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November 20th, 2019

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November 04, 2019


11/07/2019 07:19 PM 

Current mood:  enthralled

Hi, Hello human user! I'm Rain and I'm here just with an introduction of what soon is about to be my ranting about certain bands or life problems, you know, the normal stuff I guess. So, I'm Rain, just a girl who puts the emo in lemon better than Gerard Way can, (obviously a self-proclaimed statement). I'm a typical writing and drawing person, I also enjoy different music types, so really a lot is going to be ranted about. 

Our first topic is MCR and the fact they're getting back together because good god, I had a feeling they'd come back and uh, they did. I know it's just a reunion tour but maybe they'll come together again to maybe make some more Music, since Gerard said he was doing what the Smashing Pumpkins did, or similarly at least. I've read that in a few articles and who knows, I'm probably wrong. Let's also not forget that Rage Against the Machine is also coming back! Maybe not exciting for some, but some would disagree, of course. 

In other news, apparently, there are several underrated bands making a comeback in the following months and I'm personally hyped. Bands like Youth In Revolt and Beyond Unbroken are coming back soon and I'm just so excited! I've been living off 6 god-damned songs from B.U for the past, like 2 years or so, but that's not real important I guess.

Anyways, in more, personal news, I love being called a freak when I leave my house. I mean, just because I'm different from everybody else doesn't mean that it needs to be forcefully pointed out, like damn. I mean, it doesn't bother me much because I'm aware of my differences compared to all the surrounding idiots, but I guess somebody else noticed too.  I wish people would mind their own damn business and not be so worried about the fact I wear black all the time. It's not like I'm hurting people with my clothes so, I don't see the issue??? I mean I know I'm blind but for damn darn diddly sake, it shouldn't matter. 

Well that's been enough about me I guess for today, anyways I appreciate you if you read all the way through because I know, reading is gross.
Anyways, that's all for tonight and until next time!

- Rain 


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