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March 27th, 2020

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Age: 100
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January 14, 2020


03/25/2020 12:16 AM 

[Quarantine Day 9] First Post Waddup!
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  blank

Hello, this is Lindsey :)

I'm feeling quite weary after a long day of quarantine. As I'm writing this down at 12 am, I wonder what my friends are up to. It gets pretty lonely in times like these, social distancing can be hard for some people, I understand. For me, it isn't. I long for times like these all the time. 

So... what have I been doing? I've been noticing unusual patterns of myself during quarantine. I've been listening to Tender by Blur 5 times a day, now that's not normal at all (It's a pretty sad but motivating song). What hasn't changed is my f***ed up sleeping habit, but I've been crying every night which is something I don't usually do...? I also had the opportunity to discover new music, which is cool. 

As much as I'm aware that some of you are not reading this, that's alright. There's important things out there that must be done, it's much better than reading this crappy piece of writing that'll waste your time. Anyways, I wish you guys a safe quarantine. Help the aged and don't spread the virus and racism. - Shai 🍤💚


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