed, and priced out of their homes, and are becoming homeless. Orange County has had a major homeless problem for decades, if one isn’t convinced, they can just take a trip down to First Southern Baptist Christian Church in Buena Park. There they will find a Local Hometown Hero by the name of Pastor Wiley Drake. He has been fighting, and documenting, Orange County’s homeless epidemic for generations. Sunny Park, and her political cabinet, all wrongly listed the extravagant dinners as “travel expenses, spousal travel, fundraising expenses, and other inappropriate random purposes!” The video goes on to say that, “money was spent at fancy expensive restaurants, and over $2,000 dollars alone was spent at a high end Chinese restaurant.”

As the fiasco presses forward, there is also talks now that Sunny Park commenced in some questionable activity concerning a Chase Bank Credit Card that she was only supposed to use for campaign purposes. “This Chase Credit Card, is it personal, or is it a Democratic National Committee, card?” Questions Aceves. There are other sources that claim that Sunny Park may have also utilized the Chase Credit Card to do some deeds of tax evasion as well.

The internet video goes on to show evidence that Sunny Park , and her campaign manager, took out $1,200 each for undisclosed reasons that were never officially, or properly reported. “Sunny Park hid expenses in irrelevant categories to avoid scrutiny, Sunny Park approved these documents for submission, Sunny Park also lied to cover up for the cash that was missing from her campaign funds.” Buena Park residents are so fed up with all of the democratic political corruption within their city, that they have started up movement to impeach Sunny Park, and want others to get involved in rehealing the integrity of our state. For those of you who wish to lend your voice to the fight, tap into [email protected], Recallsunnypark.com, or just call 1(714)656-0199. If you are a Constitutionalist, and a freedom loving American, step up, and fight back against the crooked bureaucracy, and protect your Constitutional Rights of Freedom Of Speech, Expression, Protest, Affiliation, Association, and your Rights To Vote the way that you want, and the right to know how your tax dollars, and other campaign funds are being spent, before it is too late.

07/12/2019 12:47 PM 

Politics And Corruption Deep State Agenda
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BP Council Woman Sunny Park Blindsided By OC Residents Demanding Her Resignation And An Election Recall

By: Constantine Adams

                Sparks started flying at this week’s Buena Park City Council meeting down at city hall. At the meeting Buena Park Council Woman Sunny Park was blindsided by several Orange County residents who called her out for corruption, demanded that she resign, and then proceeded in serving her recall papers, and demanded a ballot recount. The local residents then handed her a petition of citizens that are telling her to step down, and are questioning the legitimacy of her election victory. Park, along with some of her other liberal constitutes are under suspicion of voter, and or election fraud.

                Park first came under fire when she put a gigantic target on her back when she was caught red handed, and on videotape driving around town stealing campaign advertisements, and signs, of her Republican rival Buena Park Mayor, Virginia Vaughn. Park was spotted by local residents, who called the police. Law enforcement officials then tracked both Park, and her wheelman, down and arrested them together on October 9th, of last year as reported by KTLA 5 News. Suzanne Marques of K-Cal 9 News also broke the story and displayed further footage of Sunny Park nervously trying to ward off a man with a camera who got b-role content of a pile of Mayor Virginia Vaughn supporter signs in the back seat of her car.

                www.usa.gov defines election fraud as, “criminal activity that impacts the integrity of an election. Election fraud can include bribery, tampering with ballots, or other illegal ways to interfere with the result of an election.” Therefore, it can be said that Sunny Park tried to alter the results of the election by purposely stealing advertisements, and campaign signs, of Mayor Virginia Vaughn that were meant to bring her movement publicity, and attract voters to vote for her. Less visibility, and advertisements, therefore less publicity, and less voter turnout on her behalf. One cannot win elections if they are not visible, or made, or manipulated  purposely to look that way.

                Just imagine if the tables were turned in a crazy twist of fate, and it was a Conservative, or Republican, type of candidate that committed the same, or similar actions as Park? Think of the uproar that would be committed by liberal constitutuents, the mainstream liberal media, or the chaos in the streets with alt-leftist domestic terrorist organizations like “Antifa,” rioting; or the socialist type of propaganda that would be spewed by hate groups like the ACLU, or the Southern Poverty Law Center? I am sure that if a Conservative had stolen campaign signs from someone on the alt-left socialist’s side to try to purposely hinder, and alter their campaign’s chances at obtaining victory, they would want to seek out justice. They would whine, and gripe, to their higher ups to form some type of a “special council,” to conduct a “thorough investigation,” into all involved in the matter, or would have one of their higher ups unconstitutionally “use the power of their pen,” to enact some type of executive orders to purposely target all on the other side?

                Either way, the residents of Orange County made it very loud, and clear, that they are tired of all of the deceit, corruption, injustice, and obstruction, that has been forced upon them by democrats within their local government, and vast regions. This week’s Buena Park City Council Meeting was the tip of the boiling point, as two speakers addressed the high council, with one stating the communities demands that Sunny Park be brought to proper justice, while the other man stormed up on stage to hand off recall papers, and a petition signed by many Orange County Residents demanding that she be impeached from her current position of Buena Park Council Woman who is in representation of District 1. Park was completely caught off guard by the move to action, and had a shocked, and embarrassed look on her face. “You were caught stealing signs, you could spend 6 months in jail. You even have a case number 18NM18216,” exclaims Marvin Aceves, who is a resident of Buena Park. Aceves is the head of the School Oversight Committee, and is also the President of a Crime Watch Site. He also was once the President of the PTA for another city before moving to Buena Park with his family.

                “You need to vacate the position, your presence there diminishes the integrity of the position,” Aceves sternly stated before the crowd. “This is a perfect example of how one bad apple can spoil a whole bunch. People from all over Buena Park…from Orangethorpe to Rosecrans, from La Mirada to the Country Club, the people of Buena Park are tired of you, and the drama that you have brought them. Many of the Buena Park Residents have angrily asked ‘ how can a woman who has committed such a crime still serve as a City Council Woman? How could she even have gotten elected?’ You are an embarrassment, and we implore you to have some sort of integrity, and step down from your position.”

                Aceves then added, “yes you won the election, but at what cost?” Aceves, as well as many local Orange County residents are alluding to what seemed to be rather bizarre, and shocking outcomes during California’s last historical election cycle in 2018. Citizens from various types of regions of the Golden State are now researching, and are questioning the validity, and integrity of some of the political races, and their overall outcomes. It has been well known for decades that Orange County, along with both San Diego, and Sacramento or Colusa County, jurisdictions of California are the most densely Conservative populated areas within the state. Local Pentecostal Christian Pastor Sungjee Cho of Holy Fire Ministries here in Buena Park once said during one of his famous Holy Sermons that, “Orange County has the highest number of both Protestant Churches, and Catholic Cathedrals, in one concentrated area within all of America.” This fact was further solidified with Richard Flory’s investigative articles for https://crcc.usc.edu.  And yet, decades of social, political, and Spiritual, traditions that made up the core of the region’s statues all of a sudden coincidentally managed to shift overnight in less than an hour? In an article for https://wnd.com titled, “Orange County Vote Count Suggests Fraud,” it is shown that all of Orange County in all Congressional Districts (jurisdictions of 39,45,46,47,48, and 49) all voted for, and endorsed Republican contender John Cox for California’s Governor over Gavin Newsom. Yet, the voting patterns all suggest in the most asinine way that these same staunchly Conservative, and Traditionalist, voters all flipped at the drop of a hat to vote for a highly liberal local government within their local enclaves.

                “The traditionally Conservative Southern California Enclave of Orange County has turned entirely democratic in The House elections after finding tens of thousands of votes since Election Day,” states the article from WND.com. “While the county went for Republican John Cox over democrat Gavin Newsom in the governor’s race, all six House districts were won by the democratic candidates,” adds Jim Hoft of The Gateway. A commenter of the article didn’t hesitate to point out the fact that, “I find it hard to believe that voters would split the ticket voting Republican for an unknown guy governor, and a democrat for a super liberal congress person, it just seems like a big red flag.” Only as far back as 2016, Orange County was still Conservative Red, and voted for President Trump along with Republican local legislators, yet as of last year it completely shifted to complete liberal blue?

                Most if not all of the Conservative candidates were winning by big margins during the election cycle here in Orange County, then instantaneously the scenario flipped. “Some of those Republicans won by eight points,” said Rush Limbaugh about Orange County’s elections. “Then counting the undervotes, and counting the overvotes, and counting the late votes. I mean we didn’t see what was going on out there because everybody was focused on Florida, the recounts in Florida. But they played games out in Orange County. To show you how odd it is, in Orange County the vote for the Republican candidate for governor of California was 200,000 votes higher than the democrat candidate got. Yet, every Republican member of Congress loses? Some people think this is highly suspicious and are looking into it. Dubious Department of Motor Vehicle/Motor Voter registration, and ballots were sent out, people that went motor voter to register were also sent a bunch of ballots, and many of them were returned.”

                All of California has had a continuing problem of voter fraud for decades, from DMV and voting station officials purposely turning the other cheek and allowing illegal aliens to unconstitutionally vote when in fact they do not possess the right to, people voting more than once, “zombie voters” where partisan powers vote for particular candidates with stolen information of residents who have been dead for decades, or who can forget NBC, ABC, and CBS’s on location footage of people in California still going into voting stations to vote all late hours of the night in predominately liberal neighborhoods, when the brochures that were sent door to door clearly stated that all voting centers were to close strictly at 8pm sharpe, and that staff at the voting stations were supposed to close the doors, and completely cut off the line? “Ballot Harvesting is the magic word,” states Aceves. “It was the key to win for Sunny Park in Buena Park. On the very last day with only less than an hour to go, Park won the election by just 16 votes. She picked up blank absentee votes, and had people write them in! Whistle blowers within her own camp have come to me, and have given me this information.”(Ballot Harvesting) is the practice of voting on someone else’s behalf without their consent, or knowledge. www.judicialwatch.org reported that the Judicial Watch legal team filed a lawsuit, and uncovered that the state of California had in fact (not) been removing inactive voters from their voter registration rolls for the past 20 years. The website notes that, “The Supreme Court affirmed last year in Husted v. A. Philip Randolph Inst., 138 S. Ct. 1833 (2018) that the NVRA makes this removal mandatory.”

