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Gender: Male
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Age: 19
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December 02, 2019


03/06/2003 10:54 PM 

touch + destroy
Current mood:  ashamed

everything i touch runs from me in fear
my hands and heart corrupt what i hold dear
hey! sorry; it's kinda hard to hear, i think i'm going into a tunnel, i just got this message haha sorry i missed you for the thousandth time again, friend!

sorry i keep locking myself out, i'm so f***ing forgetful i left my keys at your place, can you take me back? can you take me back to when we were friends? maybe when we weren't at our wit's end f***ing constantly, maybe when we were like brothers, maybe when we were in love? i don't care. i love you. i don't care.

you don't have anything interesting to say anymore, so i think i'll stop coming by. and you can stop telling me i should feel nothing but fear, because i've got nothing to give the world, except for blood sweat and f***ing tears.

and that's not really what you want to hear

but it's the truth.

everything (you) seems to run from me in turn,
everything i touch (you again) tends to burn.
i seem to live but i never seem to learn
that nobody wants me,
nobody wants that shame, nobody wants to hear my name or see my face, because all they see is pain. i tend to lose but never gain.
it's a curse i can't seem to tame, a feeling i can't name, somehow it always comes back to you and me and why the f*** are we so far apart when we should be like twins - f***ing siamese twins joined at the hip never to be taken apart, if you want i'll f***ing stitch us back together

just in case you wanna know, my frankenstein brain is coming apart at the hem and my love is drained, almost dead. my heart is weak, in a hospital bed. hope you enjoyed your stay!
i can't seem to shake this feeling that i'm dead or alone, without a home, i forgot to take my f***ing meds again.

doctor, got anything that can close up a hole left by love? didn't think so. it's an oilspill that always ebbs and can't be stemmed, it only grows stronger with each passing friend

i'm a destroyer, it's all i do.
i only want the best for you
and you can't have that if you're with me too
trust me, friend, you don't want to stay.

an answer to a question never asked: i'm a disease.

i corrupt everything i see
i kill things that look at me
i break hearts that come near me
i'm a disease.
sure, you don't know what that means right now, but if you stick around, you'll understand why things never go as planned.

nothing ever goes as f***ing planned.


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