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06/10/2019 03:22 PM 

Just Because

1. What time is it? 3:11pm
2. What is your name? Jessie
3. What is your age? 29
4. Do you have brothers? Yes, 1
5. What is your favorite color? Midnight blue
6. What are you currently doing right now? Listening to the rain 
7. Do you have any pets? Yes
8. Do you have any Nick names? Shortiey
9.What color is your shirt your wearing?grey
10. Single, or taken? Taken🖤
11.How tall are you?5'1
12. What is the last thing you drank? Wild Cherry Pepsi
13.What did you do today? Cook 
14. Where did you go to school at? East liverpool high school 
15. Are you still in school? No
16. What year did you graduate? 2007
17. When is your birthday? June 20th
18. What is your boyfriends name? Adam🖤
19. Do you have a facebook? Yes
20. What is your favorite tv show? Ghost adventures
21. What is your favorite movie? To many to name
22. Are you in a good mood? Yes
23. Pepsi or coke? Pepsi
24. Facebook or twitter? Facebook
25. Do you have Snapchat? Not anymore 
26. Do you still live with your parents? No
27. Are your parents still married? Yes
28. How long have you been with your boyfriend? 6 years🖤
29. What is your favorite food? Pineapple chicken
30.What was your favorite subject in school? Early childhood education 
31. Did you do any sports? Not really
32. Are you close to your dad? No
33. Are you close to your mom? Yes
34. What is your dogs name? I dont have a dog
35. What year were you born? 1989
36.Do you have friends? Barely 
37. Where are you from? Ohio
38. Have you ever been on a plane ? No
39. Ever been to south Carolina ? No
40. Been to Washington DC ? No
41. Are your nails painted? No
42. Do you have a tanning bed ?no
43. What is your favorite store?dollar tree
44. What is your least favorite store? Idk. 
45. Restaurant you last ate at? Burger King 
46. Do you have a sister? Not biological ones. 
47. Dr.pepper or mountain dew? Dr. Pepper
48. Ever been on a cruise? No
49. Do you like to go camping? Yes, i love it 
50. Been to Disney world? No

01/16/2019 09:16 PM 


Amazingly new questions, you ready?

What is something that is bothering you right now?
my house

Will you be in a relationship one month from now?
probably. of course 

Who was the last person to see you cry?
Jennifer Reynolds

Do you drink bottled water? 

What was the last thing you drank?
Pepsi Wild Cherry

Do you hate the last person who called you?

Where is your best friend right now?
at her house i believe

Do you believe in love?

Name something you dislike about the day you’re having?
having to clean all the time

If you’re being extremely quiet, what does that mean?
deep in thought or zoned out.

Last person of the opposite sex you texted single?
hes single & hes my brother Teddy Wooten

Tell me about the shirt you’re wearing:
blue t-shirt

How long have you lived in your current home?
since june 4th 2017

You never know what you have until it’s gone. True or false?

Are you sad when someone says they hate you?

Are you scared of losing the person you like to someone else?

Will you be in bed in the next 20 minutes?
i wish lol but no.

Do you laugh at inappropriate times?
Yes. but i try hard not to

What time did you wake up today?
6:50ish I believe.

Would you rather be single all your life or grow old with someone?
Grow old with someone.

How many bracelets do you have on right now?
not sure

How long have you liked the person you like right now?
since 2003 Adam Bailey

Is there someone of the opposite sex you can talk to?

Do you like mac n cheese?
not really

Do you get mad when people don’t text back?
Not anymore.

What does your phone do when it recieves a text?
i dont remember lol

How late did you stay up til last night and why?
I think I fell asleep around 10;30-11.

Are you going out of town soon?

Think back to Februrary, how was your love life?
It's only January. lol but great :)

Will you regret your next kiss?
No because it will be with adam

What is in your pocket?

Did you wake up in the middle of the night last night?
no surprisingly

Are you happier now or 5 months ago?

Are you usually wide awake when you wake up?

Can you remember the last person you texted without looking?
my brother lol

Can you sleep without blankets covering you?

Do you listen to music everyday?

How long have you known your first phone contact?
that would be my moms sister (Aunt Connie) Soo since birth haha

Who are all your texts in your inbox from?
door dash, straight talk, brother, aunt connie, kim from church, Cathmay Lipira Tracy Wallace Jim Bailey Kris Bailey Dustin Huff Susan JonesMikelynne Bailey Sean Lisa Lyden-Crutchley Vaneesa Pressley Rick From salvation army

Do you have a hard time making decisions?