                Fellow District 1 Council Member candidate Val Sadowinski (who is supposedly listed as an independent), showed his face at the city council meeting, and took to the podium after Aceves. He came to the aid of Sunny Park even after what she was caught doing, and stated the following, “the election is over, it is all over. It is done. Just let the voting results stay as they stand.” Sadowinski then took a personal jab at Mayor Virginia Vaughn by saying, “I may be a loser, but at least I ain’t a sore loser.” Right after he said this, a group of women from the back of the auditorium screamed out loud, and said “I’m so tired of this!” They then booed Sadowinski. One of the women then shouted again, and said this time, “how does it feel to be on the flip side now Val?!”

                Secondly, Buena Park Councilman (democrat) Conner Traut took to the podium in defense of Park, and predictably did what every liberal always routinely, and rather tirestly does…he plays the racist card, and the discrimination card. He boldly blames the election recall on Mayor Virginia Vaughn, and says that both her, and her supporters are “racist against South Koreans, and are acting as puppets to special interest groups,” and that Mayor Virginia Vaughn “is a puppet vote for the wealthy.” This is a rather asinine statement to make, and is rather hasty do the fact that Assemblywoman Young Kim, and her political cabinet fully supported, and endorsed Mayor Virginia Vaughn throughout her duration of serving the Buena Park community. Assemblywoman Young Kim is of a South Korean background by the way. A youtube video proves this titled “Vote Virginia Vaughn For Buena Park,” posted by Pasquale Talarico. It must also be noted that Mayor Virginia Vaughn had many South Korean Religious Leaders Pray, and speak at her Prayer Breakfast event recently, like the Honorable Reverend Jacob Woo Lee who supported, and endorsed her. Her event was also sponsored by many South Korean business owners like The Law Offices of Yohan Lee.

                Lastly, Sunny Park decided to take to the podium to say her piece, and had the audacity to try to quote The Holy Bible after all that she has done, and was videotaped doing. “God Bless The City Of Buena Park, I serve God, and He is my witness,” she opens with her statement. The citizens are wondering what “god” Park speaks of? If it is The God Of The Holy Bible (Jehovah)…she must have missed the Holy Scriptures “Thou shall not steal!”(Exodus 20:15), or “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”(Exodus 20:16), or even “Those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, and their religion is worthless.”(James 1:26) Heck, there is even one for both  Sadowinski, and Traut. “Do not spread false reports. Do not help a guilty person by being a malicious witness.” (Exodus 23:1) Park would then continue to nervously stutter through her speech, and try once again in true typical ‘progressive’ form to play the race, and discrimination card. Park accused both Mayor Vaughn, and her supporters of being racist against South Korean people, and of being self-serving. She would go on to say that Mayor Vaughn, and her supporters are catering to the rich, and are apparently harassing her, and her family. “They only care about themselves,” she exclaimed to the crowd.

                The local media tracked down former Buena Park Mayor, Virginia Vaughn with a request for comment in regards to the events that took place at this past week’s City Council Meeting. She took the time to issue the following statement, “look, in regards to the Sunny Park Recall situation, I was not part of the recall efforts, and I did not start the recall efforts. From what I have heard, it was the local residents of Buena Park, the people themselves that did the recall filings. One other thing that I will say is that I was in fact contacted in around April by the RSP Committee, and they wound up asking me if I would consider being the candidate again if Sunny Park winds up being officially recalled. I took some time to think about it, and responded that yes, I probably would give it another try.”

                It looks like the citizens of Buena Park will just have to wait, and see what the outcome will be in means of Sunny Park’s fiasco as she, and her corrupted actions remain the be the center of attention within the California enclave that is better known as “The Center Of The Southland.”


07/12/2019 01:16 PM 

President Trump Fights Sex Trafficking
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St. Irenaeus Church And Vanguard University Team Up To Fight Child Sex Trafficking

By: Constantine Adams

                Saint Irenaeus Catholic Church in The City Of Cypress teamed up with Vanguard Christian University to partake in a very important presentation to show the effects of child human sex trafficking on our modern day society, and how each citizen can step up in our own personal way to prevent this tragedy from further deteriorating the very fabric of our great nation. Vanguard Christian University sent their task force called, “Live 2 Free” to provide an informative seminar to help engage Orange County in fighting against the horrors, and heinous crimes of child sex trafficking, and slave labor trafficking as well.

                Both child human sex trafficking, and slave labor trafficking is a worldwide epidemic that effects all races, creeds, and cultures. It unfortunately also affects both women, and men, young, and old. It is a crime spree that affects its many victims, and reflects many diverse faces. No one is immune to this dark occurrence that has gained more attention in the media as of late. Child sex trafficking, and slave labor trafficking, is a $150 billion dollar industry that ranks in these types of financial figures every year.

                These types of crimes against humanity mostly take place in “third world countries,” where there are less government regulations, laws, and security. There are also less chances for educational, or sociological advancements. Sometimes, the victim’s very own government are in on the injustice, and enforce a system of slavery, rape culture, and oppression, like in Muslim, or Communist countries like Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, North Korea, China,  Cuba, or Russia. The regions of the world that share mostly in this type of societal problem are The Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Slavic countries that used to be part of Communist Russia,(or the U.S.S.R.), and Communist Asian countries.

                From forcing small children to help grow, and cultivate drugs in the cartel controlled fields of South, and Central America, to forcing children to be child soldiers in the plains of Africa, to forcing children to become Muslim terrorists in the Middle East, or forcing young children to walk their local “red light district in Russia,” the vicious cycle is despicable. The statistics presented to us by the “Live 2 Free,” Task Force are just as appalling. When it comes to sex trafficking, 94% of the victims are female. 41% are children, and 75% are American Citizens. The other 88% are minorities.

                “It is not only in foreign countries overseas,” states Janet Bica, who is one of the lead executives of Saint Irenaeus Catholic Church’s new Anti-Sex Trafficking Task Force for the Cypress Region. “It is here in America too. Our local law enforcement here in the Orange County District has developed a cutting edge Anti-Sex Trafficking Task Force of its own, to combat these types of crimes in our cities; especially around what we call, “The Blade.” This particular area titled by law enforcement, and anti-sex trafficking freedom fighters called “The Blade,” is based around very notable sex worker, and labor exploitation zones around Orange County like Beach Boulevard, Down Town Santa Ana, Fullerton, Eastside Buena Park, and the Anaheim Hotels around Disneyland.

                “Many of these criminals, and pimps that are exploiting women, and small children are getting much more precise, and sophisticated,” explains Bica. “They are covering their tracks, and are being much more secretive about their activities by going online. Recently the Department Of Homeland Security has managed to shut down websites like Backpage, Redbook, and some other features on Craigslist. Still, for every one major dark web internet site that we shut down, another five more immediately replace it. This is why we can’t stop fighting.” When asked about what more can the government, and law enforcement do to stop this catastrophe from continuing to spread within our nation, Bica had the following to say, “the government needs to continue to push new stricter laws to help stop this.”

                Two weeks ago, our current President Donald J. Trump heeded the call, and valiantly signed the ‘Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act,’ therefore ratifying it, and making it an official part of our nation’s legislation. In an interview with TownHall.com, President Trump further commented on the new law, and the overall effect that it will have on combating both human sex trafficking, and illegal labor trafficking occurrences. "Human trafficking is a modern form of the oldest and most barbaric type of exploitation. It has no place in our world. You've endured what no person on Earth should ever have to endure, and we are going to do everything in our power to make sure that traffickers are brought to a swift and firm justice.  And I've heard statistics where trafficking in the world is more now than it ever has been ever in the history of the world."

                Many American citizens may wonder, along with President Trump of how these types of crimes can still exist in a First World Society like that of the United States even with former President’s implementing questionable unconstitutional laws, and what many call invasion of privacy beacons like George W. Bush’s ‘Patriot Act,’ or Barak Hussain Obama, and Dianne Feinstein’s, ‘Operation PRISM, and Operation CISA.’  With these major acts of government overreach of its own American citizens, and each one of us being under constant 24 hour surveillance at all times, how is it that these pimps, and predators, can still get away with such crimes while still flying under the radar? President Trump also is skeptical, and asks that same types of questions, and went on to add the following, "And you wouldn't believe that with, you know, modern-day everything.  But they use modern-day better than law enforcement can use modern-day, whether it's the Internet or anything else.  And you wouldn't believe that.  But trafficking, it's probably worse today than at any time in history."

                Still, there is some good news pertaining to President Trump’s new Law that will add some proper control to the previous chaos of past Presidential Administrations. GovTrack.us, explains that the bill "allows the government to prosecute websites which knowingly help or promote sex trafficking, and also allow users to sue those websites." United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues to explain it all with the following, "For far too long, Backpage.com existed as the dominant marketplace for illicit commercial sex, a place where sex traffickers frequently advertised children and adults alike, but this illegality stops right now. The Department of Justice seized Backpage, and it can no longer be used by criminals to promote and facilitate human trafficking. I want to thank everyone who made this important seizure possible: all of our dedicated and committed professionals in the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section and our U.S. Attorney’s Office in the District of Arizona, the FBI, our partners with the IRS Criminal Investigation, our Postal Inspectors, and the Texas and California Attorney Generals’ offices. With their help, we have put an end to the violence, abuse, and heartache that has been perpetrated using this site, and we have taken a major step toward keeping women and children across America safe.”

