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October 6th, 2019

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June 19, 2018


02/10/2019 09:24 PM 

rAwr !!!

RAWRR xD i havent posted a pic of meh 4 a long time so i figured yall shuld get an updateeeee.

11/16/2018 09:49 PM 

20 Dollar Nose Bleed - Fall Out Boy

it’s not me, it’s you

actually, it’s the taxidermy of you and me
untie these balloons from around my neck
and ground me

08/12/2018 12:24 PM 

*definitely not a vampire*

07/24/2018 03:27 PM 


everything is ok...the year is 2007, I live near my best friend, we just got home from school and it's raining,, the ozone layer is fine, everything is fine, it's fine, it's 2007 and everything is fine...

07/21/2018 05:49 PM 

House on Fire - Rise Against
Current mood:  gloomy

So I'll just hold you like a hand grenade
You touch me like a razor blade
I wish there was some other way right now

07/16/2018 02:51 PM 

Me vs. the World - Madina Lake

I'm barely holding on
Where did I go wrong
I'm choking on the difference
Between me and the world
And ever since you've been gone
I've been torn apart
I know that you can't hear me but
I'm still hurt
And I wish you were here

So I look up to the stars
And wonder out loud
Why everything I had in life
Has fallen from my arms
Can you even hear this song?
I'm screaming at the clouds
Screaming to a galaxy
That never cared at all
That I need you here

I miss u so much...& I kno u miss me back...so why am I so sad? Could it be I'm still paranoid that ur lying about missing me...or is it the distance itself that hurts...…. I still miss u every single time

I worry about u...I worry about ur life...I worry ur not living as nicely as u say...but can u hear me?

07/08/2018 07:31 PM 

its one of those nights lolz
Current mood:  headphones

06/30/2018 08:59 PM 

tyyyyyyy bff for a fun day
Current mood:  loved

asdfghj I miss ya already come back

06/29/2018 01:50 PM 

1st proper post lolzor
Current mood:  bouncy


I have work today

but after that IM GOING TO THE MALL W/the bff

so uuuh yes

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