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June 8th, 2019

Gender: Female
Status: Divorced
Age: 37
Country: United States

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April 15, 2019


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04/22/2019 02:26 PM 

The 21st of April

Today was Easter. I'm tired. I finally have a day off. I worked about 3 weeks straight with no days off. I spoke to the curly haired guy, He's only 21. I thought he was older. The washer should be fixed tomorrow and I hope it is because I have so much laundry. My exhusband never responded to my text and My daughter didn't contact me. 

04/20/2019 09:16 PM 

The 20th of April

Tonight will be the first day of only doing the one paper route. I'm glad I need the break. I'll have time to look for another job. I'll miss seeing the curly haired guy as much. He is the most attractive guy I've seen face to face in a long time. I wish he would speak more but he hardly ever speaks. I haven't even got his name yet. I hope I still see him on the days I'm there. The 17th was my birthday, another year has come and gone. I need to wash laundry soon or I'll be naked. Tomorrow's Easter so it's a bit depressing to not see my daughter. I hate living so far apart. My aches and pains from the car crash have passed. My exhusband never responded to what I wrote him. I know he received it. I'm tired last night was the last time we covered the extra route for the paper. I think I'll go to bed and hopefully dream of the tall skinny curly haired guy.

04/18/2019 05:08 PM 

The 18th of April

This is my first post on this page. I'm going to explain the events of the past 8 days. I'm exhausted because I've been doing papers everyday over the past couple weeks. A letter was wrote to management about it, I'm not sure what it said but there was a huge argument about it. Saturday is supposed to be the last day we are doing the one route because it's too many papers. We are always finishing late. I think this tall curly haired guy is attractive who works there. A man who works there ask me out but everyone is saying he has a girlfriend. I need to do laundry but like always the washer isn't working. I was informed of some drama over an ex-friend. She is having a mental breakdown and stalking my daughter and my ex's. She won't answer to her name only my name. She's always had drug problems and her son who will be 18 sexually assaults kids. Her and her son both have down syndrom. I don't speak to her but I had to write my exhusband to warn him of her stalking. My daughter lives with him or I wouldn't contact him at all. She also wants to sleep with him and they are first cousins. She was telling people how she wanted to be with him when I was pregnant. She thought that she was met to be with him and have inbread, drug addicted, fetal alcohol syndrome babies with him. She had a child around the same time as I was pregnant it's not his but the baby had fetal alcohol syndrome and drug addictions. She always tried to say the reason she had kids with drug related problems when she wasn't married is because she was a feminist. I'm a feminist so I got a degree. I don't concider what she does as feminism. I think her mother is 100% wrong for not having her permanently institutionalized when she was 16. I haven't spoken to her in a year because of her mental and moral problems. 

A little background. I have an 8 year old daughter. She has 2 sons ages 9 and 17.

Usaully I don't have much drama in my life but the past weeks have been filled with it. The least drama thing I did was get my hair cut and fix my eyeglasses.

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