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03/14/2019 03:48 PM 

I did another music thing.
Current mood:  amused

So. I had a black metal band loooooooooong time ago. never released anything, unfortunately, because my collaborators were horrible humans. Not gonna get into that, though. Upshot of it, the  band broke up, and I kept the name.

 I was gonna do stuff for it, but I had other obligations that kept me from it for a time. I did, however, record one song for it. 


I'm finally able to work on the project a bit more now, so I wanted to get this song put out after all these years, since I'm ready to do more with it. I made a bandcamp, and will up the tracks there as i finish them, and will up the EP when it is finished as well. 

Yes, I'm still working on the acoustic stuff, in fact, I've written like 3 more songs for it. 

If you're interested in my other music, you can find that here:

02/01/2019 03:31 PM 

So I get the Live Playthrough done!
Current mood:  accomplished

...And here it is, This is me playing Beyond the Stars!


01/20/2019 02:36 PM 

Did some work towards my music recently.
Current mood:  artistic

Well, you've probably seen by now that I've been working towards new music, if you've followed this so far. Lol.

Well, I got a couple sites set up for it, and the links are...*Drumroll*


I also setup a tumblr for it(I was bored) :

to go with my personal tumblr:

If you want to follow me on other social media, I can be found at:

so there's that. 

I'm sure by now you know about my other page on here, so give that request, too.

11/09/2018 08:49 PM 

What a roller coaster....
Current mood:  ecstatic

So earlier in the month, I got notified that Michale Graves, one of my IDOLS, was going to play a show in Ft. Worth, about an hour from me. Well, some sh*t went down, and the concert was cancelled. I started getting very depressed, you know, one of your favourite singers is gonna play, and it's yanked away. My nephew and I had tickets AND VIP passes. So, about 2 days ago, It's announced the show was moved to a place in Dallas, about 30 min. away, AND they'll honor the VIP passes from the other show that was cancelled. There's no tickets, it's door fee, which we have easily. I got my VIP confirmation Email about an hour ago, so I'm jazzed. my nephew is keeping a cooler head than I, mostly because he didn't spend the last nearly 20 years obsessed with Horrorpunk. I'M GONNA MEET MICHALE GRAVES(again) , LOKI, AND ARGYLE GOOLSBY!!!!!! AAAAAH! 

05/31/2018 02:36 PM 

Just an update.
Current mood:  tired

I wish I had video of it, but I did a show for my D&D group. It was mostly covers of The Misfits, Blitzkid, Argyle Goolsby and Michale Graves, but I did it. It was a whole lot of fun, and i got told that this is what I should have been doing instead of the rap thing. 

I spoke to my lablemates and the head of the label, and they want me to do a covers EP before I release the album, and I kinda like the idea. I'm thinking of some covers to do, and am getting jazzed about it.  

There's been so much going on in my personal life lately, and I don't know how to handle it, because everything is still so nebulous. I wish I could get a clearer view of the situation.

replaced my vape that decided to crap out on me. I got the Smoant BattleStar. It's a couple years outta date, but I love the thing. 

OH! My pitbull is terrified of my guitar. The hell. 

05/12/2018 03:26 PM 

Doing some Digging.
Current mood:  amused

So, in an effort to further immerse myself in the type of music I'm wanting to do,I've been listening to a lot of different bands, and reading up on the histories. Two bands I've liked for a long time in the Horror Punk genre are Blitzkid and Mister Monster, and they both had Argyle Goolsby in them. As a bassist, Argyle is a big inspiration to me, so I looked into him. 

This man has two different solo bands, and I love that. He has Argyle Goolsby and the Midnight Rovers and Argyle Goolsby and the Hollow Bodies. AG&TMR is an electric band, and AG&THB is an ACOUSTIC band. THAT'S AWESOME.

I Wanna do that at some point. 

Right now, I need to focus on this album, and get that rolling right. I decided recently to forgo the cover art stuff for the time being, and work on the music itself for right now. The rest will come later. Gotta stop putting the cart before the horse and whatnot.

I'm also putting off writing lyrics. I know what direction I want to go with the lyrics, but I Don't wanna write them yet. 

I've noted the riffs I've been writing are VERY Doo-Wop/50's oriented. I told Bettie(my Partner-in-crime) and Hawk(My former tag team partner as a wrestler) and neither of  them were surprised. Bettie flat said "Your bass style is very 50's so now it's translating to your guitar playing. Also, You're getting less pitchy." Evidently, having forayed into rap as long as I did, I lost my singing a bit. I'm rehearsing almost every day and therefore getting better since I started. 

I'm debating assembling a setlist of covers and starting performing that to get back into the swing of performing. I can sprinkle a few originals(mostly instrumentals and old Devils' 5 and Plague Doctors material) and play that to get performing again. Just a thought.

05/11/2018 03:18 PM 

Just an update
Current mood:  artistic

my fingers hurt. Not in a bad way, but they hurt nonetheless. It's obviously from playing guitar, and I love it. It means I'm actually doing something. LOL.  I haven't felt this good since I quit smoking and cut out soda!

So I'm supposed to go visit my mom and my best friend in August, and my best friend wants to book us in a wrestling match. I haven't wrestled since I was forced to retire because I got my back wrecked by someone changing the finish and intentionally hurting me. Might be fun! 

Outside of that, I picked Skyrim again, and over-modded it. LOLz. SO MUCH EXTRANEOUS STUFF!! My 21 year old nephew said that my Skyrim isn't even Skyrim anymore! anyhow, I've gotten really into role-playing on it, and doing specific builds. I may post up random videos and pics I take during that. 

05/08/2018 01:31 PM 

About the new album

So, I got talking to some people recently, and I got recommended to, in order to get myself back on track with the sound I want to go with, listen to artists who perform that type of music. So for me that, Hank Williams III, Strawfoot, and Michale Graves. 

So I've been listening to a lot of it,. and i forgot how much Michale Graves did acoustically, and how absolutely amazing it was. On the real, It's beautiful. So I was talking to my friends at my D&D game last night, and some out of town fans, and they thought that I should do the album totally acoustic. That's a novel idea.

I've always liked playing acoustic, and every show I've done for that side of my music has been acoustic, so that's a REALLY asppealing idea. I may even re-record some of the older stuff accoustically for it, if that's the direction I decide to go, and let me say, I've heavily leaning that way. 

Let me know what you guys think. Do you think I should do the new rock/alt country stuff acoustic?

05/06/2018 02:25 PM 

since the last one screwed up....

So I tried to post my album cover idea to my last blog, and it didn't work. I Was pointed to a better hosting site by a very kind person(Thank you again!) So let's try that again:

Basically, My older sister was talking to me and decided to re-start writing her book. I told her if she'll actually do it, I'll work on the Alt. Country/Rock album I'm supposed  to have done 5 years ago.  This art is just an idea I've been rattling around. I've got others planned, and I'll post them as I make them.

05/05/2018 01:06 PM 

A new beginning.
Current mood:  amused

So, I got sick of Facebook. About the only thing I keep from there is messenger so I can be in contact with the people I need to be. I came HERE to this site because, to be honest, I missed old school Myspace. I know how to work that system,and when I heard about this, and that it was a similar system, It seemed a good fit, so here i am. 

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