Evan Strange

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August 25th, 2019

Gender: Other
Status: Single
Age: 18
Country: France

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December 24, 2017


04/08/2019 12:53 PM 

50 Questions
Current mood:  bored

1. Do you like blue cheese?
Never try

2. Have you ever smoked a cigarette?

3.Do you own a gun?

4. What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?
We don't have those there, i guess

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?
Most of the time yes

6. Do you like hot-dogs?

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
Capuccino or some water 

9. Can you do push-ups? 
Not a lot but yay

10. What’s your favorite meal?
I have no idea

11. What’s your favorite piece of jewelry?
My bracelets, one thumb ring and necklace sometimes

12. Favorite hobby? 
Dance and listen to music

13. Do you work with people who idolize you?
I don't think

14. Name a trait that you hate about yourself?
Hum... Getting angry easily for nothing, i guess

15. Middle name?
I have two middle name but i won't tell them

16. Name 3 thoughts at this moment: 
I need to do my coming out, "Drugs" by Falling In Reverse is really good and i have f***ed up the cake birthday of my big sis XD

17. Name 3 things you bought yesterday:
Well... i didn't do yesterday but today and it was stuff for doing the cake

18. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink:
Water and capuccino

19. Current worry right now?
How i will tell my parents and how they will take my coming out

20. Current hate right now?
I don't know actually

21. Favorite place to be?
At home or in town

22. How did you bring in New Years?
just stayed in family and watched some stuff on TV for kids

23. Favorite place to go?
Hum... it depends 

24. What is your most recurring dream?
A lot of stuff

25. Introvert or extrovert?
A bit introvert i guess... not sure

26. What color shirt are you wearing?

27. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?
Not my thing

28. Can you whistle?
I have forgot how to do

29. Favorite color?
Blue, Red and Black

30. Would you be a pirate?
Software pirate? nope
Actual pirate? no

31. What songs do you sing in the shower?

32. Favorite girl’s name?
Emily, Avery, Ashley, Maxime

33. Favorite boy’s name?
Ashley, Maxime, Ethan

34. Who is your loudest friend?

35. What’s in your pocket right now?

36. Last thing that made you laugh?
Listening some songs from "High School Musical"

37. Bed sheets as a child?
Barbie bed sheets

38. Worst injury you’ve ever had?
Fractured my wrist

39. Do you love where you live?
It depends...

40. How many TVs are in your house?

41. What is your worst habit?
Biting my lips all the time and make bleed them

42. How many dogs do you have?
One, belongs to my sis tbh

43. Does someone have a crush on you?
I have no idea

44. Do you own slippers?

45. What is your favorite book?
Romane by Pierre-Jean Arsigny

46. What is your favorite candy?
No idea, a lot tbh

47. What is your favorite sports team?
Some team of Electro dance

48. What song do you want played at your funeral?
The Light Behind Your Eyes-My Chemical Romance

49. What were you doing at 12 AM last night? 

50. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning? Don't forget the birthday of your big sis

04/08/2019 05:03 PM 

63 Annoying Questions
Current mood:  bored

1. Song that always makes you sad?

"Miserable at best" by Mayday Parade

2. Last thing you bought?

 Stuff for doing a cake

3. Last person you argued with?

One of my best friend

4. Do you put Butter before putting the peanut butter on?

I don't do this at all

5. One of your stuffed animals' names as a kid? 

6. Did you ever own at one time a Barenaked Ladies Cds

What ? 

7. Favorite day of the week?

The week end so Friday, Saturday and Sunday

8. Favorite Sundae topping?

9. Did you take Piano lessons? 


10. Most frequent song played?

Actually : "Drugs" by Falling In Reverse

11. T.V. show you secretly enjoy?


12. Would you rather play basketball or hockey?


13. Date someone older or younger?

It depends of the age but i don't mind

14. One place you could travel right now?

USA, California

15. Do you use umbrellas?


16. Do you know all the words to the Canadian national anthem?


17. Favorite Cheese?

I don't have one, not my thing

18. The Smith's or the Cure?

19. Do you prefer Blondes or Brunettes?

20. Best job you ever had?

21. did you go to your high school prom?

Don't have this there

22. perfect time to wake up?

 8 or 9.30 am

23. perfect time to go to bed?

It Depends

24. do you use your queen right away in chess?

25. Ever been in a car accident?


26. closer to mom or dad...or neither?


27. what age is this exciting life over for you?

Don't want to answer to this

28. what decade during the 20th century would you have chosen to be a teenager?

80's and 2000's

29. Favorite shoes you have EVER owned?

My Dr.Marteans since my middle school

30. Do you have an article of clothing you have had since you were in high school?


31. Were you in track and field?

32. Were you ever in a school talent show?


33. Have you ever written in a library book?

I don't think

34. Allergic to? 

One thing

35. Favorite fruit?

Hum... Strawberry maybe ? 

36. Have you watched sex and the city?


37. Baseball hat or toque?

38. Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap?

Shampoo first

39. Wet the toothbrush or brush dry with the toothpaste?

Wet the toothbrush

40. Pen or pencil?


41. Have you ever gambled at a casino?


42. Have you thrown up on a plane?

Never take the plane

43. Have you thrown up in a car?

Sadly  yep

44. Have you thrown up at work?


45. Do you scream on roller coasters?

Never try it and don't want to

46. Who was your first prom date?

We don't do prom night there

47. Who was your first roommate?

I have always shared my room with my sis

48. What alcoholic beverage did you drink when you got drunk for the first time?

Never be drunk

49. What was your first job?

I will start this summer so i don't know wet

50. What was your first car?

I don't have a car

51. When did you go to your first funeral?

Never go to funeral

52. How old were you when you first moved away from your hometown?

Never moved away 

53. Who was your first grade teacher?

I don't know

54. Where did you go on your first airplane ride?

never take the airplane

55. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with?

