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Bun Bun

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May 29th, 2020

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Gender: Female

Age: 23
Country: United States

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January 19, 2019


05/21/2020 11:24 PM 

the world's a big high school, where do you fit in?
Current mood:  creative

It's all fun when you know you can take a break. when you find yourself becoming impressionable by the pressures of social media you made up for yourself, you retreat. you realize humans pick and choose who they want to be real. you can be a regular and say or post great things and someone popular swoops along, says the same things, and gets alot of shares.
we're talking about platforms where you have to self-deprecate or argue to get a couple shares. basically if i were to talk about killing myself, debate, or post negative memes, I would be a big hit. once sis takes accountability and moves on from that and posts cute, positive material(you know, healthy food, tips, experiences, cool things i've bought) there's crickets. 
what i've been failing to realize all along is that facebook is a high school. I've realized that if you aren't airing yourself out to them, they'll never trust you.
you have to sacrifice all of your business to them for them to see you as real.
but it's all because they want ammo and your energy to feed on.
you don't even know them like that!
the real world doesn't like wholesome. 
it's only to make themselves look good on the surface.
once you realize this, you'll no longer sweat it. like me.
just move along.
the peeps that everyone thinks are lame? 
that's where the real fun is.
f*** these trauma-bonding cliques and form real friendships.


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