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June 1st, 2020

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April 14, 2020


05/23/2020 12:39 PM 

updates on me and 30 day challenge...

Heyo! Things are still pretty boring here in quarantine. It's part of the reason I've been avoiding continuing with the 30 day challenge since day 9 is to talk about your day in detail, but there's nothing to talk about! ;-;

Today wasn't so different. I woke up at a reasonable time (8/9am?), went through all the social medias, read a news article on Serj Tankian, worked on getting the SRAR radio up for today but some stuff came up and we had to postpone this week ;-; then i ate a cupcake for breakfast because i am an adult who can make their own decisions :) at 12 I watched the homeless gospel choir's livestream show with dan from listener. It was more background noise for me this week. Then my brother's friend, our "adopted brother" as i call him, officially moved in with us today. my mom and i made a "it's a boy!" banner in the front walkway and through baby confetti on him when he walked in the door, ha! my studio space in the backyard is finally finished structure-wise and today i started moving some furniture and my boxes in. my new bed is going to get her next wednesday i think, and then im going to get some new shelves and stuff. i can't wait to get everything set up and decorated!! I played sims for a little bit, i heated up some egg rolls for lunch, i did some chores, hung out in the backyard a bit. played a couple rounds of smash bros. i found a ap magazine from 2004 with fob on the cover for only $12 and impulse bought it a;lsdf so im excited for that to come in the mail. was talking on discord in some group chats for a while. started watching documentary/TLC kind of stuff on youtube again. learned about the rat temple in India and now i really want to go someday lol. pretty much have been watching youtube since 7 or 8 this evening. now just ate some oven pinapple pizza and i think my family is going to rent and watch the new scooby doo movie. 

day 10. my favorite quote. there's too many to choose from :( literally anything from the boys in my chem, especially the ones about it being okay to be fuked up. 

day 11. thing i want to say to 3 people
@shank i love you!
that's it. i don't talk to anyone else and i dont want to. 

okay that's enough for today. i dont like the hate parts of the challenge, day 12 is looking a little draining...


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