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March 25th, 2020

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Gender: Female
Status: Married
Age: 25
Country: United States

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September 11, 2018


06/03/2019 01:23 PM 

yoooooo thx candi cait

wanna hit this ranch?

i dont have much experience with farm animals but ill go i guess could be cool

if u were any animal what would u b n why?

    a bat, i wanna fly and be stupid

or a possum because i, too, am fat, slow and a little scared at all times

current song on repeat?

    burn bright mcr

what album will u never get sick of?

    danger days

movie/tv line u quote all the time?

i reference red vs blue way too often

what was ur bff's best hair color?


what is a word that matches the first initial of your SO/crush?


1 thing u would tell ur younger self?

SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY AND DO. NOT. GO. TO. THAT. COLLEGE. Also please dont ask that girl to prom you idiot

last thing to make u sad?

   you dont wanna read that essay

first & last words u said to someone today?

first: ugh go away

last: stop worrying you know you have allergies

netflix or hulu?

netflix, tho to be fair i havent tried hulu yet

twitter or tumblr?

tumblr, no real reason for it but ive made like four twitters and always abandon them within two weeks. maybe tumblrs better becuse its more visual i guess

rockband or guitar hero?

rock band

pokemon or digimon?

    pokemon but ill admit the digimon theme S L A P S

big bang theory or friends?

are you really asking me if any tv show is worse or blander than big bang theory

boomerang or adult swim?

adult swim more or less

gen z or millennial?

    technically gen z but i feel more like a millenial

what is ur aesthetic?


what is ur ultimate dream for the world?

for greed to stop ruling it

who or what do u love more than anything else?

my husband tbh as boring as that prolly sounds

describe ur orientation w/out using typical terms:

a fork in the road but you dont necessarily have to decide which path to take

describe today's outfit:

grey hoodie and white pajama pants

describe the coolest place u have ever been:

    this long road thats practically on a cliffside and narrow enough you might go over the edge if theres another car going the opposite way but its so f***ing beautiful in the fall its surreal, like youre in a painting

how did u feel about today's weather?

its toooo hot stop ittttt

last thing to make u smile?

seeing that my praying mantis is growing well

last yummy thing u at

ramen, like the instant bullsh*t because poverty yay

last person u kissed?

    my man

420 y/n?

i cant afford drugs

biggest goal u have for this yr?

fix my goddamn house and my dumb ass brain

biggest wish for ur bff?

for her kid to turn out okay but ngl i doubt itll happen :/

biggest wish for ur newest online friend?

for them to exist but im a lil bitch who cant even hold convos over messages /:


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