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October 17th, 2019

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December 19, 2017


10/09/2019 02:07 AM 

Category: Blogging
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Hey guys, this is the the bulletin post, but I am also adding it to my blog so there's a perminate tutorial link to access on the website! If you have any questions feel free to comment or dm me! 

Edit: The autoplay issue is reduced! It's a browser issue, depending on your permissions and if you have any virus protection softwares on your PC, some may disable autoplayOtherwise autoplay works as it should! 
Hey all, xtristantragedyx and I spent countless hours trying to figure out how to successfully add music to an online Adobe Flash MP3 player to embed into your personal FriendProject profile-just like MySpace! 

It's actually a quite simple process! Simply make an account on this website here: 

After you create your account, simply click on the "Playlists" tab, and click "Create a New Playlist". Here you can customize the look, colors and name your playlist! Once you have it's look customized, go to "Add Music"! If you already have music files saved onto your computer this whole next part should be super quick. If not, a quick way to download some tunes is through this good old reliable website

Next you use this audio hosting website Upload the audio file to this website and then once the upload is finished, right click the song file itself (the one that can be played) and click on the tab "copy audio address". Go back to yagosta and paste the address into the URL box, add the song title and address, save and WAA-LA! Your song is added to the playlist! Add as many as you wish, and once you are finished, click the "back to my playlists" link and then click on the "codes" tab. It will then give you your embed code and all you have to do is edit your profile and paste it anywhere in you about me section! And now you have a playlist on your FriendProject profile! 

I must advise though, autoplay still seems to not work, but xtristantragedyx and I are still getting down as to why this happens. If anyone can help us resolve the issue, feel free to jump in and comment! We will keep you updated! We hope you enjoy your new profile music! Have fun! 

XxDespairFactionAshtonxX & xtristantragedyx 


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