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April 7th, 2020

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September 19, 2018


02/11/2020 02:31 PM 

Dear Diary #6
Current mood:  sick

It's aWsoMe beotch Clara againnn *tuck*

been vomiting hard yesterday *tuck* drunk 2 much *tuck* feeling sick  *tuck* Lied im 18 and banged the DJ *hicup*
Vomit got all over ma sexy attire and my makeup was all ruined :-( :-( I struggled 2 hours to put on momz makeup! *buuuurp* she now asking me dis beotch wher iz her lipstick *tuck* dafuq I KNOW MOM, I can barely remember my name *hicup* anyway Im skippin skool, dont give a F *hicup* 

02/06/2020 12:44 PM 

Dear diary #2

Ufff where is the pink font guise???

Hiiiiii its me Clara again :-3

So I said, I will ask alex ♥ , tomorrow, umm today! *tuck* I had the girly bollz 2 offer him*giggles* he said YES. *tuck* F*** yes! *tuck* 
He told me he has a girlfriend for 2 years now, omg I didn't knew when we had sex *tuck* He said I could be his side lover cuz im HOT *tuck* I said I kno *tuck* we are secretly together *tuck* but I feel jealous of his gf, she like.. has greater baloons *tuck* he said its nothing to worry about because im younger and hot *tuck*
Isn't he sweet? *tuck*

Dont feel jell bitchez, LUV U ALL 

02/05/2020 10:20 PM 

Dear diary #1
Current mood:  hot

*tuck* hello, my name is Clara and im hot and my daddy is rich so im rich (yaay). I go to school in high heels and I love 2 partaay. *tuck* I lost my virginity today to Alex (omgomg) he is like 21 - so what if he is 7 years older omg shutup you jell haters *tuck* my besties all non virgin years before me. *tuck* I dont wanna be the nerd na-ah

Alex is hawt and has tattoos *tuck* totally wanna be his girlfriend. I will ask him tomorrow OMGOMG it$ tomorrow hold fingers 4 me guise

MUA ♥ ♥

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