                United States Congressman Ed Royce and The U.S. House Of Representatives also have passed a total of 11 Bills on to the Senate to await official ratification. Some of which are ‘The Adam Walsh Reauthorization Act,’ or (H.R. 1188) where the legislation strengthens sex offender requirements and enforcements, expands federal registry access to Native American Tribes, and authorizes funding for programs intended to address and deter child exploitation. ‘The Improving support For Missing And Exploited Children Act, ‘or (H.R.1808) where legislators update and streamline The Missing Children’s Assistance Act in order to help the National Center For Missing And Exploited Children strengthen its programs and better serve vulnerable children and their families. And ‘The Protecting Young Victims From Sexual Abuse Act,’ or (H.R. 1973) This Bill requires prompt reporting of suspected abuse, as well as mandatory training and implementation of policies and procedures for sexual abuse allegations at amateur athletic governing bodies. This particular Bill is implemented to hold school and sports leagues accountable for covering up, or hiding child molestation occurrences like that of Michigan State University and Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar, or Penn State University’s Jerry Sandusky, and Joe Paterno’s football camp fiasco.

                Jasmine French, who is the Live 2 Free Task Force’s Senior President, states strongly that everyday citizens can, and should boycott goods, stores, and products that harm, exploit, or wrongly use children. Whether if it is a situation where young workers are being used in sweatshops to make discounted goods or clothes, or if it is just a corporation that exploits children sexually, citizens need to be doing research into where their household products are coming from, and how they are manufactured. Also paying attention to who exactly are certain companies are affiliated with, sponsored by, or what kind of organizations that these entities donate to also comes into play. “We have reports of 40.5 million sex slaves, and labor slaves all over the world,” says French. “It has always been a problem, and we need to go after the perpetrators who use forced fraud techniques, and cohersion to target young victims. People also really need to pay attention as to where their food, jewelry, and clothing are coming from. We learn a lot, and have seen a lot in the field. This is not just a problem in third world countries anymore. It is right here in America. Our port states, and water front states are the worst(New York, California, Florida). This is where foreign sex slaves, and products that were illegally created from child slave workers come pouring in. From the water front states, these child sex slaves, or exploitation manufactured products make their way from state to state. Every state has this problem now. No region is immune.”

                French blames technology, but most notably social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with the uptick in the exploitation of young children for either sex slavery, or forced slave labor. “These platforms kill the children’s social skills, and isolates them. They wind up talking to weird strangers that they don’t even know, and then they get coerced into actually making physical contact with these predators.” These platform’s security protocols are also considered by many to be inadequate. French also blames the inadequacy of the orphan, and foster care systems here in America as well. “More needs to be done to protect our youth in the orphan, and foster care system. 75% of social services, or children that age out of the foster, and orphan systems, are the most targeted by predators. Pimps have been most noticeably seen to patrol orphanages for young women that age out of the system, those women wind up getting kidnapped, and forced into prostitution, or forced manual labor.”

                Both Bica, and French want the public to use the following resources to help combat child sex slavery, and child worker exploitation, in their area. To combat child slave labor violations, Bica and French say to check out the website www.slavoryfootprint.org. This website shows you which products in stores were made with child slave labor, and which stores promote the products. The customer can then boycott the store, or their items. The cell phone app called “Sweat And Toil,” also shares these same features. They also tell citizens to only buy products that have the “Fair Trade,” stamp on them to symbolize that they do not use child slaves to create, or to cultivate the particular product. If a citizen suspects a situation where human sex trafficking is involved, they are advised to contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline at (888)373-7888 or the Live 2 Free Task Force at www.live2free.org.







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The Walter Dominguez Story: Fighting Communism/NWO In Mexico
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Journey To Revelation

By: Constantine Adams


                A man stands gazing before a vast ocean as it crashes along a rocky beach. The sun is now setting in the West as it is now casting its last rays of light over Southern California. The man stays staring at the roaring blue Pacific. Its might and influence is far reaching, a lot like life. Yet, it is deep and in many cases, it is everlasting. The sea’s depths hold many epic tales, many adventures, and many secrets. This is where the calamity lies. It is the secrets, the fear of the unknown, that is the most intimidating. To unlock these secrets, it often takes a hero that is willing to step up and go against the grain in order to uncover the truth, no matter how treacherous or self-destructive the path may be. In this particular storyline, our hero is that of a man by the name of Walter Dominguez. His quest that he has willingly chosen, is to track down the crossroads of his grandfather Emilio N. Hernandez, and to possibly unlock the legacy of his entire family’s history.

                Walter Dominguez was very close to his grandfather Emilio Hernandez, who he warmly called “Tata.” In many cases, Tata taught Walter a lot about Jesus Christ, Faith, love, life, and how to be a man. Walter grew up and was widely raised by Tata in the rural region of Santa Paula, California. Grandpa Tata was a very important and influential person in not only Walter’s life, but in the lives of many across Mexico, as well as in the United States. Still, just how influential and important was Tata to all of these people across these two neighboring counties? Walter was about to find out.

                Walter decided to capture his journey of truth and revelation on film, and documented everything live as it happened. Each and every new and fascinating discovery was then implemented into his documentary film titled “Weaving The Past: Journey of Discovery.”

                “We initially started production in 2001, but we didn’t finish editing until 2013,”says Dominguez. “We were still making adjustments all the way through 2014. We had to further sift through archival photos, music, and film clippings. Then we had to get the legal rights to use all of the information. This process took a year in itself.” Overall the film “Weaving The Past,” took 13 years  to complete. Another hardship that Walter and his crew had to overcome was the change in technology as the decade pressed onward.

                “Everything had to be converted from the old style of video tape to hi-definition and digital formats. Plus, real life issues got in the way. My father, who was helping me track down people for the film, was already ill. He would later pass away halfway through the production. I broke down whenever I had to view and edit the old footage of him. Still, I knew I had to do this, and I thought about all of the people who would be inspired by my film. I couldn’t just stop and quit.”

 Walter felt compelled to complete this mission after he lost his Grandpa Tata in the year of 1973 on Memorial Day weekend. At the young and tender age of 25, Walter could not bear to view his beloved grandfather in such a frail condition and could not bring himself to visit Tata in his last days. Walter also could not muster up the strength to comfort his own father during such a trying time. Now empowered by a seething need to redeem himself and to find closure, Walter promises his parents Maria and Roberto Dominguez, that he would uncover all of the facts about his grandfather’s life, and will track down all of Tata’s long lost relatives in the streets of Mexico.

“I wasn’t there for Tata when he passed. It hurts me that he was calling and calling for my name, and I was not there to answer. I was also not there for my mother and father when they were going through this. Tata was the one who saved me. My parents were going through some really stressful marital problems, and Tata was the one who took me in. He was the one who raised me. This film really helped me to redeem myself. I had to make an effort for not being there for him. Overall, this film gave my soul a sense of completion,” explains Dominguez.

                Emilio N. Hernandez was born on August 5, in the year of 1888 in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico. It was a mountain range type of region, and was very rural. Hernandez would grow up to be a very inspirational Christian Methodist Pastor that would lead many to the Holy Word of Jesus Christ. Still, what Walter did not know was that his Grandpa Tata was not only a man of strong Faith, but was also a valiant and resourceful political revolutionary during the Mexican Revolution that lasted from 1910 to the year of 1920.

Tata himself was on an epic quest of his own just like Walter was so many generations later. The only difference was that where Walter was trying to further liberate himself in a way, Tata was trying to liberate a whole nation and all of its indigenous people. Tata was a strong believer in both social and economic justice, and was willing to sacrifice his own life and limb to uphold these liberties for all humanity.

                The origins of Tata’s legacy would begin to transpire the age of five when he would be forced to run away from his mountain home in Mexico do to a grotesquely abusive and alcoholic step-father.  Tata unfortunately never got to ever meet his true biological father, and only knew of him to be of Aztec Indian dissent. With all of the chaos that his step-father was causing, Tata now had to leave his fair skinned Hispanic and European mother, and his sister.“I always knew that my Grandfather Tata had a very dark and gloomy past. He would always try to avoid any questions about it. Tata would give the family bits and glimpses of his childhood and life, but would not want to elaborate,” says Dominguez.

                One night, Tata would flee from the only home that he knew, and would wonder through over 30 kilometers of the rugged mountain terrain of Leon Guanajuato, Mexico. He would eventually stumble upon the property prestigiously known in that era as “Los Altos de Ibarra,” where a family named the Guerrero’s would sympathize with the small boy, and would take him in as their own. Tata would eventually work there as a shepherd, and would later be taken under the wing of both Praxedis “Prax”  G. Guerrero, and his sister Clotilde.

                Yet, it would be Praxedis who would have more of a huge influence on the young and vibrant Tata. Praxediswould grow to be tired of the cruel and vicious tyrannical dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz. At the time of Diaz’ reign of terror over all of Mexico, the wealthy elite were exploiting the Native poor in the country. The Haciendas worked as a form of a modern day“Encomienda System,” and  were used to turn the Indio-Mexicans into slaves in their own nation, thus, resulting in the 900 slave owners to rule over the 9 million poor. He and Tata would unite to help lead the Mexican Revolution with the creation of their political newspaper titled “Regeneration.”Praxedis and Tata would inspire many Mexican Natives to take up arms, join the revolution, and utilize both urban and guerilla warfare to try to overthrow Diaz and his authoritarian regime.Soon though, Diaz would get word of this. Diaz would then target all of his political enemies, and would then put both Tata and Praxedis on his personal hit list. He sent troops after the two anarchists and forced Tata and Praxedis to flee to the United States of America to seek refuge and possible political asylum.

                This experience of fleeing their home country of Mexico, and coming to America would then lead to Tata Hernandez and Praxedis Guerrero to start fighting for the plight of the Mexican laborers here in the United States who were being mistreated. Tata would then later come into contact with Wilfred Wallenius and Reverend Vernon McCombs, and the rest is history in means of his spiritual path to finding Jesus Christ.

