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01/06/2019 04:57 PM 


hi i made a commissions page!!!!! please read it :3

12/31/2018 01:52 PM 

Pretty Winter Night (FLASH FICTION)

Based on "Aurora Borealis" by Lemon Demon

It’s a pretty winter night, and a young couple is walking through the snow. The girl, with her pretty brown eyes and dark hair, is holding hands with the boy, tall and lanky, with square frame glasses. Shops beside them are alight with Christmas decor and presents, beckoning late shoppers to buy their goods. Every once in a while, one of them will point out a lovely necklace, or a cute toy, but otherwise they walk in comfortable silence. They never enter the shops, walking farther out of town, and into a graveyard. The beautiful lights above them, a magnificent warning sign, shift and pulse. The couple faces one another, hands still clasped. On the very last Christmas Eve, in the very last December, the young couple shares their very last kiss.

12/31/2018 01:50 PM 

Does Love Ever Truly Die? (FLASH FICTION)

Based on both “A Corpse In My Bed” by Creature Feature and the poem of the same name by Curtis Rx

Harvey adores his wife. Every morning, he kisses her forehead and goes to work. After a boring day job, he returns home, and the two talk. Their conversations are always quite one sided. Harvey is talkative, but his wife isn’t. He talks, and she listens, laying in bed. Sometimes this makes Harvey feel lonely, despite the fact she’s right next to him. He remembers when his wife used to be more talkative, more energetic, but she hasn’t been for a while. Ever since the car crash, she’s been silent and bedridden. Harvey was distraught for quite some time after the accident. Mostly because he wasn’t allowed to see her, not for a while. But after he dug up her grave, he held his beloved wife again.

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