Are you gonna be home alone tonight?

What are you looking forward to?
cooking dinner hahahaha

Are you a morning or night person?

Are you excited for this weekend?
yes lol

What are you wearing on your feet?

If there was a large spider in your room, would you stay in the room?
no. id kill it

What is the last thing you touched, other than your computer?
my phone

When was the last time you talked to your best friend?
one today & the other last night

Have you heard a song that reminds you of someone today?

Are you a social or anti-social person?
anti social. I hate people.
but i try to be social. lol 
Can you recall the last time you liked someone?
right now.

Where were you last night at 8 PM?
At home.

What color is your cell phone?
black & grey.

What is the last non-alcoholic beverage you drank?
pepsi Wild cherry

Your last received text, would you kiss them? 

Have you told anybody you loved them and meant it? 

Are you in a good mood?
kind of.

What were you doing an hour ago? 
eating breakfast

Is there anyone that could make your day if they showed up at your house? 

Does your middle name begin with an A, M, or S? 

How old was the last person you rode in a car with? 
in her 50s shes my mom lol

What color was the last vehicle you were in? silver i think

Do you have plans for next weekend? 
cleaning as ALWAYS

What was the last movie you saw in theaters and who did you go with?
i dont remember

How old were you in 1999? 

Are you taller than 5'6"? 

Who were the last three people to call you? 
Vaneesa Pressley my mom & some random number.

What were you doing last night at 10pm? 
watching Ghost Adventures

If you turn around, what is behind you? 
the couch

Would you dye your hair hot pink for $50? 

Do you have any step or half siblings? 

What color is your underwear?

Where did you get the shirt you are wearing? 

Who was the last person to hug you? 
my kids.

Who is on your mind right now? 
davyn lol. hoping he stays OUT OF THE BATHROOM HAH

In how many years will you be thirty? 
this year

What are your plans after this?
clean my kitchen

Are you currently barefoot?
Nope, I’m wearing my socks

What’s the dumbest thing you have ever said?
who knows theres alot hahah

You can never drink tea again or soda. Which do you give up?

Last time you drank coffee?
i dont drink coffe. i believe i was a kid not sure

Do you listen to screamo?
not really but if its on i'll listen

In what month were you born?

Do you take vitamins daily?

Who is your 9th contact in your phone?
Brittany Mays

How many programs are running on your computer now?

What’s the first icon on your desktop?
Recycle Bin.

What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?
on facebook

How old is the cellphone you have right now?
11 months

Do you get pissed off when your computer freezes?

What’s the last thing you laughed at?
my boyfriend

What’s one thing you hate about your best friend?
they're not close to me.

Where is your dad right now?
either home or working .

01/16/2019 09:16 PM 

Schools you attended

Schools you attended, let see if you remember.

Preschool: none 
Kindergarten: Westgate Elementary School 1994-1995
Grade 1: Westgate Elementary School 1995-1996
Grade 2: Westgate Elementary School 1996-1997
Grade 3: Westgate Elementary School 1997-1998
Grade 4: Westgate Elementary School 1998-1999
Grade 5: Westgate Elementary School 1999-2000
Grade 6: Westgate Middle School 2000-2001
Grade 7: Westgate Middle School 2001-2002
Grade 8: Westgate Middle School 2002-2003
Grade 9: East Liverpool High School 2003-2004
Grade 10: East Liverpool High School 2004-2005
Grade 11: East Liverpool High School 2005-2006
Grade 12: East Liverpool High School 2006-2007

How old will you be turning this year? 30😢😨

Copy and paste

01/05/2019 08:26 PM 

COUPLES!!! make this your status & answer honestly.
Current mood:  happy

Relationship length: 5 years 7 months 
Married: no
Who’s older: him
Age difference: 1 year & 4 months
Who was interested first? Me
Who’s taller: He is
Worst temper: me
Most sensitive: Me
Loudest: me
Funniest: him
Most stubborn: him
Falls asleep first: Him
Cooks better: him
Better singer: it's a tie haha jk i believe he is 
Most adventurous: ehh we're about the same 
Most organized: I'd say we're about the same. Lol 
Better morning person: him
Dresses the nicest: both
Most protective: both
Best Driver: him
Has the most clothes: I say him lol

03/14/2018 08:50 PM 

Losing A Grandparent Changed My Life
Current mood:  bummed

Live for them, and give them a legacy to be proud of.

