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October 17th, 2019

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 16
Country: Canada

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October 05, 2019


10/07/2019 08:44 PM 

Category: Poems

the boardwalk is endless in a late summer trance
we kissed on it softly but only in my dream
as only my mind can make something so sweet yet lonely in afterthought
we both know our hearts belong elsewhere
but for now i know i will always make a way out for you
she is but a cherry in this blood orange daydream
take her hand and walk over the ocean
the salt tastes bitter but i'll sweeten it with sugar
sever my love into bits
you can mend it back together but we both know once it is damaged it is never whole again

heres another poem! this one was based off a dream i had a while ago.. 
i dont usually explain my poems but if anyone wants a rundown i'll tell them :)


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