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03/14/2019 03:30 PM 

More Music stuff!
Current mood:  amused

So, a long time back, I started a black metal band, and it fell apart. So, I decided to keep it going on my own, but had other things to focus on, so it fell to the wayside. Well, I found the first track!! I got asked by some buddies to write more and finally release Tomb of the Fallen. Well, I am.

The project is called 

And the first track I did is: 


Am I still doing the acoustic stuff? Yes. I just want to do some of the stuff I hadn't been able to for one reason or another. I also have sites I'll be releasing music on: (Acoustic stuff: Black Metal stuff: Rap stuff: 
 Keep your eyes open, because I'm gonna be working on more music.

02/01/2019 03:26 PM 

I did the Live playthrough of Beyond the Stars!
Current mood:  accomplished

Here it is! Me playing Beyond the Stars!!


01/20/2019 02:17 PM 

Current mood:  amused

So I now have a few places to find my music, and another couple spots to follow me should you want.

I put together a bandcamp, you can find that at: 

and a reverbnation which you can find at:

If you wanna follow me outside of here, you can find me at:

I also have a personal tumblr which is:

Where I post random stuff I like. HOWEVER if you follow my personal tumblr, I humbly ask that you also follow It would make her happy.

anyhow, back to the music. On those two pages(Bandcamp and Reverbnation) I have two demo songs up, an acoustic version of my band's old song, Return of the Loving Dead, and my newest, Beyond the Stars. I have more coming, it's just i'm working on an odd schedule since one of my family members is now working overnights at Wal-Mart. 

I've been listening and playing Beyond the Stars since I recorded it, and I'm super in love with this song. 

10/10/2018 01:07 PM 

Just some updates
Current mood:  cranky

So it's been a minute. I got a couple updates, so here we go!

Still working on the albums, and I'm over halfway through the covers album, which has a cover now!

I've been writing a lot, and I hope to have some more songs for my originals album, and a cover and whatnot soon! It's all really nebulous at the moment.

Over at WWR, I've taken on the making flyers jobs, and as evidenced by the new photo album, and I'm the one who shares them outside of Facebook. 

I still have one hip hop thing I do, my band Samhain Night Krawlerz.

That's me and Skratch. We've started work on a new album!

My boss has a new album coming, as well, and from what I've heard ,it's pretty good.

I'll do a blog post as more come, and post the artwork in an album, so it's more accessible!

06/22/2018 04:59 PM 

An Interesting Development
Current mood:  excited

So, the Ladyfriend and I are doing something fun. She's writing a horror story about a married couple. The only thing she's allowing to be known as of now(outside of She and I) is it's gory. Well, she's asked your Ol' Pal Vince to write some music for it, and I've already got some ideas percolating. TO type out the titles of my songs would be to give away information about the story. What I'm looking at here is doing what is essentially an OST to a written story. I asked her if she wants full band, electric, or does shewant it to be just me and CarolAnne(My acoustic guitar). She wants it just me and CarolAnne, and she wants it all in my style. SO. I'm gonna keep working at this, and HOPEFULLY we can make a fun masterpiece of multi-media. 

06/20/2018 11:56 PM 

Burmese Pythons.
Current mood:  angry

My nephew found an article recently that states they're federally sanctioning the hunting of Burmese Pythons in the Everglades in Florida. Normally, this would piss me off, but I get why. The Pythons are an Invasive Species. They're not supposed to be there. They're devastating the ecosystem. I've been told that where these pythons are, there are no rabbits or foxes, Whitetail Deer, Raccoons, and Opossums are down by roughly 98%. 

Why is this? People want them for pets despite a 2012 federal ban on the importation of the pythons, BECAUSE people were dumping snakes in the Everglades. While I understand that the natural habitat for Burmese Pythons is wet, and the Everglades match that, by dumping them there, we are introducing a species to an area to which they aren't indigenous, and therefore destroying that area.

Now it's prey-for-pay. If you purchase a pet, and can't keep it, find someone specialized in the keeping of such pets, or a zoo, and see if they can take it. I promise you, knowing people with such specializations, they will help you to the best of their abilities.  Don't just dump your pets. 

I hate this, but understand the necessity. 

06/19/2018 08:54 PM 

Random happenings.

So Joined up with a Fallout-style game on Dischord with my nephew. This oughtta be interesting. I'm garbage at post-apocalypse-esque games. 

Also, I've started working on a covers album, because of suggestions. I'm stumped on titles, and artwork, but I DO know I'm covering Blitzkid, Argyle Goolsby, Michale Graves, The Misfits, and Wednesday 13. I figger once I get that in order, I can start doing shows based on the covers before I start on the originals, and I already have a few of those to work on. 

Recently got the itch to go back and re-experience all the old Slenderman stuff I use to follow. Tribe Twelve, Everyman HYBRID, Dark Harvest, El ANdersen. Lots of fun there. 