Death isn’t what the average 20-something thinks about every day. You don’t think it will happen to you, or the people around you. You know that it exists because you see heart-wrenching reports on the news daily of another life lost to ignorance or hate.

Yes, losing a grandparent definitely changes your life. For some of us, it's a drastic change. To others: they knew it was coming. Still, some weren't even close to their grandparents because they lived too far away from each other to build a relationship in person. 

I can't even fathom that considering both of my grandparents lived a city away from me or across town. They are your second set of parents and the love you've had for your entire life. They are the lessons learned and the ones holding your hand through it all.

When my grandfather died (affectionately known to me as Papa), my life changed. I watched him take his last breath in the hospital alone. I called my mother to tell her that her father died. In that moment: my emotionally sheltered life was torn apart. In that moment: I had to grow up. The person I had leaned on my entire life was gone. 

I literally reconsidered everything I had done in my life in a matter of hours. I thought about college, finally graduating and walking across that stage: cords swinging and my tassel hanging there. That was his biggest dream for me, we were only a year away from it when he left this earth.

When a grandparent passes they take a part of you: big or small. When you were younger you planned out life with them. You shared your dreams with them, your insecurities, your childish ways and most of all you shared your love. 

They, in turn, taught you lessons about life, helped you realize those dreams, and never let you go without being told you were loved every single time they saw you. They are the suppliers of happiness, security, and laughs. Friends come and go, but your family stays with you forever.

The bottom line is: most everyone knows what it's like to lose a grandparent. We all cope differently, and leaning on others is the best way to keep yourself up. Facing the reality of death is the only way we can accept it and move on. Moving on doesn't mean forgetting, it means understanding. We were lucky enough to have these amazing people to guide us through our younger years, teaching us these vital lessons. 

I can't tell you how many times a day I wish I had my papa back. Learning to cope without them is the hardest part, even years later. Grandparents prepare you for life's greatest gains. Little did they know they would be their grandchildren's biggest loss. Live for them, and give them a legacy to be proud of.

[I Didnt Write This]

03/13/2018 04:04 PM 


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03/05/2017 03:06 PM 

To the Grandpa I Miss Every Second of Every Day
Current mood:  sad

I remember the days when we would make random trips up to see you. 

The times we would sit there and play as you would sit in the chair outside just admiring your grandchildren.

As the years went on the sicker you got and the more confused I got, as to why you had to carry a tank behind you everywhere you went, why you had chords all over your face and why you never smiled anymore. 

I was always so excited to see you though no matter your condition. I can honestly say you were my best friend. 

All the Christmas's spent with you and you would always have a cute gift for me.

I remember all the laughs we would get together or the times I would sit at your bed and try to hold in all my tears as I knew your death was slowly approaching. 

But what I remember most vividly is the last time I saw you. I was questioning if it would be the last time but I kept telling myself it wasn't going to be. 

Sitting beside you in bed telling funny stories and watching the news, laughing nonstop and getting my cuddle time with you.  

Leaving you that day had to of been one of the hardest days of my life...

I remember getting in the car and holding all my tears in for that trip home and going into my room and just letting them all out. 

The day that will forever be the worst day of my life is the day I found out that you went up to heaven.

I remember dropping to the ground in tears denying the truth. 

I then remember being reminded that you are much healthier now and you'll always be with me and that me being sad is the last thing that you'll ever want. I have my days where all I do is think about you and cry but I also think about you every day and smile. 

I miss you more than ever Grandpa and I can't wait to see you some day.