                Interestingly enough, Walter was able to draw some parallels of the social issues of Tata’s generation in Mexico to his own environment as far as America’s current state is concerned. “We are seeing the exact same kind of oppression here in the United States,” explains Dominguez. “America’s middle class is dying and extreme poverty is on the rise. It is now very hard for our youth to even survive. When we look at Wall Street and how our government has poured billions of dollars into these private corporations it raises concern.”

                Walter is a strong believer in American’s right to vote, and feels that it is only right that fellow citizens do so in order to have a proper stake in the future outcome of our nation’s leadership.  “As frustrating and discouraging as the whole process may be, it is essential to keep power out of the hands of money hungry tyrants who wish to exploit the public and generate revenue only for themselves,” says Dominguez. “We as Americans should never underestimate the power of an individual. Look at what Tata was able to accomplish with his life. The people have the power and right to fight back.”

                It was the accumulation of the United States’ various social, environmental, and economic problems that inspired and further compelled Dominguez to create such a film. Still, the one issue that really “broke the camel’s back,” as it were was the horrific tragedies of September 11, 2001. After watching the World Trade Center Towers burn to the ground and the thousands of people die, Dominguez felt the need to find clarity in a world that seemed to be collapsing around him. Disgusted with the path that humanity was taking he wished to combat it all in a constructive way. This would then lead to the inception of his film “Weaving The Past: Journey of Discovery.”

                “With the events of 9/11, and all of the wars that were to follow, some needed and many not needed, the Iraq War in particular, the suffering of the families of the soldiers that we have lost, the women and men who gave their lives for this country, nothing was making any sense. There was just so much pain,” explains Dominguez. “All I saw was a lot of waste and misuse of valuable resources by our state and country’s officials. The homeless rate has been really rising in the last 20 years or so, there are just so many encampments everywhere. Then you have the government making all of the cuts to our children’s education. It started with music, and now it is seeping into other forms of the arts. There has also been a drifting away from Faith in our society unfortunately. Faith and education are both very important, but schools can’t teach faith.Plus, all of the animal species that are going extinct do to global warming, it was all just depressing me.”

                After Walter turned 50 years old, he began to realize that life wasn’t forever. He also started noticing all of his fellow friends and family members rising in age and they too were becoming ill and were passing away. This startled Walter and made him do some real soul searching. He started thinking about his own life and legacy. He needed to take a stand and do something. Walter needed to make a positive impact on the world while he still had time, and before it was too late.

                “I wanted to prove to myself that in the midst of all of the chaos, that there were still good people out there in the rest of the world. I needed to see if there were people who were still willing to love, help, and reach out to others.”

                God must have heard Walter’s plea, because many in both America and Mexico rose up and offered themselves, and their knowledge to help him on his quest for self-revelation. Walter would go on to explain all of the weird and unexpected blessings and miracles that took place throughout the creation of his documentary. It was as if something greater, a higher power was guiding both his hand and his path to seek out all of the ancient truths that he was trying to unveil.

                “People were just so warm and embracing when they realized what I was trying to accomplish, and respected that I was so sincere about it. You would be surprised at how many people will help you when they see how truly dedicated and sincere you are about accomplishing something. I just wanted to do both Tata and my family proud. I am so happy that things worked out the way that they did. Through many cases of Divine Intervention, I was able to come across the right people, find the right locations, make the right connections, call upon the right contacts, and gather up the right information on leads.  On many occasions both my production crew and I were moved to tears with how much of God’s favor that we were shown in certain kinds of situations.”

                Dominguez was able to accumulate a grand total of over 200 hours of footage from his journeys. After meeting with historians like Dr. Ward Albro in Texas, and then trekking for months at a time through the various cities and diverse rural terrain of Mexico, Walter was able to track down and meet many of Grandpa Tata’s long lost relatives that he feared were either assassinated by Porfirio Diaz, or lost to the sands of time.

                “I found everything that I wanted, more than I could ever imagine,” says Dominguez. “I was just happy to be able to interview the elders in my family, and the elders in Tata’s Church before they passed on and took those stories with them. What was even more remarkable for me was that my crew and I embarked on this venture with no actual preconceived ending, script, or proper outline. Christ just guided us every step of the way. The entire experience just totally rejuvenated my faith in both God, humanity, and in the future.”

                Both Walter and his beloved wife Shelly Dominguez continue to promote the film, with strong faith that it will continue to touch the hearts, souls, and minds of many out there who are also embarking on a journey of their own in means of reconnecting with their faith, family, origins, history, and most importantly, themselves.




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Recap:Looking back at 2016 Presidential Elections
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The New American Saga Begins

By: SaberFish21

(Special Note: The people interviewed in this story are in fact real people, but personally requested that their true identities be ever so slightly altered do to fear of retaliation from liberal, Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders supporters. It is my Journalistic duty to protect the identities, and lives of my sources from personal, or professional harm, and to protect their Constitutional Rights to vote freely for who they want, and to speak, and express themselves freely about who, how, and why, they chose to vote the way that they did.)

                A “New American Age,” has officially lifted off the runway of world history as of last week, with the Inauguration of the 45th President of The United States Of America, Mr. Donald John Trump. The event was a very patriotic, and epic one, as millions of excited American citizens flooded the streets of Washington D.C. dipped in red, white, and blue clothing; and baseball caps with Trump’s campaign motto, “Make America Great Again,” on them. Many of these bright eyed citizens look to what many refer to as, “The Don,” to take us out of the ashes of The Great Recession, and a failed foreign policy in regards to Obama’s handling of Muslim terrorism in the Middle East. The main objective, is to take America’s sense of Nationalism, self-sufficiency, and production, to levels that match or even surpass that of our beloved nation’s greatest era …the 1940’s, or otherwise known as, “The World War II era.”(www.military.com)

                United States’ Citizens made sure that they were heard loud, and clear that they were deeply disenchanted with the way that our county has been ran over the past eight years with ultra-liberal politicians who they felt didn’t have their best interests in mind. (http://cruxnow.com)  With the Faithful faction of the U.S. population voting as follows for Trump: 81% Evangelical Protestant Christians, 52% Traditionalist Catholics, 58% of other Conservative Protestant Christian Denominations (www.pewresearch.org);  and 39% of Orthodox Jewish voters. (www.haaretz.com)  And this is not even yet considering the 70.6% of Rural Americans spread throughout America’s heartland that pulled for Trump this historic election cycle.

                All of these various sociological elements were made very evident politically with the viewing of “The Donald’s,” Inauguration this past Friday. This could be said considering the reported fact that his Inauguration ceremony broke various records for the most prayer services of any Presidential ‘swearing in event,’ with Jewish, Christian, and Catholic religious icons; such as Evangelical Reverend Franklin Graham(son of famed Evangelist Billy Graham),  Pastor Paula White (who is married to rockstar Johnathan Cain of the band Journey, she is also Trump’s personal Pastor),  Jewish Rabbi Marvin Hier (who runs the Simon Wiesenthal Center here in Los Angeles, California), and Catholic Arch Bishop Timothy M. Dolan ( who serves as lead Cardinal in the New York Archdiocese), all making special appearances to pray, and sermonize over the Ceremony. (www.townhall.com) The Rural American demographic was best represented with all of the hard working class references within the Presidential parade, such as, the a team of farmers on tractors, and the high school, and university marching bands from what liberals so harshly mocked as “just fly over states, with backwards, and uneducated people.”

                With this being said, many in Washington D.C. that day saw it as a triumph of the little guy against a so-called, “progressive,” establishment that viewed them with no respect, and as sub-human.  Several here in the very Conservative enclave of Orange County felt the same sentiments as their rural, and religious American brothers and sisters, as they try to find ways to co-exist in the midst of being smack dabbed in the middle of a very highly liberal, Hollywood-esc, state of California. (www.ocregister.com)

                “I do believe that Donald Trump will make America great again,” says Bill T., of Santa Ana, California. “You know, he didn’t have to do this. Trump didn’t have to run for President. He is 70 years old, he is rich, he could have just retired, he could have just gone to enjoy the fruits of his labor. No, he did this, because he actually cares about the nation. Why would he trade in his billion dollar empire to just be president, and only make a few thousands?”

                When asked to elaborate on Obama’s leadership skills, as compared to Trump’s, Bill said the following, “Trump is an international businessman, he has the knowledge of how to fix America’s debt. Obama has endangered our county by letting Muslim terrorists out of Guantanamo Bay Prison. Obama has also allowed dangerous Muslims with a history of crime and violence into our country that Europe kicked out, and didn’t want; and he did so without the vote of Congress, or the American people. This is all Unconstitutional. He then appoints Muslims to high positions within our government that have ties to terrorist organizations like ‘The Muslim Brotherhood.’ And every time that we do get attacked here at home whether it’s Boston, or San Bernardino, Obama just came on the television sarcastically defending them instead of the American people. Then he mocked us by saying that they are, ‘a religion of peace.’ Many Americans do not feel safe within our own nation.”

                In reference to his experience during the past eight years of Obama’s Presidency, Bill summed it up as follows. “With all due respect, Barak Obama successfully brought our great nation down, and kept it down. He managed to do this for all eight years of his presidency. He was never truthful to the people. He didn’t deliver anything good, not the ‘Hope,’ or  ‘Change,’ that he promised. Instead of focusing on fighting real wars with real foreign enemies like ISIS, and Muslim terrorism; he focused on fake, and fabricated ‘social wars’ like defending abortion…murdering innocent children and illegally harvesting their organs on the black market through Cecil Richards and her Planned Parenthood Organization, and on forcing sexual perversion, and gay marriage on American society; all while going against God’s (Jehovah) law…the God that our nation is supposed to trust in.”

                These are very powerful words coming from one of many American citizens who have had enough of the same bad rhetoric of the past administration, and are ready to punch a ticket on the new Trump plane in hopes of flying off into a brighter future.

