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11/29/2019 08:16 PM 

"Would You Rather" || movie review #1
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  amused

"would you rather" is an hour and a half horror/thriller film. 

here's the basic run down of reviews for the film--
  • scored 59% by 22 critics on rotten tomatoes, and 36% by 2.8k+ audience members as of 11/29/2019. 
  • scored 5.7/10 by 33.9k+ members on imdb as of 11/29/2019.
here's the basic run down of the plot--
  • a young woman, iris, struggles to financially support her terminally ill brother, raleigh, and is in desperate need of money. after discussing with a wealthy aristocrat and her brother's doctor, she's offered to play a game at a dinner party with the chances of winning a large sum of money. 
  • she unknowingly accepts to play a sadistic game of would you rather with several other strangers.
here's the basic run down of  basic information for the film--
  • originally released 14th of october in 2012 for screamfest [ a yearly horror film festival ].
  • officially released on the 9th of july in 2013 with dvd and blu-ray premieres in the US.
  • directed by david guy levy and written by steffen schlachtenhaufen.
  • iris is played by brittany snow. [ main character ]
  • shepard is played by jeffrey combs. [ main character ]
  • raleigh is played by logan miller. [ iris' brother ]
here's the basic run down of my personal opinions--
  • it was.... alright?
i didn't quite understand the really positive reviews, or the extremely negative ones, which is something i'll get into very soon!
  • is it worth the watch?
not really. if you can get your hands on it on a platform such as netflix or some other program that provides it with other things to watch besides the singular movie itself, then yes, i'd say it's worth the watch. but i wouldn't ever suggest buying physical or digital copies of the movie personally. 

more detailed opinions of the movie--
  • it's nothing special.
it wasn't the best thing i've ever seen, but it wasn't the worst thing i've ever seen ever either. i didn't get all of the good reviews the most. a lot of people said it was well done and thrilling, but i could find it everything except that. i thought the writing, acting, concepts, etc. had a lot of potential, but it was all very poorly executed. abrupt cut offs of scenes or extremely harsh ends to some of them, 
  • it's hard to say what the movie was actually trying to achieve. 
at first i had believed that it was the point. that life wasn't as rewarding and as patient as media played it out to be... but this movie was far from realistic, so i don't think that they were trying to play the realism card. 
  • in media, if you want to grip onto the watchers and keep them, you have to make them interested.
this movie did a very poor job of doing that. like i was saying earlier, scenes were cut off so quickly, i couldnt even process what i thought of the character. almost every. single. character. was so unlikable. and if they weren't, they died in  the first few minutes. they could have achieved better build up and likeness with characters if they just... slowed the pacing down a bit.
  • but still somehow not the worst.
i did find SOME scenes thrilling, however few there was that did that, it happened. and i think that was generally the whole point, somewhere along the lines. i also think u were suppose to hate some of the characters. you don't know their motives, you don't know what caused them to be there most of the time, and that's why you'd grow to hate their choices. it was a lose-lose situation. 

honestly? i'd rate it a 4/10. it's obviously on the much lower side of things, but.. im glad some people enjoyed it more than i did!


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