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March 25th, 2020

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October 05, 2019


03/24/2020 05:08 AM 

hi hi hi hi + quarantine life
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  bummed

i keep being rly on and off here i apologize 😔 i keep forgetting to update..
anyway! things have been.. kinda bleh recently
coronavirus is.. really not cool
ive been in quarantine in my house for? uhh at least a week
i wouldn't mind except for the fact it's soooo boring and i can't see any of my friends!!! and i miss them tons!!!!
hm what else.. oh yeah that show i was supposed to have on the 10th never happened, so that's whatever 
i was hoping to have more band practice this break but guess that's out of the question..
ive been thinking about writing songs but that's pretty hard rn.. though it would be pretty punk
also i cut my hair even more and now i have a mullet :p i dont look terrible somehow? who knows
you know what i would kill to have? chocolate milk . i haven't had it in so long.. and stores r kinda closed.. sigh
 i'm currently...... listening to bullets in my room at 5 am
ive been sleeping at like 7 am n waking up around 3 or 4 so i guess i'm a whole ass vampire now 
it kinda sucks but also it's.. good cause then days r.. i don't know .. trying to make light of it haha
i just hate being bored . and outside is kinda scary . stay inside !
k.. ive run out of things to say!! see ya


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