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October 18th, 2019

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Gender: Male
Status: In a relationship
Age: 19
Country: United States

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August 15, 2019


10/06/2019 09:53 PM 

october survey!!!!!
Current mood:  cheerful

i thot this would b fun since im in a spooky mood 


1. What is your favourite thing about autumn?
mann idk probably the cool weather and the leaves and also halloween what with the vampires and on sale candy n such
2.  Best candy?
i f***in love twix and reeses cups. sour candy is good too
3. WORST candy??
candy corn it's gross :(
4. Top three halloween/horror movies?
ironically enough i don't watch a lot of horror movies tbh
5. What are your plans for halloween?
dunno yet im probably gonna be working that day 
6. Do you decorate?? If yes, how??
OH MAN i have a bunch of decorations but they usually just sit out all year long bc it's my favorite. i got plastic bones and tiny gravestones and little skeletons that are in weird places in my room lol
7. If you had to be best friends with a halloween-y creature (vampire, werewolf, zombie, etc.) what would they be?
i'm already sort of dating a vampire so i meaan wygd 
8. Do you like any halloween or ~spooky~ themed songs??
i love bullets and three cheers does that count xD
9. What's your worst fear?
heights and. the ocean. AND DOLLS. i can't f***in stand dolls 
10. What are your opinions on: candy corn, black liquorice, and circus peanuts?
they all nasty 
11. What urban legend freaks you out the most? 
dunno i don't think im easily scared [shrug]
12. Haunted houses--yay or nay?
13. And finally, what are you being for halloween???
a vampire as always 


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