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06/12/2019 11:58 PM 

The Walter Dominguez Story: Fighting Communism/NWO In Mexico
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Journey To Revelation

By: Constantine Adams


                A man stands gazing before a vast ocean as it crashes along a rocky beach. The sun is now setting in the West as it is now casting its last rays of light over Southern California. The man stays staring at the roaring blue Pacific. Its might and influence is far reaching, a lot like life. Yet, it is deep and in many cases, it is everlasting. The sea’s depths hold many epic tales, many adventures, and many secrets. This is where the calamity lies. It is the secrets, the fear of the unknown, that is the most intimidating. To unlock these secrets, it often takes a hero that is willing to step up and go against the grain in order to uncover the truth, no matter how treacherous or self-destructive the path may be. In this particular storyline, our hero is that of a man by the name of Walter Dominguez. His quest that he has willingly chosen, is to track down the crossroads of his grandfather Emilio N. Hernandez, and to possibly unlock the legacy of his entire family’s history.

                Walter Dominguez was very close to his grandfather Emilio Hernandez, who he warmly called “Tata.” In many cases, Tata taught Walter a lot about Jesus Christ, Faith, love, life, and how to be a man. Walter grew up and was widely raised by Tata in the rural region of Santa Paula, California. Grandpa Tata was a very important and influential person in not only Walter’s life, but in the lives of many across Mexico, as well as in the United States. Still, just how influential and important was Tata to all of these people across these two neighboring counties? Walter was about to find out.

                Walter decided to capture his journey of truth and revelation on film, and documented everything live as it happened. Each and every new and fascinating discovery was then implemented into his documentary film titled “Weaving The Past: Journey of Discovery.”

                “We initially started production in 2001, but we didn’t finish editing until 2013,”says Dominguez. “We were still making adjustments all the way through 2014. We had to further sift through archival photos, music, and film clippings. Then we had to get the legal rights to use all of the information. This process took a year in itself.” Overall the film “Weaving The Past,” took 13 years  to complete. Another hardship that Walter and his crew had to overcome was the change in technology as the decade pressed onward.

                “Everything had to be converted from the old style of video tape to hi-definition and digital formats. Plus, real life issues got in the way. My father, who was helping me track down people for the film, was already ill. He would later pass away halfway through the production. I broke down whenever I had to view and edit the old footage of him. Still, I knew I had to do this, and I thought about all of the people who would be inspired by my film. I couldn’t just stop and quit.”

 Walter felt compelled to complete this mission after he lost his Grandpa Tata in the year of 1973 on Memorial Day weekend. At the young and tender age of 25, Walter could not bear to view his beloved grandfather in such a frail condition and could not bring himself to visit Tata in his last days. Walter also could not muster up the strength to comfort his own father during such a trying time. Now empowered by a seething need to redeem himself and to find closure, Walter promises his parents Maria and Roberto Dominguez, that he would uncover all of the facts about his grandfather’s life, and will track down all of Tata’s long lost relatives in the streets of Mexico.

“I wasn’t there for Tata when he passed. It hurts me that he was calling and calling for my name, and I was not there to answer. I was also not there for my mother and father when they were going through this. Tata was the one who saved me. My parents were going through some really stressful marital problems, and Tata was the one who took me in. He was the one who raised me. This film really helped me to redeem myself. I had to make an effort for not being there for him. Overall, this film gave my soul a sense of completion,” explains Dominguez.

                Emilio N. Hernandez was born on August 5, in the year of 1888 in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico. It was a mountain range type of region, and was very rural. Hernandez would grow up to be a very inspirational Christian Methodist Pastor that would lead many to the Holy Word of Jesus Christ. Still, what Walter did not know was that his Grandpa Tata was not only a man of strong Faith, but was also a valiant and resourceful political revolutionary during the Mexican Revolution that lasted from 1910 to the year of 1920.

Tata himself was on an epic quest of his own just like Walter was so many generations later. The only difference was that where Walter was trying to further liberate himself in a way, Tata was trying to liberate a whole nation and all of its indigenous people. Tata was a strong believer in both social and economic justice, and was willing to sacrifice his own life and limb to uphold these liberties for all humanity.

                The origins of Tata’s legacy would begin to transpire the age of five when he would be forced to run away from his mountain home in Mexico do to a grotesquely abusive and alcoholic step-father.  Tata unfortunately never got to ever meet his true biological father, and only knew of him to be of Aztec Indian dissent. With all of the chaos that his step-father was causing, Tata now had to leave his fair skinned Hispanic and European mother, and his sister.“I always knew that my Grandfather Tata had a very dark and gloomy past. He would always try to avoid any questions about it. Tata would give the family bits and glimpses of his childhood and life, but would not want to elaborate,” says Dominguez.

                One night, Tata would flee from the only home that he knew, and would wonder through over 30 kilometers of the rugged mountain terrain of Leon Guanajuato, Mexico. He would eventually stumble upon the property prestigiously known in that era as “Los Altos de Ibarra,” where a family named the Guerrero’s would sympathize with the small boy, and would take him in as their own. Tata would eventually work there as a shepherd, and would later be taken under the wing of both Praxedis “Prax”  G. Guerrero, and his sister Clotilde.

