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May 25th, 2020

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Gender: Male
Status: Swinger
Age: 13
Country: United States

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September 01, 2019


05/22/2020 10:48 PM 

me in a pandemic...
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  pretty

its fun. i like not having 2 do a lot,not going 2 school etc. etc. all i do is do my work & listen 2 music. but i miss my friends...and i forgot their names 2 add insult to injury. im also a little scared that  i wont be able to go to prom or graduate... but i get to focus on hobbies and maybe i will come out a musician.......or some thing!

this is my first blog.its all about me so its not too interesting unless ur my friend or me from the future,maybe not even then.idc becuz u read this far! :D soon i will start to do poetry but it will be locked to friends only. if ik u on twitter,msn,discord or other then feel free to send me a friend request i will gadly accept,if idk u then just send a pm! :) im also open 2 meeting new ppl w similar interests u can just see whats on my profile atm to see what i like. anddddddddddddddddddd umm......thts it. ill post sum interesting stuff soon one day i swear !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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