02/11/2017 04:19 PM 

Freddy Krueger
Current mood:  crazy

A Nightmare on Elm Street character
Freddy Krueger.JPG
Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger
First appearanceA Nightmare on Elm Street
Created byWes Craven
Portrayed byRobert Englund (1984-2003)
Jackie Earle Haley (2010)
AliasesThe Springwood Slasher
ClassificationSerial killer[1]
Primary locationSpringwood, Ohio
Signature weaponBladed glove

Frederick Charles "FreddyKrueger is the main antagonist of the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series. He first appeared in Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) as a burnt serial killer who uses a glove armed with razors to kill his victims in their dreams, causing their deaths in the real world as well. In the dream world, he is a powerful force and almost completely invulnerable to damage. However, whenever Freddy is pulled into the real world, he has normal human vulnerabilities. Krueger was created by Wes Craven, and had been consistently portrayed by Robert Englund since his first appearance. In the 2010 franchise reboot, he was portrayed by Jackie Earle Haley. In 2011, Freddy appeared as a playable character in the video game Mortal Kombat.[2] Over the course of the series, Freddy has battled numerous survivors including Nancy Thompson.[3]

In the Nightmares on Elm Street comics, Freddy partners up with Devonne, also known as The Springwood Killer.[4]

Freddy is a nightmare-demon who attacks his victims from within their dreams. He is commonly identified by his burned, disfigured face, red-and-green striped sweater, brown fedora, and trademark metal-clawed brown leather glove only on his right hand. This glove was the product of Krueger's own imagination, the blade having been welded by himself. Robert Englund has said many times that he feels the character represents neglect, particularly that suffered by children. The character also more broadly represents subconscious fears.

Wizard magazine rated Freddy the 14th greatest villain,[5] the British television channel Sky2 listed him 8th,[6] and the American Film Institute ranked him 40th on its "AFI's 100 Years... 100 Heroes and Villains" list.[7] In 2010, Freddy won an award for Best Villain (formerly Most Vile Villain) at the Scream Awards.


Freddy is introduced in A Nightmare on Elm Street as a child killer who is eventually discovered and captured by the law, but escapes due to a technicality (someone forgot to sign the search warrant in the right place). He is hunted down by a mob of angry parents, and cornered in a boiler room where he used to take his victims. The mob douses the building with gasoline and sets it on fire, burning Krueger alive. While his body dies, his spirit lives on in the dreams of a group of teenagers living in his old neighborhood, whom he preys on by entering their dreams and killing them. He is apparently destroyed at the end of the film by protagonist Nancy Thompson, but the last scene reveals that he had survived. He went on to antagonize the teenage protagonists of the next five films in the series. After a hiatus, Krueger was brought back in Wes Craven's New Nightmare by Wes Craven, who had not worked on the film series since the third film, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.

In Dream Warriors, more of Freddy's backstory is revealed by the mysterious nun who repeatedly appears to Dr. Gordon. Freddy's mother, Amanda Krueger, was a nurse at the asylum featured in the film. At the time she worked there, a largely abandoned, run-down wing of the asylum was used to lock up entire hordes of the most insane criminals all at once. When Amanda was young, she was accidentally locked into the room with the criminals over a holiday weekend. They managed to keep her hidden for days, raping her repeatedly. When she was finally discovered, she was barely alive and was pregnant with the future Freddy Krueger.

In 2003, Freddy battled fellow horror icon Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th film series in the theatrical release Freddy vs. Jason, a film which officially resurrected both characters from their respective deaths and subsequently sent them to Hell. The ending of the film is left ambiguous as to whether or not Freddy is actually dead; despite being decapitated, he winks at the viewers. A sequel featuring Ash Williams from The Evil Dead franchise was planned, but never materialized on-screen. It was later turned into Dynamite Entertainment's comic book series Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash.

In the 2010 remake of the original film, it is suggested that Freddy is a child molester who had sexually abused the teenage protagonists of the film when they were young children. When their parents found out, they trapped him in a building and set it on fire, killing him. He took his revenge on the teenagers for selling him out.


