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Gender: Male
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Age: 19
Country: United States

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December 02, 2019


05/03/2003 10:58 PM 

lollipops + razorblades
Current mood:  electric

lollipops & razorblades - one satisfies my brain & one satisfies my sweet tooth, but then again i can't tell which is which anymore.

my blood tastes like sugar and these sweets taste like pennies so i don't know what you want me to do about it, maybe i could use more of you in my diet.

maybe if i tasted like you i wouldn't need it, wouldn't want it, wouldn't taste like spoiled rotten cavity creating sugary bitches that ruin my gums, covered in cuts and bruises that nobody can look at.

cut me up and drink my blood and look at me when you're done and tell me you don't see it, you don't see what's wrong with me and maybe i'll have some hope, some longing, some way of thinking there's a way out even though all the doors and windows are scabbed shut.

eat me
drink me
choke me
kill me
beat me
fill me with sugar and pixie dust and candy wrappers and tell me i'm worth it

tell me i don't need to worry about bleeding out because in the end i'll be your sugarcoated mess. i'll be your candy bitch, your chocolate, your skittles, your bubblegum, your lollipop

tell me you'll never get cavities from me...

candy floss ain't got nothing on this blood, honey


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