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03/23/2020 09:59 PM 

my first warped tour story !
Category: Blogging
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Hey therez! 

So, it's pretty unfortunate that some ppl may never get to experience warped tour and i am so grateful i got to experience it for myself. I'm sure other tours will be out there soon, so dont get too upset. 

Anyway, my first warped tour was in 2014 and i was 13 years old. I went with my mother, step father and his sister. My mom took forever in the morning like she does whenever i want to be somewhere on time so once we arrived it was revealed that i completely missed Crown the Empire - one of the only bands i came to see  ! I remember sitting there holding back tears - i was so upset. As we were walking around for a while i spotted this girl Briana i met at a Blood on the Dance Floor concert back in 2012 (no i do not support BOTDF in any way shape or form BUT i was a huge fan back in the day and..well thats another story for later). She was a few years older so my mom trusted her to watch over me. I remember feeling so bad ass - grown asf lmao. I saw a few bands like Breathe Carolina, Ghost Town (even though i really had no idea who they are but Briana liked them), falling in reverse, Of mice and men ( we'll get to that in a sec) and probably others but i honestly cannot remember that far back. I also met mayday parade and at the time i didnt really listen to them so i wasnt as star struck as the people that were with me. BUT i met Johnny Guilbert, Brian Stars (before he was a douche), Damon Fizzy and Jason from VeeOneEye. I was huuuuge fans of emo youtubers at the time so that was just great. Unfortunately i found out very quick it was difficult being a small girl at shows because i could never see past tall men and they were never nice enough to move - some even crowd surfed on to me and my friends in a CROWD (nope not a pit - just a walking crowd) and this girl that was with Briana got her gauge ripped out of her ear (wripped her ear lobe) because of it.
So now it's getting late, Briana and her friends leave and i'm left alone with my backpack, dying flip phone and my (duh duh duhhhhh) glasses. Yeah my dumb self came to warped with glasses and i'm mega blind. I bump into my friend Lauriana (who was this really pretty emo chick that i looked way up to) with her friend Jazzy and her dad. We all decide to go see Of Mice and Men which happens to be the last show of the night. Now mind you - i've watched other sets that night BUT not been in the pit so i had NO idea what i was in for. So her dad brings us into the pit and once the music started playing it got insane. Bodies were flyin everywhere, ppl pushing and shoving. My 13 year old self was ready to sh*t my pants. And to make matters worse this dude crowd surfer takes mt glasses off my face and THROWS THEM INTO THE PIT. so now i'm tiny, blind and scared. So i find my way out of the pit, pushing through bodies and ppl getting pissed at me. So now i'm out...but i'm blind. I remembered my mom told me to meet her at the little pop up Dunkin they had there but i literally could not see ANYTHING. I was extremly anti social at the time but i held my breath and went up to these pretty girls (i believe they were pretty LMAO) and ask them to help point me in the right direction. I finally found my parents and i remember crying as we left. My parents were like "are you crying cause you couldn't find us? I'm sorry" and i was like "nah i'm crying cause i just went to my first F***IN WARPED TOUUUR"

Although some sh*tty stuff happened it was still really fun. I got 4 more stories to tell of 4 more warps lol stay tuned 

~ Maxxi



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