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Valuable Information for people interested in joining Christianity/Catholicism
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Interested In Becoming a Christian Catholic? Here Is Some Useful Information For You

By:Constantine Adams


The hierarchy of the Catholic Church consists of four main players. (1) The Pope, (2) the Bishops, (3) the Priests, and (4) the Catholic believers or congregation according to http://www.bible.ca/catholic-church-hierarchy-organization.htm

                The Pope is officially the main head of the Catholic denomination after Jesus Christ.  The Bishops run 2,946 diocese districts and cathedrals, the Priests run 219, 583 parishes, and overall; the Catholic believers consist of 1 billion members worldwide. There are also a total of at least 30 branches of Roman Catholic denominations in the world today.

                The Pope is also known as “The Patriarch” amongst many other names. Patriarch translates to “the title of a most senior Orthodox or Catholic bishop.” The Pope is responsible of the upholding of 3 positions. The first, is to be the priest who preaches at the pulpit of St. John Lateran Basilica on a day to day basis just like any other parish priest. His second duty is to display his leadership as the Bishop of the Diocese of the city of Rome. And thirdly, to uphold his post as Pope, by being head of the Universal Church. St. John Lateran Basilica, “where the Pope serves as a parish priest, “ is a basic local Church where every day Catholic believers come to pray, worship, and hear the Gospel.(www.bible.ca)

                St. John Lateran Basilica serves as a mother Church that monitors the diocese factions. In simpler terms, the local parish of St, John Lateran is the main overseer of other local Catholic Churches that fall under the umbrella of it’s local geographical location. This is what a “diocese” is.  The Pope who leads that particular parish is also coined with the title of “Ruler of the Bishops.”

                Now, the Cardinals on the other hand, possess no particular power in the Catholic Church. They can claim no authority over their fellow Bishops or Priests. The Pope chooses the Cardinals out of the 2,946 Bishops and officially appoints them to that post. The title of a Cardinal member can be described as a cabinet member in the Canadian or British Government. If the Pope serves as a “Prime Minister” of sorts, and withholds full authority, then the Cardinals serve as the hundreds of “Members of his Holy Parliament.” These “Members of Parliament,” deal with a Bishop and then control over a specified territory. From these Cardinals, the Pope then chooses about 15 out of the larger group to fill other personalized posts like “Defense Minister,” “Trade Minister,” and “Environment Minister.”(www.bible.ca) Just like in the British government, when the cabinet members have no power over the “back benchers” or non-cabinet members, the Cardinals hold no power over the Bishops. Therefore, Cardinals are just Bishops with additional specified powers to wield, but don’t rank over anyone outside their own diocese’s jurisdiction. Cardinals also serve as the Pope’s official advisory panel, and are given the responsibilities of electing new Pope when the old one passes away.


Prayer To Our Lady Of Perpetual Help

                Behold O Mother of Perpetual Help, at thy feet a wretched sinner, who has recourse to thee and trusts in thee. O Mother of mercy, have pity on me; I hear all men call thee the refuge and my hope. Help me for the love of Jesus Christ: hold out thy hand to a fallen wretch, who commends himself to thee and dedicates himself to be thy servant forever. I praise and thank God, who of His great mercy hath given me this confidence in thee, a sure pledge of my eternal salvation. Alas, it is only too true that in the past I have fallen miserably, because I did not come to thee. I know that with thy help I shall conquer; I know that thou wilt help me, if I commend myself to thee; but I am fearful lest in the occasions of sin I shall forget to call upon thee and so I shall be lost. This grace, then, do I ask of thee; for this I implore thee, as much as I can and know to do; namely, that in the assaults of hell I may ever run to thy protection and may say to thee: Mary, help me; Mother of Perpetual Help, permit me not to lose my God.

(Hail Mary)

O Mother of Perpetual Help, grant me ever to be able to call upon thy powerful name, since thy name is the help of the living and the salvation of the dying. Ah, Mary most pure , Mary most sweet, grant that thy name from this day forth may be to me the very breath of life. Dear Lady, delay not to come to my assistance whenever I call upon thee; for in all the temptations that assail me, in all the necessities that befall me, I will never leave off calling upon thee, ever repeating; Mary, Mary, what comfort, what sweetness, what confidence, what tenderness fills my soul at the sound of thy name, at the very thought of thee! I give thanks to our Lord, who for my sake hath given thee a name so sweet, so lovable, so mighty. But I am not content merely to speak thy name; I would utter it for very love of thee; it is my desire that love should ever remind me to name thee, Mother of Perpetual Help.

(Hail Mary)

Oh Mother of Perpetual Help, thou art the dispenser of every grace that God grants us in our misery; it is for this cause that He hath made thee so powerful, so rich, so kind, that thou mightiest assist us in our miseries, Thou art the advocate of the most wretched and abandoned sinners, if they but come unto thee; come once more to my assistance, for I comment myself to thee. In thy hands I place my eternal salvation; to thee I entrust my soul. Enroll me among thy most faithful servants; take me under thy protection and it is enough for me: yes, for it thou protect me, I shall fear nothing; not my sins, for thou wilt obtain for their pardon and remission; not the evil spirits, for thou are mightier than all the powers of hell; not even Jesus, my Judge, for he is appeased by a single prayer form thee. I fear only that through my own negligence I may forget to recommend myself to thee and so I shall be lost. My dear Lady, obtain for me the forgiveness of m sins, love for Jesus, final perseverance and the grace to have recourse to thee at all times, O Mother of Perpetual Help.

(Hail Mary)

The prayer is important to Catholics because it is used to encourage the strengthening of marriages, to combat sickness, and to help the poverty stricken gain better employment. (http://www.god-answers-prayers.com)

                Saint Anthony Claret Catholic Church is located on 1450 East La Palma, in Anaheim, California 92805-1551. It is lead by Pastor Rudolph J. Preciado. It’s Parochial Vicars are Reverent Hieu T. Nguyen and Reverent Benjamin D. Hoang. It’s Deacons are Mr. August Mones, Jose Luis Reynoso, and Salvador Sanchez.

                Saint Anthony Claret Catholic Church is a very small, but elaborate Church. It possesses a particular artistic sort of architecture and is very detailed. The doors at the entrance of the Church have big Jesus Crosses cut into them. The floor plan of the Church is also shaped like a gigantic Crucifix. It has beautiful wooden pews, and has a Crucifix engraved at the ends of each one. On each of the side walls of the Church, there are what are called “The Stations of the Cross Statues” each depicting the different moments of Christ’s crucifixion. Right above these pieces of art work are beautifully crafted stain glass windows with pictures of Saints lining the walls of the Church all the way down the alter on each side. At the head of the alter, right over the Pastor’s pulpit, is a huge statue of a Crucifix. In my first visit, Jesus Christ was on the Cross; but after I went back the day before Easter,  Jesus Christ was covered with a red veil. This is very important, because it symbolizes that Christ is within His tomb for the moment and is hidden from the world, until he rises again on Easter Sunday. To the left of this display, is another statue of The Virgin Mary and Joseph looking over a baby Jesus. Baby Jesus is depicted as a little boy, no older than the age of 3, and is clinging to His earthly father’s feet. To the far right of the Pastor’s pulpit, there is another piece of artwork. This time it is a mural of fire swirling with the Holy Spirit. At the very back of the Church, behind all of the parishioners and the pews, is a balcony overseeing them. Here is where there music equipment is displayed, apart from the two guitar players and the other organ player on the stage behind the Pastor. In the left-center of the Church there is what they call a quite area where believers can go inside and pray in peace, or where parents can take their small children to calm them down. The rooms are laced with sound proof glass. Another interesting fact was that the Pastor would let people from the congregation go up and read scriptures from the Holy Bible.

                In a sit down interview with Reverent Benjamin D. Hoang, he explained to me the various occupations, programs, and duties of the people within Saint Anthony Claret Church. He told me that every Church is different, and each one has it’s own customs. Their Church in particular possesses a Parish Manager, Official Church Secretary, Financial Council, Pastoral Council, Catechists{or those of which who teach Catechism}, an RCIA Program that is geared to teach classes to new comers of the Faith, and to teach them what it really means to be Catholic, a house keeper, security, maintenance crew, youth ministry, Religious Education Program, which is also geared towards children, marriage preparation, and confirmation.




4/19/14 Mass Service Titled; “A Holy Saturday-The Morning Prayer Anointing”

                The day’s Mass was primarily emphasizing Jesus Christ’s Divine Death and Resurrection. It was an English and Spanish speaking service, but the main point was the same. “Be intent on God, through whom we have redemption and the forgiveness of our sins.”

                Pastor Rudolph J. Preciado was wearing a pure white gown with a purple prayer shawl draped over his shoulders. He opened up that Saturday Mass with a “Greeting” then he had the congregation break out in the singing of “Celebrant Lord, Open My Eyes.” All of the congregation then commenced with the prayer “And my mouth will proclaim your praise …response.” Then Pastor Preciado led the congregation in the hymn “Celebrate: Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

                Soon after, Pastor Preciado exclaimed that “As it was in the beginning, it is now, and will be forever.” He explained Jesus Christ’s place on the thrown in Heaven. The Pastor then delved into Psalm 64 for the morning’s first reading. The morning’s second reading consisted of Psalm 150, “The Canticle of Isaiah.” He derived his third reading from the “Canticle of Zechariah.” The readings were quickly followed up by an intercession of music and hymns.

The songs and prayers of this Mass were much different than the one’s that were used during the Wednesday Mass that I had attended a few weeks ago. At the first Mass I attended, the congregation preformed the “Act of Consecration,” “Prayer In Temperal Wants,” “Mother Dear, O’Pray For Me,” “The Thanksgiving Prayer,” and “Our Mother of Perpetual Help”(prayer).

As the Saturday Mass commenced, all of the congregation would reply “Lord have mercy on us,” several times as the Pastor prayed. Pastor Preciado then went into a lecture: “Christ our Savior, your sorrowing Mother stood by you at your death and burial. Christ the Good Shepherd in death you lay hidden from the world.” He then led the congregation in the “Our Father Prayer,” to which the congregation replied loudly “Amen!” Pastor Preciado then dismissed his congregation by exclaiming “Thanks be to God!”   