                Yet, it would be Praxedis who would have more of a huge influence on the young and vibrant Tata. Praxediswould grow to be tired of the cruel and vicious tyrannical dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz. At the time of Diaz’ reign of terror over all of Mexico, the wealthy elite were exploiting the Native poor in the country. The Haciendas worked as a form of a modern day“Encomienda System,” and  were used to turn the Indio-Mexicans into slaves in their own nation, thus, resulting in the 900 slave owners to rule over the 9 million poor. He and Tata would unite to help lead the Mexican Revolution with the creation of their political newspaper titled “Regeneration.”Praxedis and Tata would inspire many Mexican Natives to take up arms, join the revolution, and utilize both urban and guerilla warfare to try to overthrow Diaz and his authoritarian regime.Soon though, Diaz would get word of this. Diaz would then target all of his political enemies, and would then put both Tata and Praxedis on his personal hit list. He sent troops after the two anarchists and forced Tata and Praxedis to flee to the United States of America to seek refuge and possible political asylum.

                This experience of fleeing their home country of Mexico, and coming to America would then lead to Tata Hernandez and Praxedis Guerrero to start fighting for the plight of the Mexican laborers here in the United States who were being mistreated. Tata would then later come into contact with Wilfred Wallenius and Reverend Vernon McCombs, and the rest is history in means of his spiritual path to finding Jesus Christ.

                Interestingly enough, Walter was able to draw some parallels of the social issues of Tata’s generation in Mexico to his own environment as far as America’s current state is concerned. “We are seeing the exact same kind of oppression here in the United States,” explains Dominguez. “America’s middle class is dying and extreme poverty is on the rise. It is now very hard for our youth to even survive. When we look at Wall Street and how our government has poured billions of dollars into these private corporations it raises concern.”

                Walter is a strong believer in American’s right to vote, and feels that it is only right that fellow citizens do so in order to have a proper stake in the future outcome of our nation’s leadership.  “As frustrating and discouraging as the whole process may be, it is essential to keep power out of the hands of money hungry tyrants who wish to exploit the public and generate revenue only for themselves,” says Dominguez. “We as Americans should never underestimate the power of an individual. Look at what Tata was able to accomplish with his life. The people have the power and right to fight back.”

                It was the accumulation of the United States’ various social, environmental, and economic problems that inspired and further compelled Dominguez to create such a film. Still, the one issue that really “broke the camel’s back,” as it were was the horrific tragedies of September 11, 2001. After watching the World Trade Center Towers burn to the ground and the thousands of people die, Dominguez felt the need to find clarity in a world that seemed to be collapsing around him. Disgusted with the path that humanity was taking he wished to combat it all in a constructive way. This would then lead to the inception of his film “Weaving The Past: Journey of Discovery.”

                “With the events of 9/11, and all of the wars that were to follow, some needed and many not needed, the Iraq War in particular, the suffering of the families of the soldiers that we have lost, the women and men who gave their lives for this country, nothing was making any sense. There was just so much pain,” explains Dominguez. “All I saw was a lot of waste and misuse of valuable resources by our state and country’s officials. The homeless rate has been really rising in the last 20 years or so, there are just so many encampments everywhere. Then you have the government making all of the cuts to our children’s education. It started with music, and now it is seeping into other forms of the arts. There has also been a drifting away from Faith in our society unfortunately. Faith and education are both very important, but schools can’t teach faith.Plus, all of the animal species that are going extinct do to global warming, it was all just depressing me.”

                After Walter turned 50 years old, he began to realize that life wasn’t forever. He also started noticing all of his fellow friends and family members rising in age and they too were becoming ill and were passing away. This startled Walter and made him do some real soul searching. He started thinking about his own life and legacy. He needed to take a stand and do something. Walter needed to make a positive impact on the world while he still had time, and before it was too late.

                “I wanted to prove to myself that in the midst of all of the chaos, that there were still good people out there in the rest of the world. I needed to see if there were people who were still willing to love, help, and reach out to others.”

                God must have heard Walter’s plea, because many in both America and Mexico rose up and offered themselves, and their knowledge to help him on his quest for self-revelation. Walter would go on to explain all of the weird and unexpected blessings and miracles that took place throughout the creation of his documentary. It was as if something greater, a higher power was guiding both his hand and his path to seek out all of the ancient truths that he was trying to unveil.

                “People were just so warm and embracing when they realized what I was trying to accomplish, and respected that I was so sincere about it. You would be surprised at how many people will help you when they see how truly dedicated and sincere you are about accomplishing something. I just wanted to do both Tata and my family proud. I am so happy that things worked out the way that they did. Through many cases of Divine Intervention, I was able to come across the right people, find the right locations, make the right connections, call upon the right contacts, and gather up the right information on leads.  On many occasions both my production crew and I were moved to tears with how much of God’s favor that we were shown in certain kinds of situations.”

                Dominguez was able to accumulate a grand total of over 200 hours of footage from his journeys. After meeting with historians like Dr. Ward Albro in Texas, and then trekking for months at a time through the various cities and diverse rural terrain of Mexico, Walter was able to track down and meet many of Grandpa Tata’s long lost relatives that he feared were either assassinated by Porfirio Diaz, or lost to the sands of time.

                “I found everything that I wanted, more than I could ever imagine,” says Dominguez. “I was just happy to be able to interview the elders in my family, and the elders in Tata’s Church before they passed on and took those stories with them. What was even more remarkable for me was that my crew and I embarked on this venture with no actual preconceived ending, script, or proper outline. Christ just guided us every step of the way. The entire experience just totally rejuvenated my faith in both God, humanity, and in the future.”

                Both Walter and his beloved wife Shelly Dominguez continue to promote the film, with strong faith that it will continue to touch the hearts, souls, and minds of many out there who are also embarking on a journey of their own in means of reconnecting with their faith, family, origins, history, and most importantly, themselves.





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