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December 8th, 2019

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Age: 19
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December 02, 2019


05/14/2003 11:01 PM 

luvin a vampire can be such a pain in the neck
Current mood:  adored

you're sucking me dry and i feel like i'm dying, but then again maybe i'm okay with it.

after all, that's what you do, you're my own personal leech, personal vampire, person that the IV bag is connected to with a strained and bloated blood-filled tube.

i'm your personal IV bag and i feel myself running low, but then again maybe i deserve it.

you take what you need (everything) and then you come back when you need again, and again, and when you need to feed and lust and gorge that hunger that never stops, you always come to me - and maybe i'm okay with that.

you're my personal vampire, personal feeder, personal please-don't-leave-me-i-promise-i'll-try-harder, personal affection eater, personal blood and brain drainer.

i'm your personal IV bag and if this blood doesn't go anywhere, it'll sit here to spoil and rot and that's no good. i'm glad a vampire came along, or god forbid all this blood would go to waste.

i'm your personal IV bag and i only have so much to offer, but i think you're okay with that.

and i'm okay with you - a personal vampire.


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