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Catholic Church Holy Rituals
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Rituals of The Catholic Church

By:Constantine Adams


                Overall, the Catholic believers consist of 1 billion members worldwide. There are also a total of

at least 30 branches of Roman Catholic denominations in the world today.(www.bible.ca) All have their

own individual way of conducting certain rituals, but ultimately; they all keep within the same original

traditions of the Faith and Church. Now, with each ritual comes the blessings and responsibilities that

come along with it. Each ritual has its own significance and specific importance to the individuals who

are receiving the blessing, and the congregation as a whole.


                The spiritual journey of a Catholic believer starts out with what the Church calls “The

Sacraments of Initiation.”  The first step in the process is called the “Rite of Initiation.” Usually

believers are immediately baptized right after their very own birth, and the Confirmation and Eucharist

are preformed much later. It is explained that through the sacraments, a believer is then freed from the

power of darkness. Along with The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they too die, are buried, and through

Him; triumph and rise again. (McBrien pg.805-806) Through this initiation method, the believer then

receives the Spirit of Adoption. This then transforms them into God’s Children, and as God’s people;

they together celebrate the memorial of the Lord’s death and resurrection. Another important point to

note, is that through the motions of baptism, believers are then officially incorporated into Christ.

(McBrien pg.806) By then being thoroughly transformed into God’s people, they then receive full

forgiveness of all of their faults and sins. This realization signifies the believers being thus; further raised

from their old natural human condition and being molded into the new dignity of Christ’s adopted

children. The result is the transformation into a new creation brought about by the Holy Water and the

Holy Spirit. After all of this is completed, they take upon the title and honor of being able to be called

Christ’s Children!(McBrien pg.806)

                The Holy Rite of Baptism goes as follows. First, it is usually celebrated during the Easter Vigil, but

if that is not possible during that certain time; then the whole Ceremony would then have to be done in

a rather celebratory way as if the parties involved were in fact celebrating with the Spirit of Easter. The

process then commences with instruction from the celebrant, then it is followed with a litany. (McBrien

pg.815) The Holy Baptizing Water is then thoroughly prayed over and lucifer is then renunciated in the

Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ! Next, the anointing with the oil of catechumens, and the profession of

Faith. The pouring of the Holy Water is then preformed followed closely by the invocation of the Holy

Trinity regarding the name of the person who is officially being Baptized. The individual is then called

out by name and is Baptized by The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost. This is also known as the

Trinitarian Formula. Anointing, the clothing with the white garment, and the presentation of the lighted

candle then come next to conclude the Divine process.(McBrien pg.815)

                The next step that a Catholic believer must follow through with, is the ritual of the Eucharist.

The Eucharist is very important because it deals with one of the three situations concerning Christ’s Holy

Body and Blood. It symbolizes Christ’s sacrifice using the Consecration of the Mass, Holy Communion,

and the Blessed Sacrament. The Eucharist is also considered the most important of all seven Sacraments

to the Catholic people.(Brighenti and Trigilio pg.105) Catholics firmly believe that during the ritual, the

bread and wine are not only the body and blood of Jesus Christ; but are actually the soul and divinity of

the Messiah. “Real Presence” is the term used during this very sacred time, because it symbolizes the

Catholic believers as being able to really sense Christ’s presence in the room with them.(Brighenti and

Trigilio pg.105) M. Basil Pennington’s book “The Eucharist: Wine of Faith, Bread of Wine,” states that

“The creed makes us aware of our dependence: God is the Maker, we are the made; God is the Savior,

we are the saved. It makes us aware, too, of how much we are loved: “for us and our salvation.” It

makes us aware of what has been promised to us, and so we can confidently pray.”(Pennington pg.35)

                The term “Eucharist” is a derivative from the Greek pronunciation “Eucharistein,” which

translates in modern day English as “Thanks Giving.” In this particular instance, the Catholic folks are

taking this specific time to give thanks to Jesus for providing them with the bread from Heaven. This

bread from Heaven is the Holy Eucharist, and is necessary to feed, uplift, and nourish their

souls!(Brighenti and Trigilio pg.105)

Jesus Christ also gave thanks at The Last Supper as stated in (Luke 22:19; 1 Corinthians 11:24;

Mark 14:23; Matthew 26:27). In the time of Christ, meals shared with people symbolized concepts like

peace, trust, and communality.(McBrien pg.820) This next quotation straight out of Richard P. McBrien’s

book “Catholicism,” further sums up the true ancient essence of preforming the Eucharist. “But Jesus

identified the bread and wine with his own body and blood. And sensing his own impending death, he

speaks of himself as a sacrifice. Just as the unleavened bread is broken, so will his body be broken. And

just as the wine is poured out, so will his blood. All four texts agree that Jesus’ death is an atonement

and establishes a new Covenant. The Jews, in fact, regarded every death of an innocent person as an

atoning death, and Jesus saw his own death in this light.” (McBrien pg.821)

                The concept of Conformation is another big step that a Catholic believer must take in according

to the fulfillment of the overall rite of passage . This serves as a sort of “coming of age” moment for a

Catholic believer as they become more fully and thoroughly molded into the Body of Jesus Christ. The

whole and primary objective of the art of Conformation, is to further strengthen, grow, and mature the

soul of the believer. It is rather properly explained in Brighenti and Trigilio’s book “Catholicism for

Dummies,” where it states “It builds on what was begun in Baptism and what was nourished in Holy

Eucharist. It completes the process of initiation into the Christian community, and it matures the soul for

the work ahead.”(Brighenti and Trigilio pg.109)

                Brighenti and Trigilio also state that “The Byzantine Church confirms (chrismates) at Baptism

and gives Holy Eucharist as well, thus initiating the new Christian all at the same time.”(Brighenti and

Trigilio pg.109) When a Catholic believer is just a baby, the Church holds a great ceremony where the

child’s parents and new God Parents all unite before a Bishop to dedicate the young one to the safety

and glory of Jesus Christ. The soul of the child is then dedicated to the fellowship of God. Yet, at

Confirmation, the same vow to The Savior is then being renewed by the child at an older age. This way,

it shows the child as taking the responsibility, honor, and initiative in means of upholding this Holy creed

and vow for themselves; without the influence or meddling of their parents or God Parents.(Brighenti

and Trigilio pg.109) Still, it is required that a new Catholic believer must commence in the completion of

CCD or (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) before this whole process can be followed through with.

“Confraternity of Christian Doctrine” are just a set of prerequisite religious educational classes that are

used to prepare the new believer for their spiritual journey that is at hand.

                It is known in the Catholic community that the Holy Spirit is first bestowed upon a new believer

the very first moment that they are baptized in the Holy Water. In the midst of the ceremony, the Holy

Trinity is set upon them, thus symbolizing The Father, Son, and The Holy Ghost. Now, at Confirmation,

all three entities once again are set on the new believer at the same time as a reflection of

Pentecost.(Brighenti and Trigilio pg.109)

                (Acts 2:1-4) thus, references “The Feast of Pentecost” where the Holy Spirit descended out of

Heaven to earth where it’s power was bestowed upon the 12 apostles and Jesus Christ’s mother, the

Virgin Mary. The occasion took place for 50 days after Easter and exactly 10 days after Jesus Christ

commenced in His Ascension.(Brighenti and Trigilio pg.109) The 12 apostles were then given certain

special gifts from Christ and the Holy Spirit at this time. These gifts or “fruits of the Spirit,” were charity,

joy, peace, patience, benignity, goodness, long-suffering, mildness, faith, modesty, continency, and

chastity. (Brighenti and Trigilio pg.110) These gifts are then further strengthened by the Holy Ghost. The

Holy Spirit also granted the apostles the gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge,

piety, and the fear of the Lord. These final seven gifts are known as supernatural graces that are

bestowed generously upon the soul of the believer. (Brighenti and Trigilio pg.110)

                There are a total of four major steps when completing the Sacrament of Conformation. First off,

the Confirmation ceremony takes place within the Mass itself, or can take place outside of it. In either

instance, the Bishop will traditionally come dressed in his red vestments to symbolize the red tongues of

fire that were seen hovering over the heads of the apostles at Pentecost. (Brighenti and Trigilio pg.110)

Next, the believer that is going to be Confirmed steps forth accompanied by their sponsor.

