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07/26/2019 08:48 PM 

10 reasons why Broly (Dragon Ball Super) is best Saiyan

1: Poetic Justice

Fearing Broly's potential might surpass Prince Vegeta, King Vegeta exiles him to Planet Vampa shortly after birth, convinced he would die there. This potential combined with his upbringing in a harsh environment ultimately comes back to haunt the remaining Saiyans and anyone trying to control him or pick a fight. It's a self-fulfilled prophecy and a grim reminder that the Saiyan people were only good compared to Frieza, though Broly himself may be unaware.

2: Loves Ba

Father hurt Ba. Ba never come back to play. Wear Ba's ear around waist. Do not touch Ba's ear.

3: He never has any idea what's going on.

It's a miracle he knows English.

4: FOOD!


5: Broly no like bad man.

Broly make bad man go away.

6: Motivations

Broly is not petty. He responds to obstacles by casting a larger stone for every one thrown.

He does not fight because he enjoys it.

He does not fight out of egotism.

He does not fight for power.

7: Broly is a force of nature.

Broly's strength, like his innocence, is derivative of his simplicity. He lives in the moment, and his emotions are unfiltered. A lifetime of this allows him to immediately tap into adrenaline and compete with other Saiyans who've, by this point, literally achieved godhood through training. He does this at base form and learns as he fights. If you bring a gun to a swordfight, he'll make nuclear holocaust.

8: He will punch you into another dimension.


9: It took two fused Blue Super Saiyan Gods and the Dragon Balls to keep everyone involved from getting annihilated.

Solution was like: "Jesus Christ. You know what? We don't want this guy to come back reincarnated as a meteor. Let's just wish him back to Vampa and give him a house to live in with his new friends."



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