Never did it

56. Who was your first Best Friend and are you still friends with them?

A girl when i was like 5 years old, we don't talk that much now 

57. Where did you live the first time you moved out of your parent's house?

Didn't leave yet

58. Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?

One of my best friend

59. Who's wedding were you in the first time you were a bridesmaid or a groomsmen?

Never been the groomsmen

60. What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Check my phone quickly and breakfast

61. What was the first concert you attended?

I don't remember

62. First tattoo or piercing?

One earring 

63. First celebrity crush?

I don't have such things I don't even get why I would have a crushed on a celebrity

03/24/2019 06:08 PM 

2000's Playlist
Current mood:  headphones

Hey guys ! 
So, I have decide to show you my playlist of 2000's music, it'll be probably shorter than it really is because, I have a lot of songs in. Maybe I'll do a second part, i don't know
It'll not be the order that I prefer, iIwrite them in the order that it come in my mind
So, here we go !

Situations by Escape The Fate
Helena by My Chemical Romance
Until The Day I Die by Story Of The Year
Hit Or Miss by New Found Glory
Misery Business by Paramore
Jamie All Over by Mayday Parade
Miss You by Blink 182
I'm Not Okay by My Chemical romance
This War Is Ours by Escape The Fate
Scars by Papa Roach
Higinia by BlessTheFall
Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings
Keep The Party Alive by Family Force 5
Cute Without The "E" by Taking Back Sunday
Thanks For The Memories by Fall Out Boy
I'm Just A Kid by Simple Plan
1985 by Bowling For Soup
American Idiot by Green Day
If It Means A Lot To You by A Day To Remember
Dear Maria Count Me In by All Time Low
Hollywood Whore by Papa Roach
The Anthem by Good Charlotte
Pieces by Sum 41
Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance
Savior by Rise Against
I Was A Teenage Anarchist by Against Me
Last Resort by Papa Roach
I Just Wanna Live by Good Charlotte
Scene Girlz by BrokenCYDE
Pace Yourself by The Higher
I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! At The Disco
Rooftops by Lost Prophets
The Final Episode by Asking Alexandria
Dirty Little Secrets by All The American Rejects
Not Good Enough For True Cliche by Escape The Fate
Not The American Average by Asking Alexandria
Yeah Boy And Doll Face by Pierce The Veil
Boulevard Of Broken Hearts by Green Day
The Diary Of Jane by Breaking Benjamin
Never Too Late by Three Days Grace
Monster by Skillet
Waking The Demon by Bullet For My Valentine

01/20/2019 07:56 PM 

Get To Know Me


name: MystyStrange
how old are you: 18 years old
zodiac sign: scorpio
current location: France
eye color: grey
hair color: black and orange
hair type:  a bit wavy 
what's your middle name: 
shoe's you wore today: Dr Martens 
your weakness: i have one for sure but actually i can't put a word on it 
your fear: a lot of stuff
have you ever ridden a mechanical bull:  nope  
do you want to: nope
goal you would like to achieve this year: try to survive to my first year of superior studies
first thought when you wake up: Don't wanna go to school
best physical feature: 
who is your bestest friend: a boy i know since middle school
when is your bedtime: it depends, usually around 1 am 
your most cherished memory: i have a lot, maybe the ones with my family 
pepsi or coke: both i guess
mc donalds or burgerking: both
single or group dates: 
what is the last song you sang?: Get Thru This by Art Of Dying
does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive: not really
what is your biggest pet peeve:  
do you drink: nope
ever been drunk: nope
do you smoke: nope
do you "SMOKE":  nope
do you sing: not really
what color underwear do you have on: does it really matter ?
do you want to go to college: 
have you ever been in love: yes
do you want to get married: i don't know
do you believe in yourself: sometimes yes but mostly no
do you believe in others: it depends of the person
do you like thunderstorms: kinda, yes
do you play an instrument: nope
what do you want to be when you grow up: 
what country would you like to visit: USA
how many CD's do you own: 18
how many DVD's do you own: a lot 
how many tattoo's do you have: nope
how many piercings do yo have: nope
how many things in the past do you regret: a lot

shoes: Dr Martens
radio station: i don't listen radio
drink: mint diabolo
place: in Andorra
song: Situations by Escape The Fate i guess
movie: Rock Of Ages
moment: with my family
color: Blue, black and read 
meal: i don't know

favorite eye color: blue
favorite hair color: i don't know
short or long hair: both
height: i don't really mind
body type: i don't mind 
does ethnicity matter: 
piercings: yes
tattoos: yes 

do you think you are attractive: i don't know
are you attracted to someone who does not know it: nope
would you like to be someones fantasy: i don't know
hunter or hunted: hunter
do you kiss with your eyes closed or open: mostly closed
a little or a lot of tongue: 
older or younger:  
lights on/lights off or candle light:  
do you like to cuddle after:  
do you like to cuddle in general: yes

what is todays date: 20/01/2019
what time is it: 2.29 pm
who are you thinking of: i should do my homeworks
what are you listening to: Get Thru This by Art Of Dying
do you love someone: yes
do you know where your mechanical bull is:  nope
does someone love you:  yes
is it raining: nope
how many myspace friends do you have: 102
are you happy: actually yes

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