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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 19
Country: United States

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December 02, 2019


01/02/2003 10:52 PM 

ur coffin or mine?
Current mood:  apathetic

i don't know what it's gonna be today, i'll let my heart take what it needs to take to feel alive.

maybe pills maybe pain maybe i'll give myself nothing at all so i'll finally feel something when the hunger pangs show up

the same way you do. you're my special hunger pang, exclusive to Bashmyf***ingskullin dot com forward slash Hate Me

i message you every day, ur coffin or mine? you always leave it unanswered so maybe i'll show up to your morgue next time, and we'll have ourselves an ugly dead rotten love surprise party and you'll tell me how much you hate me and maybe i'll sate your hunger

ur coffin or mine? i ask, with something else hidden behind my teeth, under my tongue, something else i can't say - won't say - won't ask - won't tell you, even if you made me

ur coffin or mine? i sent to your inbox 27 days ago, you opened it almost immediately and didn't say a f***ing thing but looks like i'm the one with the problem. blame it on the soil, even though we both know the seed's the one with the problem.

i kiss your hands and you pat my head and stand there mute... cat got your tongue? maybe if i bite down real hard you'll make a sound.

"ur coffin or mine?" stays standing between us. i've got one foot in the grave already and you still haven't decided. i'll go with or without you. figure it out already. coming or going? staying or leaving? living or dying?

ur coffin or mine?


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