Canonical requirements concerning God Parents in the Baptism Ceremony also apply to the concept

concerning the ceremony for Conformation. When looking at Baptism, the child’s parents pick out their

God Parents, but for Confirmation; the child picks out their own sponsor for the ceremony. (Brighenti

and Trigilio pg.111) The child can choose their original God Parents again, or they can select someone

new that they would like to also include in their rite of passage.  The only requirement is that the

sponsor has to be a believer themselves, and they have to be older than the age of 16. One sponsor is

chosen for Confirmation, while usually two are chosen at Baptism. (Brighenti and Trigilio pg.111)

Thirdly, the new Catholic believer is then presented with the option of whether or not they want

to choose a new extra name to add on to their original official name. When a child is Baptized, the

parents named them. The child at that point had no say so in the ordeal, but at Confirmation; an

additional name can be chosen by the individual believer for themselves! (Brighenti and Trigilio pg.111)

 This can be exciting for the believer if they choose to add this new name in between their original first

and middle name, or they can just bypass this whole scenario and keep their original name the way it

was. The only stipulation is that if the new believer were to choose a new name, they would have to

only choose a Christian name from the Bible. It could be a Saint or a hero in the Holy Bible. Yet, one

cannot choose a villain from the Bible as their name, like Goliath or Pharaoh for example. Also secular

names are not proper to choose from for such an occasion. (Brighenti and Trigilio pg.111)

                Lastly, the new believer that is now being Confirmed either kneels or stands in front of the

Bishop who is overseeing them. The believer’s sponsor then places a hand on their shoulder. The new

believers Confirmation name is then spoken by the Bishop who then places Chrism Oil onto the new

believer’s forehead. (Brighenti and Trigilio pg.111)  The Bishop then addresses the new believer by their

new name and says to them “Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.” After the new believer will then

respond with “Amen.” The Bishop will then answer them with “peace be with you.” The new believer

would then respond with “And with your spirit.” (Brighenti and Trigilio pg.111)

                Usually, the process of Conforming new Catholics is the Bishop’s responsibility amongst his

own specific diocese. Although, just normal priests can be given the right to Confirm grown-ups who are

converting to Catholicism from another religion. This happens when the people involved are brought

into the full Communion with the Roman Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil and they’ve attended the

“Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults” or (RCIA) program at the Church. Non-believers who are trying to

convert to the Faith are obligated to take these classes.” (Brighenti and Trigilio pg.111)

                In a sit down interview with Reverent Benjamin D. Hoang, he explained to me the various

occupations, programs, and duties of the people within Saint Anthony Claret Church. He told me that

every Church is different, and each one has it’s own customs. Their Church in particular possesses a

Parish Manager, Official Church Secretary, Financial Council, Pastoral Council, Catechists{or those of

which who teach Catechism}, an RCIA Program that is geared to teach classes to new comers of the

Faith, and to teach them what it really means to be Catholic, a house keeper, security, maintenance

crew, youth ministry, Religious Education Program, which is also geared towards children, marriage

preparation, and Confirmation. “The RCIA Programs are very important,” says Reverent Hoang. “We

emphasize these, because it is essential to the new comers of the Faith to properly learn about what it is

to uphold the title if being a Catholic, and how to properly conduct themselves in society after they have

walked that route and transformed their lives.”

                Ultimately, people are all looking for something more in life, they are reaching out for

something from deeper within their hearts, souls, and spirits. People want to get closer to God, to get

closer to the Messiah…Jesus Christ. Catholicism provides people with a clear route, and a rite of passage

to achieve this. The Holy Sacraments of Catholicism are beautiful it the way that it provides people with

a sort of Divine blue print that follows them from birth, to adolescence, to adulthood, to marriage, and

then to their very last breathe. Catholicism’s Sacraments are truly a celebration of Christ’s gift of life. It is

an enduring and heartfelt process that pushes believers physically, mentally, emotionally, and

spiritually. It’s a growth process that is well worth it, for it teaches Catholics that one can triumph over

the hard times in life, and that with a focused sense of determination and discipline; one can resist the

temptations of satan to become a better person. Yet, I think that the main point and purpose of the

Catholic rite of passage is to show that every moment of life can be celebrated as a miracle; and all

things are possible through Jesus Christ! 




















Work Cited Page

Brighenti, Kenneth and Trigilio, John. “Catholicism For Dummies.” Indiana: Wiley Publishing, 2003.

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Dangers of Drug Use...
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Not Worth It

By: Constantine Adams

                The legalization of marijuana is not only a gateway to a disgusting habit, but it is a disgusting can of worms that should not be opened.

                Honestly, why was I forced all of those years back in the 1990’s to participate in all of those stupid and pointless “I promise to remain drug free” red ribbon week events and marches, and those D.A.R.E. t-shirt festivities, when all along the ignorant government was just going to backpedal and give into the same peer pressure that they once warned us youngsters to fight against?

                The indecisive talking heads on Capitol Hill are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites for letting this whole scenario slide. Despite what the so-called government and corporate funded scientists say about how marijuana is “not bad,” and is “completely healthy with no side effects whatsoever,” other more unbiased research states otherwise.

                “It’s not rocket science, this stuff has been known for quite some time,” says Amelia Arria, director for the Center on Young Adult Health and Development. (http://www.usatoday.com) Marijuana has been known to carry psychoactive elements within it that cause hallucinations. This hazardous chemical is called “delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol,” or otherwise known as “THC.” As the weed is smoked by someone, the “THC” flows from the lungs directly through the bloodstream. (http://www.drugabuse.gov)

                Oh wow, how about that? As if that wasn’t known for decades already? The individuals who are whining and griping to get their guilty little pleasure legalized are the same one’s that did not mature much after sophomore year of high school and went on to do nothing much else with their lives.

Unfortunately, most of the people that I went to junior high and high school with that got hooked on the stuff have all wound up high school dropouts, incarcerated, addicted, unemployed, kicked out of their parent’s house, or dead. And when I mean dead, I mean from both using the narcotic substance, or for selling it. An intervention from loved ones, and a trip to an addiction recovery program, or  addiction treatment program would have proved highly beneficial. It would have perhaps even saved their lives.

In a USA Today article by David Schick titled “Study:Marijuana use increases risk of academic problems,” it is reported that 33% of college students has  used marijuana at least once in 2011. It has also been proven that the drug greatly hinders student’s ability to retain material that they are supposed to be learning, and negatively effects academic performance according to The University of Maryland School of Public Health.(http://www.usatoday.com)

All this talk about how this drug is supposed to have all of these so-called medical benefits is a load of jargon as well. If that is the case then why don’t hospitals utilize it more than any of the other medications that they use to heal the sick? This is because they have alternative methods of treating certain ailments that are much more safer and effective. If the so-called “miracle seed” as the stoners and potheads so eagerly call it has such magical miracle developing elements, then why haven’t they embraced it more abundantly within the medical field? They must not trust it for a reason right?

Arria conducted a study which monitored a total of 1,200 college freshmen over a 10-year time frame. These students were all on weed. What Arria found was shocking,“college students skipping more classes, spending less time studying, earning lower grades, dropping out of college, and being unemployed after college,” were the overall results. She was even able to confirm that smoking marijuana lowered the college student’s IQ by as much as eight points. (http://www.usatoday.com)

The point that is made here is that even eating or drinking too much of a certain kind of food over and over again for a long period of time can have hazardous side effects whether it’s oranges, steak, coffee containing caffeine, potatoes, or even bread. So, if this is true for some of our everyday foods, even the nutritious ones, then why can’t this same proven concept be believable in regards to the use of a narcotic like marijuana? Colleges and universities should also put more of their government funding , and student tuition cash into on campus drug rehabilitation centers, or other forms if drug rehabilitation facilities; instead of just blowing it off on college athletics, and biased left leaning clubs.

What people fail to consider is that not everything that grows on God’s green earth was meant to be utilized or consumed. I have a wooden table in my room. Wood comes from trees, which comes from the earth. Does that mean I should chop the table up and eat it too? I have a metal chain that I wear around my neck. Metal comes from the earth, does that mean I should eat it? How about my cotton pajamas or a silk shirt? Maybe the glass that makes my window? See where I’m going with this?

Any science, biology, or chemistry professor will tell you that the human body and lungs were only meant to withhold oxygen and not any other foreign bodies. Just like how fish were only meant to breathe underwater, and die if they are exposed to just plain oxygen or any other element when pulled from their natural habitat, humans too will suffer extreme side effects or will die if they are consistently inhaling foreign pollutance like smog, chemical vapors, paint, ammonia, carbon monoxide, or even cigarette, cigar, and marijuana smoke.

“How bad is marijuana for you? It’s even more toxic then that cigarette smoke. Regular users are hit with devastating lung problems as much as 20 years earlier than smokers.” (http://m.townhall.com)

And whether the liberal society that we live in wants to thoroughly acknowledge it or not, pot is addictive. “Of the 7.3 million persons aged 12 or older classified with illicit drug dependence or abuse in 2012, 4.3 million persons had marijuana dependence or abuse.”(http://m.townhall.com)

Another major problem to consider is the fact that if all 50 states within our union all agree in unison to legalize this particular narcotic, other junkies will want to cause a ruckus if they don’t get their way as well. “Some people would say, ‘If they want to do it, great, then it’s no business of ours.’ But, you can bet that those same people will be complaining about all the junkies and welfare cases that will be created by the policy they endorsed.”(http://m.townhall.com)  The drugies will have a tantrum and will try to play the discrimination card that has been thrown around way to often as of late.

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Abortion Is Murder!
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Does The Abortion Industry Target Minorities?

By: Constantine Adams

                In light of the recent laws passed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Hillary Clinton back east with their  so-called ‘Reproductive Health Act,’ and the swearing in of California’s new Governor Gavin Newsom, the issues of child murder/ abortion, The Constitution, and America’s future, continue to be hotly disputed topics going into 2019. The state of New York is spear heading this rather drastic abortion legislation, and several other states are looking to follow suit. Some of these states include Iowa, Virginia, Connecticut, and California. ‘The Reproductive Health Act,’ according to a story reported by Townhall.com would allow women to get abortions past the 7 month mark all of the way up to the point of birth. It states that one does not have to be a medical professional to commit an abortion, and that no criminal penalties will come to people who try to perform them. Also, it states that if a person murders a woman who is pregnant, the child’s life no longer matters, and that it would count as just a murder, and not a double murder.

                Susan B. Anthony List released a statement via twitter  referencing the unethical turn of events with the following statement with an attached article. “Let’s be very clear about New York’s  new law permitting abortion for any reason up until birth.” Then after posting an article by Elizabeth Ann M. Johnson, M.D.  titled ‘The Reality of Late-Term Abortion Procedures,’ where she states, “These particularly gruesome surgical techniques involve crushing, dismemberment, and removal of a fetal body from a woman’s uterus.”

                With this being said, many Orange County Residents are now concerned with what could happen here with both our former Governor Jerry Brown, and our new Governor Gavin Newsom, sharing the same sentiment, or lack thereof, as both Cuomo, and Clinton from the east. Many are also concerned with the striking coincidence that Orange County’s local abortion clinics seem to be strategically located in predominately Latino, and Asian, neighborhoods.  As it turns out, there are a little over ten abortion clinics in Orange County, most of which are located in cities like Anaheim, Santa Ana, Westminster, Orange, and Costa Mesa. Almost all of the majority of these abortion clinics are ran by the democratic party’s sweetheart Planned Parenthood.