Robert Englund continued his role as Krueger on October 9, 1988, in the television anthology series, Freddy's Nightmares. The show was hosted by Freddy, who did not take direct part in most of the episodes, but he did show up occasionally to influence the plot of particular episodes. Further, a consistent theme in each episode was characters having disturbing dreams. The series ran for two seasons, 44 episodes, ending March 10, 1990.[8] Although most of the episodes did not feature Freddy taking a major role in the plot, the pilot episode, "No More Mr. Nice Guy", depicts the events of his trial, and his subsequent death at the hands of the parents of Elm Street after his acquittal. In "No More Mr. Nice Guy", though Freddy's case seems open and shut, a mistrial is declared based on the arresting officer, Lt. Tim Blocker, not reading Krueger his Miranda rights, which is different from the original Nightmare that stated he was released because someone forgot to sign a search warrant in the right place. The episode also reveals that Krueger used an ice cream van to lure children close enough so that he could kidnap and kill them. After the town's parents burn Freddy to death he returns to haunt Blocker in his dreams. Freddy gets his revenge when Blocker is put to sleep at the dentist's office, and Freddy shows up and kills him.[9] The episode "Sister's Keeper" was a "sequel" to this episode, even though it was the seventh episode of the series.[10] The episode follows Krueger as he terrorizes the Blocker twins, the identical twin daughters of Lt. Tim Blocker, and frames one sister for the other's murder.[9] Season two's "It's My Party And You'll Die If I Want You To" featured Freddy attacking a high school prom date who stood him up twenty years earlier. He got his revenge with his desire being fulfilled in the process.[11]

Video games[edit]

Freddy's first video game appearance was in the Nintendo Entertainment System's 1989 game A Nightmare on Elm Street.[12] The game was published by LJN Toys and developed by Rare.

A second game for the Commodore 64 and DOS-based computers was also released in 1989 released by Monarch Software and developed by Westwood Associates.

Freddy Krueger later appeared as an extra playable character for Mortal Kombat (2011). He has become the second non-Mortal Kombat character to appear in the game with the other being Kratos from the God of War series (who was an exclusive character for the PlayStation 3 version, while Freddy was available across all versions of the game).[13] In the game, he was brought to the Mortal Kombat reality by Shao Kahn.

Halloween Horror Nights[edit]

Freddy Krueger appeared alongside Jason Voorhees and Leatherface as minor icons during Halloween Horror Nights 17: "The Carnival of Carnage" and again with Jason during Halloween Horror Nights 25: The Carnival Returns at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood in 2007, 2008, and as the main marketing icon in 2010. In 2016, Freddy Krueger is back at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood in the maze"Freddy vs. Jason".


Wes Craven said his inspiration for the basis of Freddy Krueger's power stemmed from several stories in the Los Angeles Times about a series of mysterious deaths: All the victims had reported recurring nightmares and died in their sleep.[14] Additionally, Craven's original script characterized Freddy as a child molester, which Craven said was the "worst thing" he could think of. The decision was made to instead make him a child murderer in order to avoid being accused of exploiting the spate of highly publicized child molestation cases in California around the time A Nightmare on Elm Street went into production.[15] Craven's inspirations for the character included a bully from his school during his youth, a disfigured homeless man who had frightened him when he was 11, and the 1970s pop song "Dream Weaver" by Gary Wright. In an interview, he said, "When I looked down there was a man very much like Freddy walking along the sidewalk. He must have sensed that someone was looking at him and stopped and looked right into my face. He scared the living daylights out of me, so I jumped back into the shadows. I waited and waited to hear him walk away. Finally I thought he must have gone, so I stepped back to the window. The guy was not only still looking at me but he thrust his head forward as if to say, 'Yes, I'm still looking at you.' The man walked towards the apartment building's entrance. I ran through the apartment to our front door as he was walking into our building on the lower floor. I heard him starting up the stairs. My brother, who is ten years older than me, got a baseball bat and went out to the corridor but he was gone."[16]

Freddy's back story is revealed gradually throughout the series. In A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, the protagonists learn that Freddy's mother, Amanda Krueger, was a nun who worked in Westin Hills mental hospital caring for the inmates. Freddy was conceived when she was accidentally locked inside over the Christmas holiday and gang-raped by a group of the inmates, thus making him "the bastard son of 100 maniacs". Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare depicts Freddy's traumatic childhood; he displayed sociopathic behavior at a young age and was often teased by classmates. He was adopted as a child by an abusivealcoholic named Mr. Underwood, who teaches him how to torture animals and inflict pain on himself. Freddy eventually murders him, with no apparent consequences, and becomes a serial killer. The film also reveals that when Freddy reached adulthood, he married a woman named Loretta, with whom he fathered a daughter named Katherine. After the birth of his daughter, he tried to lead a normal life, but his murderous nature eventually overcame him, and he murdered 20 children on Elm Street between 1963 and 1966. He later murdered his wife after she discovered the evidence of his child killings, which Katherine witnessed. She told the authorities and Freddy was arrested for the murder of his wife and the Elm Street children. In 1968, he was put on trial, but released on a technicality, leading to his death at the hands of the parents of his victims. In his dying moments, the Dream Demons came to him to offer him immortality in exchange for being their agent, which Freddy accepted. His daughter, Katherine, was later moved out of Springwood, adopted, and renamed Maggie Burroughs.

