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March 28th, 2020

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March 26, 2020


03/26/2020 03:41 PM 

Hai!! 'M new here!!
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  bouncy


M zuper new here, zo i guezz we zhould ztart off with zum 8azic introductionz!!
My naem iz Emil or Lime (actually, I go by lotz of naemz but theze are juzt the main onez i uze!), an im 6teen yrz old! I'm taken 8y my zuper duper d8m8 Penn n' they're zuper awezometaztic!! I'mma zuper duper zcene kid n I liek makin kandi! I'm really excited to 8e here!! I know lotz of 8ad ztuff haz 8een happening out in the real world recently, zo I hope that 8eing here will make timez at leazt a little 8it eazier!!

I juzt liek makin friendz, zo I'm pretty much down to talk anytiem! I liek Zonic the Hedgehog, Invader Zim, lotz of other kidz zhowz, n' juzt a lot of other thingz too! I lizten to lotz of muzic n' I haev my Zpotify linked in the A8out Me zection of my profile!

Az for today, today'z been a little weird!! It wuz the firzt day of "zkool" after zpring 8reak, 8ut cuz of the quarentine we can't actually go 8ack to zkool zo we're doing online learning. 8ut I happened to zleep through all of my clazzez zumhow!!!! Firzt day 8ack n' I'm already 8ehind!!!! >x3 I hope tomorrow will 8e 8etter!!

Anywayz, I'll keep u updated!! It'z nice to meet every1!!! Haev a good day/night/time!!! ♥3 x9!


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