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May 21st, 2019

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March 05, 2019



05/14/2019 05:35 PM 

frank iero calmly holding a burning pan

exactly as advertised, thank you.

05/14/2019 01:19 PM 

my friend made me an anime boy

thanks z

04/25/2019 11:16 PM 

northern downpour

this is going to sound fake already but about a year ago, there was this benefit concert thing my youth group did at a local cafe to raise money for speed the light and i played three songs and the last one was northern downpour and my boyfriend cried when i played it. we had a painful breakup. so i guess you could call me brendon urie. 

04/25/2019 09:52 PM 

wake the nations??? everyone needs to see this photo

Image result for frank iero ropes photoshoot

04/24/2019 08:44 PM 

(he got one of those notes)

one of my favorite memories from middle school? i'm so glad you asked so
i went to this smaller choice school where from grades 6-8 there were only about 300 students (in my town that's not a lot) and i was in this gifted program and suddenly from grade 6 to 7 the material got really hard and everyone started falling behind and some people's mental health went totally lax (i was one of them) and so we noticed that the teachers would give some kids notes, just little things to brighten their day and stuff, it was a nice idea, but eventually it just became a "we're worried you might hang yourself in the bathroom, please don't do that" note.

04/22/2019 01:54 PM 

too much

i just have to remember that who he is NOW is not who i created all those memories with and i'm tearing up at the idea of a person that no longer EXISTS

04/19/2019 10:19 PM 

gerard voice: these are my baby boys and if you hurt them i will bury you

04/18/2019 05:04 PM 

stupid band names

iron law of oligarchy
either feral children or looking-glass self
james leon and the techniques of neutralization
now opening for green day in their late sixties- the spiral of silence!
my 'from first to last' cover band composed entirely of trans guys
from fem to masc

04/18/2019 01:13 PM 

just when you thought the mormon church WASN'T just a grab for numbers...

04/15/2019 11:19 PM 


updated frequently bc i am a frerard freak

black market blood (vamp gerard)

high school
anatomy of a fall (ghost frank)
i'll find you when the sun goes black (super f'in long AND an emotional trip)
strange steps (short,  adorable)

mental hospital
a splitting of the mind (of course)

the happiest f***in' place on earth [tm] (they both work at disneyland and it's f***ing CUTE)
skin of the canvas (frank's a life model, gerard's an art student)
king and country (gerard's a king and frank's a stable boy)
ain't nobody gonna love you like the devil do (a lot of smut and a questionable age gap)
YOURS + MINE©  (mostly smut)
oh i wish i was a punk rocker (also mostly smut)


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