In Wes Craven's New Nightmare, Freddy is characterized as a symbol of something powerful and ancient, and is given more stature and muscles.[17] Unlike the six movies before it, New Nightmare shows Freddy as closer to what Wes Craven originally intended, toning down his comedic side while strengthening the more menacing aspects of his character.

Throughout the series, Freddy's potential victims often experience dreams of young children, jumping rope and chanting a rhyme to the tune of "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" with the lyrics changed to "One, Two, Freddy's coming for you", often as an omen to Freddy's presence or a precursor to his attacks.

In the 2010 remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street, Jackie Earle Haley portrayed Freddy Krueger. In the film, Krueger is depicted as a child abuser who worked as a gardener at a local preschool.

Freddy Krueger's physical appearance has remained largely consistent throughout the film series, although minor changes were made in subsequent films. He wears a striped red-and-green sweater (solid red sleeves in the original film), a dark brown fedora, his bladed glove, loose black trousers (brown in the original film), and worn working boots, in keeping with his blue collar background. His skin is scarred and burned as a result of being burned alive by the parents of Springwood, and he has no hair at all on his head as it presumably all burned off. In the original film, only Freddy's face was burned, while the scars have spread to the rest of his body from the second film onwards. His blood is occasionally a dark, oily color, or greenish in hue when he is in the Dreamworld. In the original film, Freddy remains in the shadows and under lower light much longer than he does in the later pictures. In the second film, there are some scenes where Freddy is shown without his glove, and instead with the blades protruding from the tips of his fingers. As the films began to emphasize the comedic, wise-cracking aspect of the character, he began to don various costumes and take on other forms, such as dressing as a waiter or wearing a Superman inspired version of his sweater with a cape (The Dream Child), appearing as a video game sprite (Freddy's Dead), a giant snake-like creature (Dream Warriors), and a Hookah smoking caterpillar (Freddy vs. Jason).

In New Nightmare, Freddy's appearance is updated considerably, giving him a green fedora that matched his sweater stripes, skin-tight leather pants, knee-high black boots, a turtleneck version of his trademark sweater, a dark blue trench coat, and a fifth claw on his glove, which also has a far more organic appearance, resembling the exposed muscle tissue of an actual hand. Freddy also has fewer burns on his face, though these are more severe, with his muscle tissue exposed in numerous places. Compared to his other incarnations, this Freddy's injuries are more like those of an actual burn victim. For the 2010 remake, Freddy is returned to his iconic attire, but the burns on his face are intensified with further bleaching of the skin and exposed facial tissue on the left cheek, reminiscent of actual third degree burns.

Clawed glove[edit]

Freddy Krueger "Dream Master" claw used in the 4th installment of A Nightmare on Elm Street

Wes Craven claimed that part of the inspiration for Freddy's infamous glove was from his cat, as he watched it claw the side of his couch one night.[18]

In an interview he said, "Part of it was an objective goal to make the character memorable, since it seems that every character that has been successful has had some kind of unique weapon, whether it be a chain saw or a machete, etc. I was also looking for a primal fear which is embedded in the subconscious of people of all cultures. One of those is the fear of teeth being broken, which I used in my first film. Another is the claw of an animal, like a saber-toothed tiger reaching with its tremendous hooks. I transposed this into a human hand. The original script had the blades being fishing knives."[19]

When Jim Doyle, the creator of Freddy's claw, asked Craven what he wanted, Craven responded, "It's kind of like really long fingernails, I want the glove to look like something that someone could make who has the skills of a boilermaker."[18] Doyle explained, "Then we hunted around for knives. We picked out this bizarre-looking steak knife, we thought that this looked really cool, we thought it would look even cooler if we turned it over and used it upside down. We had to remove the back edge and put another edge on it, because we were actually using the knife upside down." Later Doyle had three duplicates of the glove made, two of which were used as stunt gloves in long shots.[18]

For New Nightmare, Lou Carlucci, the effects coordinator, remodeled Freddy's glove for a more "organic look". He says, "I did the original glove on the first Nightmare and we deliberately made that rough and primitive looking, like something that would be constructed in somebody's home workshop. Since this is supposed to be a new look for Freddy, Craven and everybody involved decided that the glove should be different. This hand has more muscle and bone texture to it, the blades are shinier and in one case, are retractable. Everything about this glove has a much cleaner look to it, it's more a natural part of his hand than a glove." The new glove has five claws.[citation needed]

In the 2010 remake, the glove is redesigned as a metal gauntlet with four finger bars, but it is patterned after its original design.

