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03/23/2020 10:56 PM 

warped tour 2015 story time !!!
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  bouncy

Hey Therez !!!

So this is my second warped tour i've been to and i prayed to god it'd be better than my last lol.

So i was 14 and my mom's friend's daughter, Kaylee slept over to go with us in the morning. My mom surprised us and got us passes to go to one of those tents where you pick a performer to teach you about something in 
particular and my mom chose Andy Biersack - he was going to tech us about the music industry. This time we got there remotely on time but unfortunately my mom was pissed at me the whole ride there because i was "too excited" (parents just love to ruin fun lmao like aight). We get there and Kaylee and i walk off by ourselves. But it wasn't long till she found people she knew and left me - taking the money and water with her. Thankfully i found 2 other friends of mine (Phoenix and Alyssa) so i hung out with them on and off - but i mostly just saw shows by myself.I saw Asking Alexandria, Never Shout Never, Attila, Pierce the Veil (first time i ever crowd surfed - it was great) and the Karma Killers. At one point i went to the Truth truck - which is a truck thats hosted by the company Truth (an anti smoking company) - and they make you do these stupid games to win free stuff. Lets just say i ended up twerking on a random person and ... yeah... anYwaY!!
So it started to get real HOT and i started to feel very very light headed. I was standing in line to meet My Digital Escape and i was not moving no matter what i felt like (plus in the back of my mind i thought - what if i pass out in front of johnnie and he has to take care of me hmmm... yeah i was content with that). So i meet Johnnie, Brian (who didn't even make eye contact or say one word - he just signed my journal), Jordan Sweeto ans Damon Fizzy. After that i knew i was definitely gonna pass out. I thankfully found my mom and passed out on a grassy hill instead of on concrete. My mom gave me a lollipop, water and a mean ass lecture about hydrating lmao. In the midst of this all i also got to meet Eugenia Cooney - she lived in my state. Unfortunately, i ahve no evidence that i met her because the girl that i went with took the picture and we don't talk anymore so that really sucks. I also met Alex Ramos and he was so dreamy - but again no picture evidence cause of the bitch i went with lmao. 

I can't seem to get a break with warped now can i. I still had lots of fun though. The ride home after warped is always bittersweet. Your body is buzzing and you know you're definitely gonna feel like sh*t in the morning. BUT IT'S WORTH IT. Stay tuned for 3 more stories !!



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