05/15/2018 03:46 PM 

More thoughts.
Current mood:  fascinated

As I work on this project( this is a VERY important project for me), I keep thinking of neat little things I can do with this, that I couldn't with the rap stuff. I've decided I want to do at least two covers on this. I think one will be Five Cellars Below by Blitzkid(Argyle Goolsby is a major inspiration to me) and one will be either a Michale Graves solo or Graves Era Misfits track. If I do the Michale Graves solo track, I'm thinking of doing Blackbird, and if I do the Graves Era Misfits, It's Either Die Monster Die, Descending Angel or The Shining. I haven't told him yet, but I'm gonna get my friend Donnie to do a song with me on video, and he'll be singing with me. 

So I've been thinking of resurrecting my old stage name for this project. When I was regularly performing and making this kind of music, I was performing as Vincent Van Ghool. I love that name, it's a tribute to a man who was a huge factor in my going the Horror route in life, and a cartoon that kept me from losing my mind as kid.  I was also suggested the name Damien Graves. 

I find that putting my thoughts here is helping me more that I'd initially thought it would. I appreciate you guys reading this and commenting, too, it makes for a confidence boost, and I need that every so often. 

So, I've almost got my Blitzkid cover learned. I'm gonna keep working on it, and when I'm comfortable(perfectionist, so may be a few days)You guys may get a video of Ol' Damien playing that. As it is, I have designs to throw down a couple videos of me playing some Graves/Misfits stuff. I don't have anything of the new material ready yet, and I'm not 100%confident of the old material anymore as I haven't played it in so long, BUT!!! You will get something, Reverend's honor!

I kinda wanna do a list of artists who inspired me to keep myself immersed in this crazy journey of making music, so watch for that.

05/12/2018 09:19 PM 

Let's see how many I can remember....
Current mood:  tired

I've been in a lot of bands, made a lot of Music. 

The Plague Doctors(Guitar, Vocals)
Devil's 5(bass)
Severed 6(growls)
The Creepers(Vocals)
Innocence Lost(Drums)
Random Downside(Drums)
Human Target Range(Vocals)
Georgia Hatchet Squad(raps)
Samhain Night Krawlerz(Raps)
Dirty South Killaz(Raps)
GraveYard Gang(Raps, Singing vocals, Growls)
Wikkid Klown Army(Raps)
Team Dekay(Raps)
Bars Over Everything(Raps)
Midnight Society(Growls, Raps)
The Creeperz(All)
The Van Ghools(Guitar, vocals)
Tortured Eyes(Bass)
Cellar Door(Bass, Drums)
De Long(Bass)
The Nightmare Rides(guitar)
The Salty Spitoon(Bass, Vocals)
Underpants Gnomes(Guitar, Vocals)
Columbus's Allstar Musicians(Guitar, Vocals)
The Covenant(Keyboards)
One Man's Faith(Drums)
Covenant Life Church Praise Band(Drums)
Eros(Bass/backing vocals)

I've done rap, metal, punk, pop punk, death metal, black metal, christian rock, Art Rock, country, etc. I love making music. 

05/12/2018 03:46 PM 

Just some things about my current project.
Current mood:  weird

I like talking about this project. LOL.

So, many moons ago, I was the vocalist in a band called The Creepers that started out covering Graves-Era Misfits. We covered The Shining, Hate the Living Love the Dead, Helena, etc, and I loved it. Well, I Wrote a few songs, and they were all rejected because they wanted to focus on the covers for a while, so I rejiggered them into acoustic songs and played them solo. Well, my wife and I started divorce proceedings and I asked for some time from the band to get it all handled, and they granted me that. When I returned, the bassist and I had been replaced by my friend Alex and my ex-girlfriend's brother. 

For the longest, I was in and out of various bands of various genres, Most notably, Tortured Eyes(Think Breaking Benjamin, I played bass), Random Downside(Think Cradle of Filth meets Hatebreed, I played drums), Innocence Lost(Think The Cure meets Bauhaus, I played drums) and Eros(Think Tool meets APC meets NIN meets Smashing Pumpkins, I played bass), but the ENTIRE time, I was working on the solo stuff. 

Well, I got recruited into a rap group called the Georgia Hatchet Squad with Loki, and the rap thing took over, and the rock/acoustic stuff got sidelined. 

Well, recently, I've been listening to a lot of the old stuff I listened to back in the day like Nekromantix, Elvis Hitler, Mister Monster, Blitzkid, Michale Graves, the Misfits, ETC, and the itch to do acoustic work resurfaced. I talked to my label, Bettie and Hawk, and they all agreed thast if that's how I feel, that's what I need to do. 

Needless to say, since I've been mostly doing the rap stuff, I haven't been singing much, so my voice is off, but thanks to covers, I can work on that while writing the new music. Bettie even noticed that  my voice is clearer since i quit smoking about 5 years ago. 

One of my biggest reasons for doing this as well is because I'm starting to think the rap thing has run its course. I have nothing left to rap about, and it feels like a job to write anymore. I just don't have the passion for it I used to. It took me a long time to come to this decision to step back from rap and do something else, but because my sister needs motivation to write he rbook, I decided this was the right thing, and I'm happier than I've been in a while.

If you're curious about what bands I've been in, I'm thinking of doing a list of them at some point for the fun. 


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