                “I think it is wrong no matter what the time limit is,” exclaims Ian Vergara, who is a Cal State Fullerton Alumni, and is the former President of The Numen Club. “You have all of these scientists for NASA who explore mars, and they get all excited when they supposedly find one little cell up there, and they call it life; but they think that a zygote, sperm, egg, and the cells that is produces is not a life within the woman. They are gruesome. The democrats are just showing how gruesome they are towards our children.”

                Yet, what is the background of this rather secretive, and notorious, organization that murders over 320,000 children here in America every year according to www.liveaction.com? Well, the company’s inception traces all the way back to a rather racist, and vile, woman by the name of Margaret Sanger. She was a prominent Eugenist who founded the ‘American Birth Control League,’ in 1921 alongside her friend Lothrop Stoddard. Stoddard was a famous author who had just written a book a year before that was titled ‘The Rising Tide Of Color: The Threat Against White World Supremacy.’ The book was officially endorsed by Sanger. (www.all.org)  

A Eugenist is a so-called ‘scientist’ who studies, or practices the attempt to improve the human gene pool by encouraging the reproduction of people considered to have desirable traits, and discouraging, or preventing the reproduction of people considered to have undesirable traits; according to www.thefreedictionary.com. Yet, these specific types of individuals like to play God by enforcing their own sick, and twisted ideology of who is fit to live, and those who need to be ethnically cleansed from our society according to race, creed, belief system, or even if the child is to have a physical, mental, or learning disability. “These ideas are disgusting,” says Vergara. “It will destroy America’s reproductive rate in the near future. How are we going to sustain our population? On top of that, who are we to kill off these children? In life, you don’t know the true potential of that human. One of these children can grow up to change the entire world in a very positive way. And when you look at the demographics of who the abortion industry targets; it is almost always minorities. Just how far is all of this madness going to go? Just look at what we are doing with gene testing, and this idea of ‘designer babies.’ So, is it going to be like if and man, and woman, walk into a doctor’s office, and through genetic testing they see that their child is not going to be athletic like they are, and is going to be more of a studious type, they are just going to kill the child, and start over? This is just going to open the door for couples to kill their child for anything.”

                Both Sanger, and Stoddard, would team up, and utilize their ‘American Birth Control League,’ corporation to usher in their diabolical plan called ‘The Negro Project.’ This plan was implemented on purpose to eradicate the black population here in America, and the scientists, doctors, and nurses, who were employed by the American Birth Control League pushed for the performance of forced sterilization of black women, because they felt that the black race was naturally of low intelligence, and were morally, and behaviorally deviant. (www.all.org) When it was exposed as to what ‘The American Birth Control League,’ was doing, and people started to protest it; Sanger and her corporation changed the name to ‘The Birth Control Federation Of America. Soon though, the American public caught on to this, and found out that this new corporation was in fact the same as the old one, and was being ran by the same exact individuals who were pushing the same exact agenda, Sanger was forced to cover her tracks again, and changed the corporation’s name a final time in 1942 to what is now currently known as ‘Planned Parenthood.’ (www.all.org)

                Soon, Sanger and her Planned Parenthood Corporation, didn’t just stop at black genocide, and infanticide; they would eventually carry their same game plan over to further target Jewish, Latino, and Asian, people as well. After The Supreme Court in an Unconstitutional activist fashion legalized abortion in the Roe vs. Wade decision on January 22, 1973; the Planned Parenthood Corporation would go on to murder 42 percent of minority children by 1991. (www.all.org)

                Fast forwarding to 2019, and it is documented that Planned Parenthood has murdered 60,236,165 children since 1973. This is 320,000 American children every year domestically. A child is murdered within a Planned Parenthood Clinic every 97 seconds. (www.liveaction.org) “This is a very bad sign that we as Americans do not value human lives,” states Vergara. “It is unconstitutional, all human beings have a right to life. How can certain politicians out there consider killing children to be constitutional?!”

                Even the Guttmacher Institute, (which is an affiliate of The International Planned Parenthood Federation, The United Nations Population Fund, The World Health Organization, and Columbia University), admits on it’s website that the child murder industry (abortion) purposely targets minority children with Planned Parenthood killing 27.1 percent of blacks, 18.1 percent of Latinos, and 16.3 Asians, with 10 percent of abortion being white babies. The Guttmacher Institute’s graphic chart is from October 19, 2017 and even unabashedly states that “racism, and discrimination, plays a major role.” (www.guttmacher.org/infographic/2017/abortion-rates-and-ethnicity)

                When the following information was made known to Frances Ollivera,(a substitute teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District), she responded with the following, “it seems like certain government figures, and the abortion industry, are trying to make these actions of abortion ‘ok’ within our modern society. It clearly is not. This is genocide for monetary gain for them. Plus, they lie to young women, and tell them that if they kill their child, that they will save money. This is not true. There are a lot of programs out there who help young mothers with their new child. Either that, or if you really don’t want to take care of your own baby, just give it to a relative, friend, or an adoption agency to raise it. There are others out there who would happily care for it.”

                In an article titled “Baby Brain Development In The Womb,” by www.modernmom.com, it explains that a baby’s brain starts developing at the moment of conception, (as uncovered by The Long Island Spectrum Center website). By the time a woman is three weeks pregnant, the developing baby gets a groove which supports the foundation of the brain structure. On the day of the child’s birth, that little boy, or girl, will have a brain supercharged with over 100 billion neurons. The article even provides an in depth interactive video proving the findings. A Thomas Moore article titled “When Can I Hear My Baby’s Heartbeat?” for www.babycenter.com reports that a baby’s heart starts to beat at just 6 weeks. “Clearly, when a child has a heart beat, it is alive!” Exclaims Professor Ollivera. “Yes, it is a human being; and no, it is not Constitutional at all to murder the babies. It is a life being killed illegally when it is in fact guaranteed protective rights, and security within our Constitution. Constitutionally, and legally, it is not correct. It is also not Biblically correct, because Jesus Christ is the one who gives us life, and it is no human’s right to take that away from another individual just because they are too little to protect themselves.”

                Professor Ollivera has worked with children for years, and really has a heart for educating, and nurturing the children that she is sworn to protect. When she shows up to work every day, and sees her students, she just can’t imagine how anyone would want to do them any harm. Yet, she feels that the real harm that no one seems to be talking about is the remorse, and guilt, that hits these women straight in the face after they have murdered their own child. “The consequences for these young women will be suffering mentally, and emotionally. The guilt later on down the line always catches up with them whether they want to admit it or not. It will affect them one way, or another. In Jesus Christ’s eyes, it is murder. The whole process is all wrong, because the baby is alive, and is developed. Any ultra sound will show you this. Abortion is just an excuse for another human being getting off by killing another smaller, and more vulnerable human being. It is all against Christ’s Will.”

                With this being said, how can anyone, politician or otherwise; make the outlandish claims that it is not murder when they abort any child that is in the womb?! Still, this type of blood lust doesn’t just stop there. Now the liberals are trying to push to be able to execute babies up until their actual birthdate. Any doctor will tell you that when a person has brain waves, and a heartbeat, they are in fact alive. Therefore, these children are in fact a little life. Just because they are small, and cannot answer for themselves, or defend themselves, does not make their lives worth any less than any of ours. Throwing the scourge of so-called ‘political correctness,’ aside; let’s just call abortion/child murder what it is. It is unconstitutional. The United States Constitution (Amendment XIV Section 1.) clearly states that, “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law, nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

                Anthony Nevilles, (who is an Anaheim resident, and a Cypress College Alumni), shared the following about ‘The Reproductive Health Act.’ “This new law is not Constitutional, and it never will be. Those children have a right to liberty just like you and I.  Instead, we are murdering them. To take away their right to liberty is unlawful, especially when we as Americans are supposed to be the voice of liberty throughout the world. These babies are being slaughtered.” Nevilles would continue to speak some very valid points on the matter. “All of this is proof that America is turning into a socialistic, and dare I say, maybe a communist country. Look at how we are openly disregarding human life. When it comes to killing babies in the womb, China is doing it, Russia did it, and even the National Socialist German Party (The Nazi Party) did it. Who are we to judge these sick societies, when we ourselves are now doing the same? We are now pushing the same culture. Equal rights in America is nothing but a façade, and it has been for some time now. The leftist culture that is trying to take over our country is discriminately picking, and choosing, which people’s lives matter, and which ones don’t. They do this with certain races, religions, and now with these babies…age discrimination. Here in America, the Christian Community calls it satan, Constitutionalists call it socialism, or communism, Patriots call it the Deep State, whatever you want to call them, it is the leftist global elites within our community who are pushing these ideologies on the masses. They want to change America negatively, and want to destroy our Republic.”

                These children have the Christ(God) given rights that we all have under the Constitution. They have the right to their lives, to live, learn, experience, and thrive, in an existence the way that we all do. These babies deserve the liberty to live out their lives, and should be granted their Christ given gift of free will like the rest of us, and should be able to thoroughly shape their own fate, destiny, and purpose, individually, and independently, like the rest of us. These children also reserve the right to grow up, and to create a home for themselves in this world, to find their place amongst society without being scorned. They have the right to earn a living, and to claim their own stake in the world, and to purchase a space in our realm to build a house, a family, and an empire, of their very own. To deprive them of these liberties is satanic, disgusting, and criminal.

                The Constitution guarantees these babies’ right to life. The Supreme Court had no jurisdiction in 1973 in means of violating these inalienable rights that are law of the land through this sacred document. (Article VI Statute 2.) “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the Supreme Law of the Land; and the judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

                If anyone out there is of a minority ethnicity, or creed, and they support the murder, and genocide of their own people; perhaps the previous statistics listed above in this article will further inspire them to take a step back, and to do some serious soul searching…


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