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May 17th, 2019

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Age: 15
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January 07, 2019


03/01/2019 09:37 PM 

i'm back
Current mood:  happy

hello, i am back now and happy to be.

i am also feeling better now even though a few hours ago i had a scare that my own band was going to break up but it's fine now, we're all staying together.
now i only hope that school goes better, i am doing pretty good for what i can do i think but i need to try harder. it just still sorta stresses me out.
i've also been drawing a lot more since it helps with stress and stuff, so i think i am improving a lot in my artwork so that's pretty fun!! 

01/10/2019 03:12 PM 

oh no
Current mood:  sick

ok so basically,

my terrible immune system decided to mess up out of literally no where and i have for real been feeling like i’m dying omg.
last night was literal hell bc i was waking up every 5 minutes and a whole lot of other stuff happened too.
also, for some reason i woke up and it’s halfway gone??? i thought being sick lasted longer (not that i wanna be sick again). but luckily it is going away (still feeling like sh*t though...) and won’t happen again in the next 20 seconds.

01/08/2019 12:44 PM 

Current mood:  stressed

today was my first day going back to school, but i didn't go because i got stressed out

i promised to go tomorrow but i don't know if i can tbh, it's overly stressful for me to be there

theres also more things to bother me of course... everyone keeps nagging me and it's so annoying, i hate it so much. they are nagging me about how i'm talking to my friends so much and how i never do anything lol
but what else am i supposed to do? it's pretty boring and theres not really much to do and i only get to see my friends on fridays band practice since most of them don't live next to me

everything is just not going good in this year, i thought things would be better but it's all the same 

01/07/2019 04:01 AM 

first post
Current mood:  tired

hi there,i’m new on this website and its the first time in years since i’ve been on a site like this one

it’s sorta confusing

i don’t know what i’ll be posting on here though but i don't care

also, its 4 am and i’m so tired. i'm going to die at school tomorrow

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