Freddy's glove appeared in the 1987 horror-comedy Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn above the door on the inside of a toolshed. This was Sam Raimi's response to Wes Craven showing footage of The Evil Dead in A Nightmare on Elm Street, which in turn was a response to Sam Raimi putting a poster of Craven's 1977 film The Hills Have Eyes in The Evil Dead.[citation needed] The glove also appears in the 1998 horror-comedy Bride of Chucky in an evidence locker room that also contains the remains of the film's villain Chucky, the chainsaw of Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the masks of Michael Myers from Halloween and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th.

At the end of the movie Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday, the mask of the title character, Jason Voorhees, played by Kane Hodder, is dragged under the earth by Freddy's gloved hand, thus setting up Freddy vs. Jason. Freddy's gloved hand, in the ending, was played by Kane Hodder.[20]

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About Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Current mood:  blah

what is your favorite candle scent? Vanilla
what female celebrity you wish was your sister? Eliza Dushku
what male celebrity do you wish was your brother? Hmm I'm Not Sure
how old do you think you'll be when you get married? Hahahahaha
do you know a hoarder? no!
can you do a split? no!
how old were you when you learned to ride a bike? i don't remember!
how many oceans have you swam in? None
how many countries have you been to? Just The USA Lol
is anyone in your family in the army? I Believe So.
what would you name your daughter if you had one? JaeLynn, Tynisha
what would you name your son if you had one? Boy Names Hardly Stand Out To Me. But I Already Have 2 Sons. My 2 are Kaden-Scott & Davyn.
 whats the worst grade you got on a test? F or D lol
what was your favorite tv show when you were a child? Rug Rats, Hey Arnold, Wild Thornberries, Doug Funny
what did you dress up as on halloween when you were eight? Probably A Witch
have you read any of the harry potter, hunger games or twilight series? no.
would you rather have an american accent or a british accent? I Like EIther
did your mother go to college? No
are your grandparents still married? yes!
have you ever taken karate lessons? No
do you know who kermit the frog is? OMG YES! I LOVE HIM!!!!
what is the first amusement park you been to? Geauga Lake (Sixs Flag)
what language, besides your native language, would you like to be fluent in? Spanish
do you spell the color as grey or gray? I Use Both
is your father bald? no!
do you know triplets? no!
do you prefer titanic or the notebook? Although I Love Titanic I'd Have To Say Notebook
 have you ever had indian food? no!
whats the name of your favorite restaurant? Kings Buffet, Brickers, Hot Dog Shoppe & Family Lin
have you ever been to olive garden? No
do you belong to any warehouse stores(costco, bj no!
what would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender? Uhm... Either Edward Charles or Charles Edward lol. Id Have To Ask My Mom
if you have a nickname, what is it? Shortiey, Adams Wife, J-Baby, Jessie, Jess, LIttle Teddy (My Brothers Name Is Teddy) Munkee, Lil Mexican (Not Mexican Tho)
who is your favorite person in the world? my Kids
would you rather live in a rural area or in the suburbs? The Country
can you whistle? No.
do you sleep with a nightlight? no!
do you eat breakfast in the morning? No
do you take any pills or medication daily? Iron Pills & Vitamins.
what medical conditions do you have? Uhm... I Have A Curved Spin That My Mom Says I Have Anyways.
how many times have you been to the hospital? many times for friends, family & My babies.
have you ever seen finding nemo? yes!
where do you buy your jeans? i get hand-me downs from my younger cousins lol.
whats the last compliment that you got? I was pretty
do you usually remember your dreams in the morning? no
what flavor tea do you enjoy? Black Tea
how many pairs of shoes do you currently own? Either 5 or 6
what religion will you raise your children to practice? christian like.
how old were you when you found out Santa Claus wasn't real? probably 6 lol my brother told me he wasn't real lol


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