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06/12/2019 11:52 PM 

Recap:Looking back at 2016 Presidential Elections
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The New American Saga Begins

By: SaberFish21

(Special Note: The people interviewed in this story are in fact real people, but personally requested that their true identities be ever so slightly altered do to fear of retaliation from liberal, Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders supporters. It is my Journalistic duty to protect the identities, and lives of my sources from personal, or professional harm, and to protect their Constitutional Rights to vote freely for who they want, and to speak, and express themselves freely about who, how, and why, they chose to vote the way that they did.)

                A “New American Age,” has officially lifted off the runway of world history as of last week, with the Inauguration of the 45th President of The United States Of America, Mr. Donald John Trump. The event was a very patriotic, and epic one, as millions of excited American citizens flooded the streets of Washington D.C. dipped in red, white, and blue clothing; and baseball caps with Trump’s campaign motto, “Make America Great Again,” on them. Many of these bright eyed citizens look to what many refer to as, “The Don,” to take us out of the ashes of The Great Recession, and a failed foreign policy in regards to Obama’s handling of Muslim terrorism in the Middle East. The main objective, is to take America’s sense of Nationalism, self-sufficiency, and production, to levels that match or even surpass that of our beloved nation’s greatest era …the 1940’s, or otherwise known as, “The World War II era.”(

                United States’ Citizens made sure that they were heard loud, and clear that they were deeply disenchanted with the way that our county has been ran over the past eight years with ultra-liberal politicians who they felt didn’t have their best interests in mind. (  With the Faithful faction of the U.S. population voting as follows for Trump: 81% Evangelical Protestant Christians, 52% Traditionalist Catholics, 58% of other Conservative Protestant Christian Denominations (;  and 39% of Orthodox Jewish voters. (  And this is not even yet considering the 70.6% of Rural Americans spread throughout America’s heartland that pulled for Trump this historic election cycle.

                All of these various sociological elements were made very evident politically with the viewing of “The Donald’s,” Inauguration this past Friday. This could be said considering the reported fact that his Inauguration ceremony broke various records for the most prayer services of any Presidential ‘swearing in event,’ with Jewish, Christian, and Catholic religious icons; such as Evangelical Reverend Franklin Graham(son of famed Evangelist Billy Graham),  Pastor Paula White (who is married to rockstar Johnathan Cain of the band Journey, she is also Trump’s personal Pastor),  Jewish Rabbi Marvin Hier (who runs the Simon Wiesenthal Center here in Los Angeles, California), and Catholic Arch Bishop Timothy M. Dolan ( who serves as lead Cardinal in the New York Archdiocese), all making special appearances to pray, and sermonize over the Ceremony. ( The Rural American demographic was best represented with all of the hard working class references within the Presidential parade, such as, the a team of farmers on tractors, and the high school, and university marching bands from what liberals so harshly mocked as “just fly over states, with backwards, and uneducated people.”

                With this being said, many in Washington D.C. that day saw it as a triumph of the little guy against a so-called, “progressive,” establishment that viewed them with no respect, and as sub-human.  Several here in the very Conservative enclave of Orange County felt the same sentiments as their rural, and religious American brothers and sisters, as they try to find ways to co-exist in the midst of being smack dabbed in the middle of a very highly liberal, Hollywood-esc, state of California. (

                “I do believe that Donald Trump will make America great again,” says Bill T., of Santa Ana, California. “You know, he didn’t have to do this. Trump didn’t have to run for President. He is 70 years old, he is rich, he could have just retired, he could have just gone to enjoy the fruits of his labor. No, he did this, because he actually cares about the nation. Why would he trade in his billion dollar empire to just be president, and only make a few thousands?”

                When asked to elaborate on Obama’s leadership skills, as compared to Trump’s, Bill said the following, “Trump is an international businessman, he has the knowledge of how to fix America’s debt. Obama has endangered our county by letting Muslim terrorists out of Guantanamo Bay Prison. Obama has also allowed dangerous Muslims with a history of crime and violence into our country that Europe kicked out, and didn’t want; and he did so without the vote of Congress, or the American people. This is all Unconstitutional. He then appoints Muslims to high positions within our government that have ties to terrorist organizations like ‘The Muslim Brotherhood.’ And every time that we do get attacked here at home whether it’s Boston, or San Bernardino, Obama just came on the television sarcastically defending them instead of the American people. Then he mocked us by saying that they are, ‘a religion of peace.’ Many Americans do not feel safe within our own nation.”

                In reference to his experience during the past eight years of Obama’s Presidency, Bill summed it up as follows. “With all due respect, Barak Obama successfully brought our great nation down, and kept it down. He managed to do this for all eight years of his presidency. He was never truthful to the people. He didn’t deliver anything good, not the ‘Hope,’ or  ‘Change,’ that he promised. Instead of focusing on fighting real wars with real foreign enemies like ISIS, and Muslim terrorism; he focused on fake, and fabricated ‘social wars’ like defending abortion…murdering innocent children and illegally harvesting their organs on the black market through Cecil Richards and her Planned Parenthood Organization, and on forcing sexual perversion, and gay marriage on American society; all while going against God’s (Jehovah) law…the God that our nation is supposed to trust in.”

                These are very powerful words coming from one of many American citizens who have had enough of the same bad rhetoric of the past administration, and are ready to punch a ticket on the new Trump plane in hopes of flying off into a brighter future.


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